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  1. Shepard_Fury

    My thoughts and suggestions for Pvp

    I was thinking a bank box per player that can only hold gold. This should be stored in a corp bank. Corp bank would have to be broken for the enemy to get the gold out. I don't think it should be a free port bank, it would be to easy to hide large amounts of gold away form the pvp action. Gold that is in the bank could pay a little gold to the corp every day, for the safety the corp provides. Like a small upkeep to the corp. You would also have your corp holdings in the bank. It would also be awesome if the bank building it self was more interactive. Like you could walk in to it and find your box That would just be a bonus tho What do you think Mike?
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm taking a long break form the game because of personal stuff but i will be back. I wanted to leave some of my thoughts on the game as it is now and what should be changed to make the pvp servers better. Suggestions: - Remember to keep the game fun - In game Corp Kill,On,Sight list. (Not on list appear as Yellow, on list appear RED) - Disable out of game steam name server location! - Corp quest journal/to do list. - Corp quest rewards. - Personal bank box in bank building. - Make a pirate system, for looting ships and colonies. - Remake the ships of the dammed and make a npc colonies that can be raided. - focus on adding content like new island types, ships types, small animals and new building pieces.(Stop with the mythical animals that no one wants) - fix the world bosses, they are meant to be hard to do and you should not be able to solo them. Thoughts: I have enjoyed the game some what but there has been up and downs. Diplomacy is the main focus in the game right now and i like that. What is not good is that a enemy corp can hunt you forever, by using outside systems to track your steam name. Doing this must not be a possibility, it makes people leave the game and it is not fun in any way. It defeats the purpose of having a big world and trying to start over. Create a system in the game where you can note down your enemies and add bounties for information on the player or corp you are looking for. Tracking people should be hard to do. The crab is still a problem and defenses are not geared to handle them. The jump is way to strong and should be removed while they are on land or there needs to be better defense against them. Building base defense has become obnoxious when having to account for a flying tank that can pick people up! When being the captain of a ship i always have trouble managing my crew. The crew Ai is not great and for some reason there targeting is really slow. I think we need more commands for them and descriptions of what they are o.0 There are a lot of amazing stuff in this game and i have just noted some of the problems that need tackling but it should be said that this game is way better then other games in the same category. I writhe this to hopefully make the game better and i hope you guys like my suggestions. I would really like to not have my steam name be 123 just to play this game. Make it happen! For a pirate live Best Reguards Shepard
  3. Shepard_Fury

    network failed / host lost.

    EU PVP - Everytime i transfer form one server to another with a ship i get dc. Now i cant even get in again Character name John Shepard.
  4. Shepard_Fury

    Food is not given vitamins as it's supposed to?

    Thanks Jat, awesome of you to inform us I like the cooking system but more would be awesome.
  5. Shepard_Fury

    Food is not given vitamins as it's supposed to?

    Okay, that does not look like it working for me. I have Nothing adding over time for me. What food are you guys using for the orange vitamin?
  6. Hello Guys, I have recently become the cook in the corp and i have noticed that the foods don't give the vitamins they show? an good example of this is that the Fish and chips should be giving Orange and blue but for some reason it only gives blue vitamin In the corp we have to eat berries right now because there are no player food that really gives the orange vitamin. What has happened with this? Is it because the indicators on the food wrong? o/ Shepard
  7. Yeah, stop introducing stupid creatures that no one cares about or that can be abused. I would also like to see new ship types and sails. If you make more creatures then make small stuff like more fish, dogs, cats and donkeys. That are creatures that makes sense in the pirate setting. There is also different types of parrots, just saying I would also like to say that pvp is obnoxious with the stupid crab! Ether nerf the jump or remove it entirely. It was fun in ark but it does not work in this game, because there are no flyers you can tame. Do not add tamales flyers btw, i will leave the instant you do that and so will the rest of us (Dragon is ok, that has a time limit and take a huge effort to get!). I also agree that freeports are lifeless and needs npc's that move around and maybe give you some quest. Ships of the dammed also look lifeless and like they don't fit in to the rest of the game. You should make them look like navy or pirate ships that are in the game (Give them sails and crew plz). There could even be an island the dammed owns as their stronghold and that you could then raid. So you would have like a island dungeon that could be raided by players. There is also a idea about removing the ships of the dammed completely and making npc colonies that have there own banner and everything. You would then be fighting them instead. I think that might improve the them of the game. You could make cargo ships drop there loot and some crew after loosing hp to 30% of health, so you don't have to kill them if you don't want to. There is a big difference between a pirate and a marauder. oh, also there is no reason for npc ships to sail in circles. You should make them patrol around the whole grid as a small fleet and stay in a formation so they don't bump in to each other I know this is a lot to take in but we are trying to give you some feedback to improve your game. That was some of the stuff that has been making me a little disappointed with the game after 1352 hours of pvp game play I have other ideas to, like i love the new pvp colonies system but would like to adjust the combat timer to 7 hours. Just so people don't have to hurry home form work so much. Animals also do not need to not get stuck on everything (Rocks, trees, bad mesh, plants) and when you run a bigger animal in to a smaller animal you should push away the smaller animal. I don't need my rhino to set stuck on a turtle.. plz Treasure maps can and should not be berried on top of a stone, there has to be soft ground! or else you are just pulling a chest out of a rock and that looks really bad. I think that was the most important stuff i could think of, please keep up the amazing work.
  8. Shepard_Fury

