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  1. Respawning under the bed when teleporting to different grid.
  2. Hi. I would love to see sails being able to put into groups, like weaponry. That will make adjusting sails accordingly a lot more realistic, and make maneuvring easier as well.
  3. So, I was trying to fill in the open spots of my upper bow deck on the Galleon, but on all these spots i get the message: "Requires Nearby Foundation Support"
  4. And while we are at it, also make confirmation box for making new character when you die xD
  5. This is what I would want from these animals. Also, Reduce the size of Behemoths? Or add a medium Gate. (and while we are at it, increase the costs of gates by ALOT. It is so ugly to travel around and watch all those gates walling in people. Make them so costly that you ever only want a minimum of gates) Bear - Feels pretty good, maybe a bit strong for a Tier2 tame. Chicken - gives eggs, what more do we need? Cow - Does its job, gives us milk and prime meats. Bull - A cargo saddle to increase weight. Crow - Add a bit to vision for the person carrying it. Razortooth - Have not used this yet. Shieldhorn - Have not used this yet. Elephant - Might need a tad more stamina, and its LMB attack need a better hitbox, It rarely hit any resources every 2nd attack now, forcing to use the slower RMB even on a single tree. Giant Pig - Why is this a Giant Pig? You already removed the "Giant" from creatures! Pig - Should be able to dig the ground like a shovel (for potatoes/earthworms, or maybe truffles for cooking?!) Giraffe - Should get a buff to thatch gathering. Horse - Have not used this yet. Lion - The grab is horrible, at least increase the cooldown of it. Monkey - Have not used this yet. Ostrich - Feels good. Parrot - Feels good. Penguin - Feels good. Rabbit - Luck bonus when digging up treasures? Like increasing the maps effective value with a % according to its level. Rhino - More weight Seagull - Should be able to fish. Sheep - Female sheep should be able to be milked, like cows. Tiger - Feels good. Vulture - Needs something! Wolf - Is a bit weak, maybe add some bonus to them for being in a pack, like the Compy in ARK
  6. Hi. Got an issue with some floating mesh. Not only me, but my company mates gets it aswell. cheat TP C5 234007 -337819 582 While looking South.
  7. Hi. We got a Mythical Flintlock recipe, where the durability and damage is the same as a standard.
  8. Calthaza


    Fatal error crash. https://pastebin.com/T9QqHdNF
  9. Hi there. I keep seeing that when you die and respawn on a bed, you tend to load in under the bed. Then if your bed is on a foundation, on a shipyard, on a ship, you will be stuck in the foundations, stuck inside the shipyard, stuck in the bottom layer of your ship. This also seem to happen ALOT when the servers go down, eighter when a grid is crashing, or when you shut it down for a patch. You do then log in at the spot you were when the server went down, but if you had any foundations below you, you will be stuck inside the foundation/shipyard, or where ever you were. Also, Short persons like me seem to fall under the actual terrain when you die, meaning you can not access your loot.
  10. Hi. I believe we need a way to add Sails to a group for controlling them individually from the steering wheel. Would be nice when fine manuevring in crowded/shallow waters.
  11. Hi. I just realized after the patch where you could not destroy structures, the wood ceilings are not aligning with the ship deck anymore.
  12. I only had 850Mb to download. Quite a bit of disk activity afterwards tho EDIT: I7-4900K 32Gb RAM 1080TI Playing at 1440p, seeing maybe 3-5 fps increase. Stable 75-80FPS at sea. 50-60s at shore. For me, playing on EU-PVE, I do not seem to have any issues with the Beta client. I never had any real issues with the vanilla client eighter tho. Some rare instances of game randomly shutting down, at most once every 2-3 days.
  13. Calthaza

    Corpse Lost

    Hi. There seem to be an issue for short model characters, that when you die your body falls under the ground, making it unable to be looted. Please, make us a bit higher
  14. So. As tamed creatures also count as crew on a ship, they have to fill in and do their job! 1 elephant doing the sails, the other decided to be on lookout duty at the crows nest !!!
  15. So. Probably not any real issue, as it is working as intended. This tree does give me both wood and thatch. But from an OCD point of view, it is.. ARRRRGH!!! However, its name is clearly Pine (Tree), but from the looks of it, it sure looks like a Birch?
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