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  1. Hello everyone, This game needs to decide what it want to be and how the future should look. We can all agree that freeport is broken right now and loosing your stuff constantly to griefers is pretty bad. You could ask your self why fire arrows are even allowed on freeport. I want to go a little deeper in to the system that is set up right now: You have freeport which is supposed to be safe for everyone but your ship decays insanely fast even if anchored and boosting the resistance of your ship stats. Then you have Lawless that allows you to play in a world where company's can not own the island and there is no offline protection. Last you have an player owned area that is essential another Lawless area where you have to serve a large company to have your stuff protected in island peacetime or get destroyed by large zergs. The question i have is, where can you be a pirate and keep your stuff safe? I have tried this now four times in four different pvp seasons and i am sad to say that you have no hope of living the pirate life in this game! It pains me to say this, it really dose! Because this game could be soooo good and that is why i keep coming back There is a bunch of factors that works against you here! You do not have a safe haven, you will get offline raided, the big companies have blueprinted ships that are insanely overpowered and the loot system is not really giving you much if you manage to sink a player ship. Then you also have the player island where more often then not Lag form building blocks is part of the defense. This is my suggestion to solve some of this: I will take inspiration form EVE-Online and Last Oasis. I know that this might be a sore spot for some people because those games also have there own issues but i do believe that taking the best elements form those game might be able to solve a lot of the issues in this game. I would suggest making it so: In Freeport you can still pvp but you have a high security status in the grid that will make the a Freeport navy try to stop conflict. If you break the code of conduct in the Freeport grid then you will be punished with a bad security standing and the navy will start hunting you. This system would have to be worked out in detail! Lawless should be changed so it has a lower security status where you can fight on open seas with out the Freeport navy meddling but if your security standing is bad enough then the Navy will still hunt you. However some island should have NPC Governors that have a unique standings that can be improved by doing stuff for them. Those island have safe harbors that allowed you to keep you ship and loot safe for a gold price. This is where it would make sense to have a out of game lobby where you ship can go when you safe log for the night but again it needs to have a gold price per day. Last the player owned islands should be changed so when you take a island you get a fort on ground level where flag is in a predetermined location. This fort is build by using gold to upgrade and can be upgraded in steps fort, fortress and castle. The upkeep keep rising the more you upgrade your buildings. You can do the same ting for the harbor but it might be better to create harbor buildings for free build. They would need to be big building blocks, so they create less lag. Change the island limit to be determined by upkeep instead of island points. There is a bunch of other issues that need to be addressed! Take beds for instance, they make your ship act like a clown car of unlimited respawns. You have to limit the amount of spawns you have available on your beds by creating bed charges. I am not sure if this should be a gold cost, water cost or a food cost but least use gold for this example. You put 10 gold in your bed and then you can spawn 5 times, when the gold is gone the bed stops working as a respawn point and the bed need to be refilled. Distance aka spawning on a different island in a different grid should be more expensive to do. Then we have zoning while getting attacked in ship combat. If your ship take damage on it's structures you should not be able to travel to a different server! There should be a cool down on you ship that prevents you form jumping to another grid for some time. I would say that the cool down should be between 5 to 10 min. If you take a chance and it does not work out then you should be punished for it. What do people think about this? I am sure there would be a lot of problem that would have to be worked out. Yes, i understand that these things are changing the game but hopefully people understand that i want to change this game for the better I did leave out a lot that could be expanded on later like bounty system that is integrated with the security system and raiding governors trading ships in lawless and so on.. Devs, if you have any questions, just send me a message and i will be glad to explain in more depth Best regard Jack Shepard
  2. Admins are helping with this, if you go to the report system. You can ask for owner to get transferred if the owner has been inactive for a while. It would however be really nice if there was a in game system like the one your are suggesting. We had a owner that was a real c*** to all the members, luckily he was also really inactive while wanking to his shitty buildings on the pve server. It would be nice if there was a safeguard system to vote the owner out or you can move the owner when he has been inactive for two weeks.
