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  1. Ships are also have their decay timer. It just somewhere around a month or even 40 days (like boxes, and billboards).
  2. I think there should be "in the ocean activities" to be added. So players would do something while sailing. From trivial challenges like randomly migrating seaweed zones, or migrating reef zone with rocks out of the water (small icebergs in tundra/polar), to... well maybe magic kind of stuff, like all of sudden some "fog of dead" appears, all go to dark purple state, and you need to do maneuvers to avoid ghosts of sunken ships around. That kind of stuff lands occasionally. And of course there should be some rewards (at least cosmetic one) for experience all those activities. And... some kind of "safe routes", where only danger are PVP players, knowing that a lot of players will run there.
  3. The problem now is - the weather MUST be a CORE aspect of the sailing game. And yet it was made the most simple way. And it doesn't affect AI ships. I just copy-paste my thoughts of sailing aspect: I would change the wind so It would just blow same direction for a while (and by "while" I mean at least 24 ingame hours). Then it randomly rotates for some angle (clockwise or counter) and blow new direction for a while again. Most of the time wind is around average, provide me FULL SPEED. Occasionally it goes to strong hurricane state and this requires me to lower my sails and turn to it's direction to prevent ship and ragging damage. Occasionally it goes to calm state and all hidden flotsam appear on the water surface. Now to the challenges. Weather should be divided in to two types. Warm in equatorial, tropic and desert areas. Cold in temperate, tundra and polar zones. Warm weather brings: rains, thunder, storms whit tornadoes or hail, dust storms and fog. Rain - make ship heavier, it loses some speed and maneuverability. Thunders - slight chance that lighting strikes masts, causing ragging damage. Storm brings deadly tornado or hail. Storm is not global, it just wide dangerous zone in the ocean, and players goal is to avoid or escape one by all cost. Sail into tornado will cause sever damage to ship or either destroy it. Hail do moderate damage to sails. Fog lowers visibility to all ships (NPCs ones also) when it's calm. Dust storm lowers visibility when it's strong wind. Cold weather brings snowfall, ice rain, blizzard, white mist. Snowfall just makes ship heavier. Ice rain makes it even heavier, and deck became slippery. Blizzard - is local spot to avoid because it cause moderate damage to ship and sails. White Mist is bright sparky show fog appears during sunny day. Lower visibility. Oh, and about visibility itself. I would cancel unlimited visibility and make so it always changes around average values. So islands would appear as we getting close to them and lighthouses actually guide us (for that I would make freeport and homeland lighthouses different color or brightness). Beside weather, player also should deal with ocean. There are randomly generated dangers in there. Warm zones provides migrating seaweed zones and reefs with rocks out of the water. Seaweeds dramatically lower ship speed, and if player wont escape in time full sails along wind direction may require to escape. Rocks and reefs are deadly. Hitting one will fully take out planks HP. Cold zones provides drifting icebergs. Hitting one is also dangerous. Both cold and warm zones also randomly generate jet streams (make ship turns and damage planks if angle is too big) and funnels (tries to capture ship in it's center - require full sail along the wind and along rotation direction to escape). Everything above affect all ships. Player's ship, NPC's ship, damned ships etc. Also because there are less water around, and islands closer to each other - sailing through the center of grid will require some maneuvers between island (something like that now in Polar and it's fun to sail through). And tasty one. Each danger that player face, and each activity player actually do in the ocean, gives special reward points to the ship. If player pass seaweed zone - he gets "seaweed point". If he avoid iceberg - he get "iceberg point" there. If he gather flotsam - he get "flotsam points" etc. After gathering enough points player can choice special tittle for the ship. After gathering more points, player get special skill for the ship. After gathering points for the third time - special figure head for ship became available to craft. For example if I avoid a lot of seaweed zones, I can add to my ship name a tittle: "Unstoppable". If I continue to pass seaweed zones I'll open a skill for ship that lower my speed penalty in seaweed zones by half. After I pass many more seaweed zones - I'll get... let's say "mermaid" figure head blueprint for my ship. Getting there should take a while, to make all those achievements valuable. Figure head might also have some bonus stats. For balance stuff player should be able to choice just one danger bonuses and either be able to change em in repair dock or be unable to change them at all : )) Maybe survive inside the most deadliest situation (like actual tornado) - give player some really unique and valuable reward. In PVP ships with those skills might suddenly get an advantage if battle occur near dangers. And yeah. Some nice addition would be, if next weather would be predictable. - Scarlet red sunset-sunrise - before windy weather. - st. Elmo's flares - before thunderstorm etc.
  4. 52 - Hey, maybe it's good idea to place crew controlling the sails to some other place on ship? Yet with free building on the ship we can totally block stations where crew are sitting controlling the sails. It looks bad. And if you unseat crew - they stuck through the wall, fall down through ceiling, etc. So maybe you find another good place for them to control the sails?
