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  1. Yeah. We've been asking about that since first Ramming Galley appeared. But... to be honest. I found myself a way to make maintenance of modulars as cheap as it possible. I'm patching only leaks. After each battle I just sail to nearest island and allow my crew to repair my ship. They use really small amount of resources from box.
  2. 17) - Invisible islands. The longer U in the game - the worse it's working. Ok, here is the problem. The more U use a portals or cross the border - the worse all things in the game. First - size of textures go to lowest point possible (and there is no way to bring them back). If U continue to cross and use portals - all islands will be disappeared. The only structures and animals will left. U'll see like buildings in the waters. That's not just visual. U will have weird twitchy walk on the water surface. Unfrotunatelly from this point U can't log out to reload the game. U'll have "forever loading screen" and If U do - windows "task manager" is you only option. Or instead of "log out" - U can use Alt+F4 option.
  3. It's fine in PVE : )) I already took whales by harrier and hydras by boardsider : ))
  4. 16) - Cannons not showing their HP. In modulars I have cannons not showing their HP. The only way to know if it's damaged - to see resources required for repair.
  5. 15 - Thanks. I really enjoying some PVE changes that is improved my QoL. a) - Vits depletion timers. For the first time ever I no more need to dodge left-right naked while cold, to make stamina low and high for several times, to loose my hunger. So I could eat, and regain my vits. Those were just annoying actions for like nothing. Right now even in far travels my hunger and vits are decreasing reasonable way. b) - Sinking timers for modulars. I was riding my Boardsider and got my 3 planks gone "0", and I was able to save my ship. I hope there are same positive changes to all other modulars. c) - Better ship BPs. It's really fun to have extra sails points. Unfortunately there are not much of modules yet, so extra modules points not that important. d) - I do like new map. With portals changes it became easy to get wherever you want. No more half atlas travels, 2h along the border, watching youtube. e) - New skills. It's way better now. f) - Cog - is gr8 ship for getting started.
  6. 12 - Sails ponts and crossing. (This is important one!!!) Ok right now we have plenty of ships BPs with x-tra modular points or x-tra sails points (or both). Unfortunatelly after we cross with ships like that, all x-tra sails points are reset to default values. What happens to x-tra sails. Well, as for me... first I crossed one of my sails got to inoperable state. It just stuck in one position. I couldn't use it. Even lantern attached to mast didn't light up from my steering wheel. After I crossed another time - this sail just disappeared. 13 - Painting makes gunport modules randomly rotate. When I paint gunport modules - they are rotates from inside to outside. After that - they might looks fixed. Or not. Or some of them going inside out, another - are fine. They brakes and fixes themselves randomly and I couldn't find out - what causes that. 14 - Gunports brakes and fixes for no reason. When I was riding my Boardsider and hunting damned ships, once I've got WHOLE DECKS of gunports not working!!! It happened only once. I've got only 10 cannons (of 20) working. All gunports were opened, but only cannons from low decks were moved to shooting position (btw it happened after I engaged lvl-35 damned galley). Then, after a battle it was fixed for some reason. Actually - all gunports are STILL BROKEN. I still can NOT replace cannons there (new one will be either forbidden to place, or pointing forward or backward and not operable). I even can't demolish cannons from gunports modules in my new Ramming Galley. One of my cannons in Ramming Galley not working at all (I have 9 cannons from one side, and only 8 from another side).
  7. Oh it's back!!! Alright. Map is fixed. But textures still going to reduced state after you cross several times. Also I was carrying my new tiger to base and after each teleport I was lure him from the ocean back to my boat.
  8. There are couple freeports outside Rocky Cove. You check C8 (Western island) and D6 (Central one).
  9. There are couple freeports outside Rocky Cove. You check C8 (Western island) and D6 (Central one).
  10. 10 - Teleport Issues. As I mentioned in the beginning - after you teleport or cross - loading music plays forever non stop (mixing with other music). But also all textures turns to greatly reduced state. UPD: That's happen, when you cross or teleport with game on background. Like you alt-tab or something.
  11. 08 - Cyrillic and Asian fonts? I'm not game dev, and I don't know how it works but... tell me. Is it THAT difficult to add different fronts support? I mean we have EA for 3 years now and still seeing this kind of chat... 09 - I2 tradewind doesn't show on the water.
  12. 07 - Weird treasure map. Just got it from the bottle. Is it written by invisible ink?
  13. 06 - More about Farms radius... U know... I still not very happy with all this farm radius stuff. Like check picture below. I show all territory I've got for just myself. I've got my base and 1st farm in the middle. I've got 2 towers far away. There is my territory too. But there is NOTHING there. Just tower. One farm. And huge circle forbidden to build on for every1 except me. And I'm not planning to build there. So... maybe one day, when ppl will looking for their settle spot, they will see alot of empty captured lands... I mean. I've got just 3 land and 1 water tower. But I've got my neighbor and for last 3 days I keep seeing his claiming more and more. Like he wanna half of island for himsel. Limit farms per island would be way better here.
