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  1. Shepard_Fury

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    so a lot of bad stuff is happening on the Eu pvp, since all the big companys are gone and i am now also leaving the game. NightClub or Freeport club as i call them keep grifing our animals in the freeports and using all the abusive tricks they can to harrase in peace time.
  2. Hello Everyone, This game is again on the brink of death. This time it might be the final blow, since everyone and there mother is leaving the game for another game that i can not mention here. I am not leaving yet but i am not happy with the way it has been handled. There are to many abusive mechanics and bugs that have to be fixed. Don't ban people when they are trying to help you, this is still in alpha. The game is also to grindy and the freeport/Lawless/playerworld dose not work well. Devs should look at Eve online on how to do a grid based world. In my opinion you have to merge the pvp and pve aspect of the game change lawless to lawful areas where there is a npc gov that prevents pvp. Balance the rare resources better and make resources look like it should look in the physical world. Trade is also a problem in the game, there should be a better trade system that works in lawful areas but is run by the players. You should replace the ships of the dammed with real npc pirate ships and make npc owned island that players can raid. Make taming more easy, it is hard enough to find good animals already and build on the taming system. Make taming different for the different animal types. It would also be great if you overhaul the breeding system. Pleas keep balance in your mind when doing this. I would also love to see more animal trading, i just don't know how to make a good system for this, again you might be able to use lawful areas for this where you can do a trade market for it. We need more cool ship types and cool weapons that are slowly added to the game. What we don't need is big animals and more air force stuff in the game. To be honest the damn glider needs to go, it does not belong in a pirate game! I will say that the glider is fun but sadly it breaks the game to much and you can not react to barrel gliding in time, it is simply to broken to be a part of this world. This would also make it way easier to fix the explosive barrel. The giant crab should not be able to around jump on land, if you really want it to be ok on land then make it just run a little faster but please remove the jump! I would like to suggest that player owned island need a limit to where the flag can be placed, like a rebuild fort that is close to ground lvl. This should be build up/and upgraded by using gold. You can then build other stuff with your normal building blocks. It would be great if there where other type of big building blocks you could use for the fort and also harbor installations. It is just as an idea how to solve some of the lag issues and you would also use less time on building your fortifications. Those are my thoughts on what direction the game should go, i think you would be able to save the game if you did this. Just a small addition here, i would change the name of the game away form Atlas. It has always been a bad name in my opinion. It is a to common used name that makes it hard to search on. I would suggest using Grapeshot as the game name instead or find a new one that fits this Empire/colony building simulator better. Please give me your opinion and add idears to this post if you still want this game to be awesome.
  3. Shepard_Fury

    war state War State token reward

    I like this idea. Just keep it to a gold reward or else people might abuse it to get insane bpo's!
  4. Shepard_Fury

    Ship Sails, why so slow!

