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  1. So they basically removed content by pretending to add content. Yeah I liked tames so if they take away the need for them I wouldn’t bother coming back. so much for “making sailing more important” I don’t get how people can be so clueless
  2. Wow, I just went on to the steam charts and realized even though there was a small increase last month after the wipe Here we are just a month out and there is already a decrease in numbers. I didn’t come back after the wipe but does anyone know why the numbers are already dropping? is the new dev team just as bad as the old one?
  3. Whoever is on top of the hill like king of the hill except the king is a nerd and the hill is a turd.
  4. Sounds like they aren’t really allies So pretty much the farmhouses turned out to be yet another fail. Smh.
  5. If you are going to praise the new dev team then your words are useless without first condemning the old dev team.
  6. Guess you aren’t in a big enough mega because they don’t care what you think, yet they do care what Megas think. Megas love tracking people. dont bother arguing because we can already see the facts so opinions don’t matter.
  7. Did you misunderstand me? Not sure. I didn’t say breeding tames was being lazy. I am saying that very specific people in companies have the time/opportunity to do it and others don’t. The lazy remark is to the people that don’t want to have to wake up at certain times or don’t want to have to babysit the babies. Yes that is laziness. If you don’t want to do that then you simply don’t deserve it. Hence the “go buy it”. Stop being lazy once again.
  8. Please don’t say children. That’s nasty
  9. What it comes down to is your fortitude. Regardless of what anyone tells you, grieving is grieving. If you stoop to their level(at any point regardless) you are just as horrible as they are and there is no excuse for it, o don’t care what they did. if you kill someone you are a muster and if you grieve someone you are a griever. I love it when people act like there is a gray area which there is not. Because regardless of the reason why you killed someone(self defense) you still killed someone lmao, and regardless of the reason you grieve someone(they did it first) you are still a griever. please take that into consideration because by definition those are the only two options. You either are one of them or you are not. Most definitely black and white without any shade of gray let alone 50.
  10. Except the number are already dropping. It was a very short lived peak. There is no coming back. There was already a bad taste left in too many peoples mouths. just remember, even though you “think” there are more people in the game that is only because they not only took away one cluster but reduced the remaining 3 down by 100’s of servers. if you have twenty fish in a large fish tank it will seem pretty empty, but if you put those 20 fish into a little fishbowl It will seem like there is a lot. This guys are good at being used car salesmen.
  11. Kind of sounds like laziness. As it is people breed 100’s of tames everyday. If you want the times reduce so you can breed as well and not have to buy one from someone that is just not going to happen. I would suggest either buying tames from people or not being lazy. Either one with help you out a lot.
  12. Very true. If you want to see good building art from a game that is far superior to atlas you would look at Conan exiles builds. Conan is for base building. Let’s hope that atlas at some point becomes ship building. Oh yeah and not the stupid turtle shell ships either. Actual ships that look nice
  13. Unfortunately that tall tower you have in the background is far from cool and that is one of the problems a lot of players have with the game. The tower offers no artistic value and is an eye sore that ruins the view and creates unneeded lag. having said that, the bottom picture shows some creativity went into it and it looks pretty good. i would definitely recommend getting rid of the picture on top because I doubt anyone is going to compliment you on building a tower that it not only very simple to build but dull and hideous.
  14. Sigh troll? Ok let me give you a hint. You are nothing with that yellow name. you are still nothing compared to the Megas. You might not like the sound of it but you are close to worthless when it comes to them. Nothing against you but you just need to fall in line boy. welcome to the new world. You will get used to your new place and you will deal with it
  15. Yeah that seems pretty par for the course with the lackluster skill of these “people” I am still desperately clinging to the “people” crap which I don’t believe in the least.
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