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  1. Yeah it’s going to be in 3 weeks. Wait till ark extinction part 2 comes out. They will completely abandon the game for another 8 months again lol
  2. Even though I don’t really like the other guy either I do put some of the blame on you though @Jaster. Not for the reasons he said it was your fault but I want you to think about this. when you keep coming back just to “maintain” you are keeping the numbers up which lets the devs know that their behavior is acceptable. If they still maintain an acceptable amount of playerbase then they will not change and they will not improve. I am not insulting you like the other guy did but I do want to let you know that I do put blame on you as well after you explained what you do. You are not helping the situation.
  3. I think the real problem is it took this long for players to realize how this game failed. I really pity those people for not being smarter and realizing sooner.
  4. Yeah it’s funny how that guy was saying pve was for people that can’t pvp when in reality atlas in general is a place for people that can’t pvp well because this isn’t even real pvp to begin with.
  5. God they are doing stalking in pve now? Lmao man this game has gotten pathetic. No wonder the fast decline in players. Every wipe there is always what I call the “pathetic” that come back to be the alpha lmao, but once they realize they are the losers in even a losers game they leave again. I can imagine these new “additions” if you want to call them that will be a very good detriment to the game. let’s see shall we? Lol
  6. Yeah these guys just really suck. To be honest should we even be glad the old team left and left us with these new people? I mean really?
  7. Pretty much. That and abandon their game for another one and never communicate with their community. Sometimes just straight up lie. The list is pretty long with these guys.
  8. Dude come on, you think they could even pull that off in the first place? Lmao nah, that will never happen “Come on man” -Biden
  9. Nah, just grapeshot and wildcard lmao
  10. I am a little confused. Where exactly is the “they come back” part? In terms of total player count only like 2k or so came back after it’s all time low. Sure you are right that they got bored, but that only means the 2k got bored after that amount of time. the other 10’s of thousands got bored over a year ago and never came back. And what I mean by over a year ago is that almost a year and a half ago which the funny part is the game is only a year and a half old.
  11. It really sounds like the dev team though man. All of those things are the result of a bad dev team. I get you totally. I would be fine with wipes as well but if you “just want me to do the same damn thing over again(except build a couple different buildings) then no, I’m done” lol.
  12. No this game has already failed. It’s just not a good game. A couple more months and we can bury it. It’s well past time anyways.
  13. So they basically removed content by pretending to add content. Yeah I liked tames so if they take away the need for them I wouldn’t bother coming back. so much for “making sailing more important” I don’t get how people can be so clueless
  14. Wow, I just went on to the steam charts and realized even though there was a small increase last month after the wipe Here we are just a month out and there is already a decrease in numbers. I didn’t come back after the wipe but does anyone know why the numbers are already dropping? is the new dev team just as bad as the old one?
  15. Whoever is on top of the hill like king of the hill except the king is a nerd and the hill is a turd.
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