    Hello Everyone, I think the game devs should rethink the whole speed sail idea. Having different sail types is a great idea but i don't think they should impact speed. Right now we have Speed sails, handling sails and weight sails. Weight sails are never used and handling are super strong when you get +20% acceleration. Because for some strange reason that makes them as fast as speed sails. This makes it so people who lives in the game an farm a lot can have a clear ship superiority when fighting. Great for crushing the hopes and dreams of new people in the game but not a great game mechanic for interesting gameplay! I would like to suggest trowing the speed sails in the bin. Make all sail types have the same top speed and replace the current speed sail with an acceleration sail. You can keep the look of the speed sail just rename it to acceleration sail. Then remove the acceleration stat form the handling sail. Handling would still give better handling for your ship and give you the better wind angle. This should make the different sail types viable and you can then easily make more interesting sail types. You could make an "armored sail" that again has the same top speed as the other sails but has more hp and is more resistant to sail damage. This make it different but still something you can use if you want and all the sail types are now something that can be changed to your play style and type of ship you like. Just a note: Weight sails would also benefit form a change to the stat it gives to weight, consider giving it a % bonus to weight. If it has the same top speed as the rest of the sails then they will finally be used. Maybe even in some heavy combat ships or large fortress like ships They would be bad a turning and accelerate like a brick but could be fun What do people think about this idea of making all sail types have the same max speed? Do you have some interesting ideas for new sail types you could make for the game? Give me your opinion and like this post if you think this might be a better way of having the sails work in the game. Please remember, i am writing this to help improve the game not to hurt anyone feelings. Best regard FightzGamer
  5. Hello Devs, There has been a lot of talk from people on the NA server about what direction the game is heading and what problems are the worst right now. The problems i hear are Lack of sotd spawns, whale spawns and the ship fight balance. There is also a bunch of other stuff, that i will get in to further down. Ships balance: When it comes to ship fight mechanics most of the issue stem form the 3 ship classes being in a strange imbalance place right now. Galleons are way to fast as a capital ship of the fleet and they can use a Harpoon to stop ships dead in the water. It helps big company's to crush small company's, since they can use it as an aggressive and fast hit. We all want this to change but also agree that the idea of the harpoon is not a bad idea, it is just not balanced. What can be done is change the galleon speed to be the slowest in the fleet so it fits more to the historical 16'th century ships. The harpoon can then be used as a defensive ability that the capital ship has as an option, when in a fleet. Just to make sure people understand, Schooner should be the fasts ship then the brig a close second and last the galleon as the slowest ship. Historically a normal schooner did about 16 knots, Brig 12 Knots and the Galleon did about 8 knots at best. Now we don't have to make the difference this large and the numbers in the game are boosted up so it takes less time to travel. I would suggest Schooners can do 30 knots at best, brig 24 and galleon about 18 knots max. This would make a lot of sense and fix the harpoon issue. Blue print issue: There is also a big balance issue in the stats of the blueprints right now. Common ships are really bad and mystical ships are really good. When you get hit by a 200% or 240% cannon as a common ship, you die really fast. You do not stand a chance. This is really bad for small company's and super for big groups. You can really step on people and fell ligit when you call them trash for only having a common ship. This is one of the things that has to be changed! Good Blueprints are so rare that small company's, will never have a chance to get them. Even if you get the materials to build stuff, you most of the time don't have any good bpo's to use it for. People are suggestion that making bpo's less good and limiting the random stat's just a little. Like why can a masterwork cannon bpo be better then a mythical cannon bpo? This should never overlap in a number like cannon damage. where the lower grade stops it's max is where the next should start as a minimum. If a masterwork can max go to 140% then a mythical should minimum be a 141% when you get it. In all the stats are way to high now, no way a mythical should ever be more then 170% damage and base stats need to be higer. This system needs to be streamlined a lot more before the balance is good for everyone. PvP ship combat: The current meta where weight is the limit sux and one of the reasons is that you can not build a cool looking ship. Further more you can only fight for a few min before you have to slam a few diving platforms and demolish for repair resources. The speed of your ship should not be influence by the weight before you go over 40 % or something around that number. You could also make it so building stuff on your ship did not cost weight. The borders on the side of the ship also need to be refined. You should not be able to protect your planks with wood ramp armor. This has always been something that even you guys(Devs) dont want. However, protecting the top of your ship and building a nice top on it should be allowed to some extent. What we want, dont want: This is where it gets interesting and it feels like doing a poll on this would be a good idea but i will give you guys input i get from talking to all the people i know who want this game to be great! Give us more ship types, cool gear and awesome events to farm and fight over. It would also be great with skins but keep it so we can still see the difference between the sail types and other gear types. If you want new animals, give us small useful animals that makes the game more fun and surprising. You should be fixing issues, like de sync and fps drops. Work on your engine and boost performance. If you release this half assed, people will leave. The systems that are already in the game should be looked at again and refined. Like the food system. Maybe add more cool food types and more cool songs for the music system. We do not want big dino like animals that take for ever to tame and breed. Don't make mechanics that break other stuff blatantly and then don't fix those things. Animals should be good utility things you have but not be op for fighting as they are now. I guess the big word right now is re balance the game and make it more fun, so it makes more sense. Oh before i forget, people should not be able to have island main flags and bases on tall mountain tops that you can never get to when raiding. This is not fun for anyone, so ether make it so the air is to thin for people to live there or make it so flags have to be on ground level. Best Regard FightzGamer
  6. Hello devs, We are having some issues with the game mechanics the last few days after the last patch. The treasure map bottles are not spawning anymore in g12. We have remove foundations and move stuff around but nothing helps. We did some whale hunting in E15, f15, g15 and H15 after the last patch. We had some whales but after we farmed them then they stopped re spawning. Today our whales did 5 hours of whaling and did not see a single whale and almost no one else was in the grids. It looks like sunken treasures are spawning as they used to do, so that is at lease working but it looks like treasure map and whales spawns are totally dead after the latest patch. Please take a look at this, it is so sad going home empty handed after so many hours Best regards FightzGamer
  7. Hello Everyone, We are experiencing a lot of desync with the whale. It looks like the whale is not where the game client thinks it is?! I like doing the whale hunting but we keep losing ships to this de sync issue! We call it to "Get Atlas'ed", it's really sad. We play on the pvp Na server. Please fix this issue, it's really bad for the game play! Please like this post if you are having this issue and think it needs fixing. Best reguard FightzGamer
  8. Shepard_Fury

    Ship weight/speed, the current pvp meta.