    Player load in, simple issue!

    Hello guys, Come on, can we pleas get the client to load in structures that are closes to the player first? The problem is that people get to see your base layout and also when you login you can fall trough your base to the basement and get stuck! The client also as a stupid load in limit, that should be a server side setting! If i have the computer that can load in stuff fast and not die doing it then i should be able to set this up. It would be ok if the server had a limit so we don't create to much lag when logging in. Simple stuff like that really annoyes me every damn day. Do other people share this opinion or am i just being to critical? haha, i do get more cranky with age and if i have not gotten my coffee yet / Shepard
  9. Shepard_Fury

    Still recruiting

    We are still looking for new members, we have found a nice island in g10.
  10. Hello Eveyone, Please make it possible to kill the giant crab. I would suggest to make bad again something like a ballistic or fire. adding a tameable creature in the game the is almost invulnerable is not a good game design guys. This might come as a surprise to you, but it should really not. You might also want to fix so it can not jump men it has to much weight on it! Best Regards Shepard
  11. Shepard_Fury

    the devs have caved to pressure from megas

    I think they should move the corp limit down to 50 again and leave it there, for now. Colonies is the best place to play for small corporations(Groups) on different islands. You can split in two companies and still work together as allies. We need this server to keep encouraging small companies to exist, so we can have good conflict and trade. That is why in my opinion when companies get to big they just overrun smaller groups and break the trade system. If i had my way the corp limit would be set down to 40, that would make it so you can trade with a sister corp instead. Most large corporations have smaller groups inside them anyways and it would also make it harder for people who just want to do constant pvp to just stomp small corps. If you are a small corp of 20 to 40 people, you would do better if you did some pvp but focus on getting better equipment, ships and tames. If you did this you would have an advantage over the players that only pvp with basic equipment. This would give more meaning to the game as a whole. This is my opinion on the matter anyways. I do think that it will be the direction the game is moving in, since when i play i want to experience the whole game not only pvp I do feel that the devs are good and bright people that are working hard on getting this game to appeal to people in the same mindset as me. That is also why i need to say that you guys need to just lead go of the big corp grifters that do nothing but whine and rage. Shutting down the empire servers was the right choice and as you did see in active players on the server, no one wanted to play with the grifers on the offline raid empires servers. Im enjoing the game a lot at the moment Keep up the good work. Best regards Shepard
  12. Shepard_Fury

    24h no dimolish!?

    The current system is really good, it just needs to be tweaked a little. If you own an island, you pay your upkeep and keep everyone on the island safe by building defenses. Then you should also be able to remove buildings form people that leave and don't remove their old buildings. The problem is that you might suddenly have a gaping hole in your defense because one of the allies are not maintaining there buildings anymore. They might still be playing on a different island, so counter does not reset. There is no reason for limiting the island owner demolish to only work for 24H. This limit must be removed!
  13. Shepard_Fury

    24h no dimolish!?

    I think you should be able to remove buildings in peacetime, no matter how long they have been there. There is a 10 day decay yes but it just one of them logs in the decay resets.
  14. Shepard_Fury

    24h no dimolish!?

    Hello Everyone, Am i the only on who thinks that when you own an island you should always be able to remove other peoples buildings in peacetime? That you can not remove other peoples buildings after 24 h is a bad mechanic! For me the problem is that when a Allied decides to not play anymore or move to another island we can not just remove there building. When you own an island and pay for it you should always be able to control in peacetime who lives on your island. Please change this so you can always clean up your island in peacetime. Do people agree with this or what do you guys think? We need some people to comment to get this change Best regards Shepard - PvP Eu
  15. Shepard_Fury

    Houses on spawn points!

    Hello everyone, I spawned on an island just to try some of the new stuff but ran in to a little problem. Yeah, people are building houses on the spawn points and there is no way to die fast. I am just stuck for a long time. I would like to suggest that ether you can not build on spawn points or the spawn point should move away form the building some how. What do people think about this?