  14. Hmmm... 05 - Sextant minimap needs to be fixed. It shows borders where there are no borders. Ocean - where there is a land. Sometimes it shows names of my company where there are towers, but then those names disappear.
  15. 04 - QoL. Blueprint frame at night tints surroundings to BLACKOUT!!! As far as I understand this - when you look at bright objects in the game, all picture darken a bit to balance the picture brightness (I can't remember proper name of this effect. It can be found in many games). The problem here in ATLAS comes when you try to do precision engineering at night!!! When you try to place object - game count this blueprint frame as the brightest object ever and do endless blackout, so in just 3 second all you see is just frame. This one is here since season 4 I guess... and I keep forgetting to mention that. It reduces QoL alot.
  16. Previous thread is here : )) Shall we??? 01 - Forever music after crossing. When we cross - there is a picture of atlas and music playing background. After we cross - this background music stays forever. Another music (like from leveling, or from high noon - play at the same time). 02 - Creepy dude in freeport. He stays at D4, north freeport. And he scared me alot. 03 - Cog ship hitbox is bigger than visual model. Yeah - check how far ahead this ship is cutting through waves?
  17. All resources related info is here: http://atlas.antihax.net/ (You can type resources name in search and red dots will show you islands for that). Ironwood is missing (it appears at warehouse if you establish trading tho). The only problem - it brings information with a little dellay after map changes (witch possible might happen in a week... I mean devs told they wanna different maps with different biomes, accessible by some warp mechanics...).
  18. Some says that there was a guy, who introduced generic ships, but then he left Atlas project and took all code and knowledge with him. Because of that, no one from current team knows how those ships were coded and how do they works. That's why there are no longer old design ships released, and never will.
  19. Well, New World is 2 days from here. Then most of playerbase who stay here will consist of "bear breeders" and "minecraft castle contructors" I guess...
  20. Did you try to replace default sails with large sail? Because It's possible that devs changed things so you can't set large sail there, like they did it on turtle ship.
  21. 38 - New Hammer and old graphic. Just noticed - when you wear new armor fixing hammer, it show old wooden hammer in your menu slot. I actually kinda don't like all these tools graphic attached to pathfinder. It just doesn't look cool.
  22. And little update about ship's maintenance. - Parked and anchored ship bein repaired by crew. But only usual HP of parts is restored. Armor requires manual maintenance. - I was able to repair armor out of advanced shipyard. - It turned out each "armor patch kit" repairs way more than 1K. In fact. Single hit of advanced hammer bring armor from 12400 to 15600. So it's a bit cheaper than I expected (but with 2 types of patches - still most expensive ship in terms of maintenance).
  23. Every time I log in, my Turtle Ship disappears from advanced shipyard. To make it buildable again, I have to destroy and build another advanced shipyard. Also it shows -1/300 in stock. Crew manning sails are weird (and it's just regular sail, not junk cosmetic which I don't even dare to set lol). Some thoughts about PVP... this Turtle Ship will just be annihilated by any Mortar Ship, because of speed and striking distance. In fact, facing Mortar Ship, this Turtle ship wont be able to land a single hit, to chase it or to run away. If Turtle Ship engage Mortar Ship one on one, it then just doomed : ))
  24. Alright. Let's check some more screenshots. I couldn't make smoke screen working. I put 100 coal to figurehead (you can put it from front door in upper deck), press shift+z and nothing happened. I've tried both shifts, ctrl, ctrl+shift etc. Then I found my 100 coal is gone. I then put there 500 coal. But no matter how I tried - it still 500 in figurehead. I put in to the ship: 1 - Bed 2 - Mess table 3 - Small box 4 - Large box 5 - Ammunition box 6 - Grille 7 - Resource box 8 - Barrel... Then I reach my custom object limit. No lanterns, to stairs to crownests etc. When I said this is slowest ship ever - check this picture. I've already put like 18 points in to weight and It up my speed to 6.50 knots downwind. Fighting with damned ships is... well... no dancing, no kiting. The only option here is just stop, tank, and shoot. The most broken thing in this ship is gunports. Like back-top gunports have double doors graphic. You can open one door by pressing "R" from steering wheel to open all gunports, and then, you can approach gunport and open another door yourself. Second manual door doesn't affect shooting, your cannons just stick our through them. One more thing. When you crew manning both rear cannons, they block your only entrance to the ship. They just push you aside and to the ocean while you trying to enter your ship. Another broken gunports issue. Some cannons doesn't move out when you open your gunport. It just stays inside the ship, and doesn't shoot. This happens with both right cannons in front and back, and also with front right cannon in the low deck. So basically you've got just 1 cannon front and back and 7 cannons aside. One more thing. When I was fighting damned ship, I used Rally and Overdrive at the same time. I made one manual shoot, my crew reloaded cannons fast, but instead of making another shoot they just dropped all their cannon stations. Wtf??? Armor is working really well. It gives you extremely good protection from low level damned ship. I tanked 4 lvl-9 damned brigs and got my armor down to 12000-15000. With defense stats It'll bring really good protection. I'll try to test this one later. Stay tuned.
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