    This would also make more sense when you have grapple galleons. It is okay if you are able to grapple ships when you are a slow ship but right now galleons are way to fast.
  9. Shepard_Fury

    Hotkeys and tool tips

    Hello again, I wanted to tell you guys about issues i am getting a little annoyed about regarding hotkeys and tool tips. This is regarding ship controls and missing tool tips. Now i understand that you don't want to flood the interface with text but when using a ship some of the vital hotkey information are missing! To be a good captain, you have to setup you gun groups and all that good stuff first. This is functional and makes some what sense. Like i usually have to change the gun groupes and add my swivels to a new group. Then i have to change every cannon to shoot ships only and high distance. Then i go an equip my npc crew and set their setting and change there names to include my ship name (Because the game logs need to show if my ship is loosing npc crew). Then i equip them to there stations and this is ok i guess. Here comes the problem tho, when i am captaining my ship and want to change ammo types, then the tool tip or hotkey tip is missing and the hotkeys are inconsistent. This is where it gets really strange! It turns out to change cannon ammo type you use U, for swivels cannons however to change ammo type it is J?! and there is no info about this in the hotkey menu. Even a bigger problem is that you can not change those hotkeys This is a annoying oversight and needs to be fixed! I know there is more of those problem in the game but that is the one that annoyed me the most, because i keep forgetting the damn keys in critical situations. Best reguard FightGamer / Shepard Blade
  10. Shepard_Fury

    Skins & gear recognition

    Hello Everyone, I would like to suggest that you make skins more reconcilable, in regards to what equipment they are equipped to. The problem people are having is that you are not able to tell what gear a person is wearing when you are fighting them or what sails a ship has equipped. (Note: You can spyglass the sails on a ship to see what they are using but this becomes a problem when fighting multiple ships) I would like to suggest that you should make skins specific to every type of gear and sail type or make a skin that has a different look depending on what they are equipped to. The problem is that distinguishing between fighting gear and casual gear is really difficult atm. I also have a feeling you want to make more skins for ships and i like the idea of doing that but it need to be in a way where we can see what it is by just looking at it. I would also like to remind the devs to keep it in the them of the game I know you are doing this but i am just going to say this for good measure Best regard FightGamer / Shepard Blade
  11. Hello Everyone, I have been playing the current ship meta for a while now and i have to say it is not great. You have to shave all the weight of your ship to be able to take other ships down. I would like the devs to change the ships so that if it is under 50% weight, then it has no impact on the ship max speed. This would make it so you can actually build on your ship and make different types of ships. It would also be nice if you refined the detection of structures sticking over the side of your ship. It would prevent wood armor from covering the planks on the side and front of the ship, this would prevent the armored schooners and brigs. When a ship has cannons on the deck it makes it way stronger in ways of coverage or broadside damage. For instance people use a one side broadside brig where they have 12 cannons on one side to instant destroy galleon planks with the feat buff(You get hit by 24 mythical cannons at once). It would also be really good if there was a stat penalty for putting cannons on the top deck. It could be a reduction in resistance or damage of the ship. Like the current speed/weight meta is boring and is not really how a wooden ship fights should be in my opinion. The speed differences between the classes dose not make for great game play and fights. I would change the max speeds on the different classes, right now it just dose not make sense to me. Schooner should be the fastest, then brig and the galleon should be slowest. I will give you an example of how the max speed was in real life 16'th century time. Schooner 16 knots, Brig 12 knots and galleon 8 knots(Max speeds of those classes form the 16'th century). I am not saying that we need to go that slow but just balance the difference, so it fits more. You could go max speed schooner 30 knots, brig 24 knots and galleon 18 knots as an example. I believe that a galleon should always have support ships when in use, since they are large ships for company use! This would also create an objective for companies to protect there galleons and create fleets more often. What do people think about this? Please try to keep an open mind and don't flame the people for there opinions. Please like if you do agree Best reguards FightzGamer
  12. Shepard_Fury

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    Well that escalated fast
  13. Shepard_Fury

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    Hi guys, this is good news that you are aiming for a better balance of stuff Please consider removing the crab ability to jump on land and make it just run faster(Like a real crab) Don't make it run sideways tho People should stop being so frustrated and be happy that we have this large scale game in our amazing lives Happy Lunar new year to you all
  14. Hello Grapeshot, Most people are wondering where we are on the roadmap and what is happening? I would also like to know if you are working with the ark devs on there new expansion and this is why we are not hearing anything? Best Regard FightzGamer
  15. Shepard_Fury

    My thoughts and suggestions for Pvp

    I was thinking a bank box per player that can only hold gold. This should be stored in a corp bank. Corp bank would have to be broken for the enemy to get the gold out. I don't think it should be a free port bank, it would be to easy to hide large amounts of gold away form the pvp action. Gold that is in the bank could pay a little gold to the corp every day, for the safety the corp provides. Like a small upkeep to the corp. You would also have your corp holdings in the bank. It would also be awesome if the bank building it self was more interactive. Like you could walk in to it and find your box That would just be a bonus tho What do you think Mike?