  3. Yeah, this need to be fixed! also make the damn submarine not count as a ship for crew target!
  4. I don't understand why this is even a thing. There should not be a air force in a pirate game! Nerf gliders so the durability allowed you to glide for 30 sec and then breaks. Remove barrels being able to be carried while gliding. Barrels should also not be able to be fired form a cannon, they would blow up inside a cannon when fired. Using a catapult is good but the catapult need to have a slow firing rate but a way longer firing distance. Catapult should be a way to lay siege to bases on mountains. This changes would be really good for the game. It would slow down the siege and make it more fun to defend and attack. Make it so!
  5. Hello everyone, When you set up the rank system, you expect it to work after you put a lot of energy in to it. The problem is that for some reason Inventory rank dose nor work on locked containers and boxes with pin codes on. For some strange reason you have to set the structure rank for low rank people to be able to use the inventory. This is a problem because then new members can accidentally destroy your containers or boxes. It also makes it so you can get sabotaged more easily. I don't think this would be a hard thing to fix and i am not sure where the issue came form but it is annoying as hell! I would also suggest a way for people to put stuff in a container and see what is in the container but not be able to empty the container. This would free up officers a little from having to run around and move stuff all the time. Best regard Jack Shepard
  6. Yeah, please fix this! It is a huge issue on the pvp servers!
  7. Hello everyone, The cheesiness and Russian players on the eu server are typing in their strange symbol language but we europeans can not read it. Since it's in cubes because the symbols are not in the game, we are unable to translate. Please add the missing language or make it so they can not type in unsupported languages. I am no entirely sure how the game gets the symbols but there is hopefully a way to fix this. It would be cool if you could use google translate in the game chat, although this might not be so easy to get integrated Best regard Jack Shepard
  8. Yes, we need to progress and mistakes will be made but in the end we will have a better game.
  9. We have to progress, even if mistakes happen
  10. Hello everyone, Please give us the opportunety to set Bank inventory rank on banks. This would be nice when we are using the rank system. Thanks for finally fixing the banks so the work now. I did not test this but you should only be able to place bank if you are admin/owner right? It would be nice if the tool tip on the building would say so. We don't want a rank 1 to just place a bank and empty the gold form the flag! Best regard Jack Shepard
  11. Hello everyone, Can we please be allowed to put vegetables in to the island crew recurses silo. Why is this not already in? You can do farming and you have food storage, we should be able to feed the crew with this. There should also be simple food dishes that you can make for the crew and put in the crew recurses silo. They could be food dishes that don't give vitamins but only food to a player and can be used to feed the crew. They should also be simple to make, some vegetables, meat and herbs. Please expand on this and think it would be simple to do, at least allow us to use vegetables in the island crew recurses silo! Best reguard Jack Shepard
  12. Hello everyone, I need to suggest this little change, because it annoying me a lot now. Please make the turrets reload when you put a crew on them. It takes so damn long to have to manually reload the turrets when placing them! You should also consider changing the standard setting of all turret rang to high range when placed. Who in their right mind would put all their turrets to medium range as a standard. I can understand that in a few situations you would like them to be set to medium or low but not as a standard. I have about 3 k hours in this game and i feel that his small change would be a big improvement when you have to build defenses. Best regard Jack Shepard
  13. Please fix this soon! it is killing the game for me!
  14. Hello guys, To avoid getting indsided we have set up the rank system so that i protects us form new members doing just that. The problem is that we have discovered a hole in the rank system and ships unanchoring. One of our members where able to unanchoring a ship while over weighting it and then sink it. The ship was set to rank 5 and the member was rank 2 but for some reason he could still unanchor the ship Would you please fix this so the rank also works on the ship anchor? This must have been an oversight by the old dev team. Best Regard Jack Shepard
  15. This one got fixed in the last patch: - Farm house, when you pick up the new stone farm house you get a wood farm house back? Good stuff
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