  5. Yeah this how it was in my I7 PVE for a weeks now. But yesterday I've entered the game to refill my food storages for crew and horse, and got smooth 40 ping and NO LAG at all. It felt strange : )
  6. Wind just rotates clockwise. It raise full strength blowing north and south direction. It reduces to calm blowing east and west. During the rain - it raises to beyond strong and rotates faster. After rain ends - it rotates back to where it was. And that's it about the wind. It's totally predictable and boring. And also those "calm" states are annoying. I mean... I try to figure out what purpose those calms serves. And I can't find any answer but one. Just to piss players off! : )) The worst thing is if you sail somewhere counter-wind, after you do your business there wind will rotates and then you'll sail back counter-wind as well. If I would do the game I would change the wind, so: - It blows mostly average speed and one direction. - Each grid is different but for reasonable amount (not like you sail downwind and next grid it's counter wind). - It rarely turns for some amount. Let's say once per ingame day. Or even once per real life day. And if so here is a way to introduce some weather forecast in game. Like you go freeport and buy one for a real life day. - Hurricanes and calms land occasionally and within just one grid, so you out of grid, and you're fine. --- As for fog... in PVE - it makes you just continue sailing if you go somewhere (if you encounter SOTD or even get hit couple of times - it's just no big deal). Or stop and wait go watch youtube until it's gone if you hunting SOTDs. So current fogs also serve no purpose. Just annoys you a bit, or eat you time for nothing. Oh and... I personally loves to see "coldwave" with sky settings on high. Maybe fog should looks like that?
  7. If you have 220% Mythic Shipyard for that... This season I dug around 70 maps. All of them were 12+. Half of them were 15+. Some of them were 20+. And I've got NO SHIPYARD. I mean not a single one. Not even common one. I'm saying about small/large ones. I've got like 20 tiny ones all qualities, and around 10 mythic tiny ones. Same with the sails, btw. In like 150 damned ships I sunk down this season (most of them were schooners and brigs lvl-50+ and Galleys lvl-30+) I've got a single common large speed sail bp. Just ONE!
  8. I've been thinking lately. Are those elies THAT valuable? I mean in past time I had one (he was lvl 19 after tame and got to lvl 49). What I remember: - He was slow. - He had lack of stamina and after every 3 trees I had to stop and wait till stamina regens. And it regen slowly. - He carried around 1100 kg of stuff. So I had to slowly go to the forest far away. I had to do a lot of stops. And while I was building my brig I had to go to the forest for like 3-4 times. Yet right now I have my horse with cargo harness. She extremely fast and get myself to any forest in just no time. With harness she can carry around 6 tons of stuff. With gathering buff I get around 250-300 wood from each tree. So... I really don't know, what will be faster. To go to the far forest and back by elie for 3-4 times. Or just go once by a horse but gather wood by hatchet? Hobby buddy!
  9. Hmm. It's weird, but I just enter my I7 PVE island to refill food storages. And I experienced smooth 40 ping and no lag at all! : ) I wonder it's because a lot of structures just decayed or DEVs fixed something? Anyway It's a good sign. Oh... there were just 4 ppl online.
  10. I just wanna add that current online my I7 (Official PVE) is around 5 ppl (there were average 20-25 ppl first week). And lags are still there.
  11. Soon they tell you they paid money for game and free to play as they want to.
  12. I guess that's because no one does that. Before farmhouses most of players were building their grand palaces, and without Giraffe, Elephant and Bear - it was really difficult to build their 1 000 000 pieces "base". That's why every1 were taming, breeding, and selling tames to each other, so they would be able to build. And now - farmhouses do what bear/elephant/giraffe does. So no one wanna buy tames anymore And... well, you saying some maps, powerstones? Who ever does that!? Like 30 players from whole official PVE?
  13. Just because every1 worries about their beloved pets, I wanna continue with my vision of pet system. But before I go I need to tell that current FEATS system must be changed. So depends of what you doing (or better say - depends of state you in) - the menu shows different FEATS. Related to current situation. So If you staying behind steering wheel - you see all "overdrive" "rally" FEATS and don't see those "Nature cries/touches". You won't anyway use nature touch to my steering wheel right? So you walk by foot - your walk feats shows, like "instant equip", "dance", "quick repair" etc. You ride a tame - you see nature touch and cry. You ride a boat - You see overdrive, rally etc. And now to: 11 - Beast mastery. I would CANCEL all "ride and bite" game mechanic. And then separate all tames to 4 different types. 1) - Critters (those can ride your shoulders and give you a buff). 2) - Gatherers (those you can ride and gather resources). 3) - Battle pets (those that can fight ALONG YOUR SIDE). 4) - Mounts (those you can ride and FIGHT BY WEAPON IN YOUR HANDS). And you can choice - what type you wanna use. It's not necessary to teach how to tame a wolf and lions if you wanna just tame a bear for cotton gathering. By picking one of 4 skills you can tame and breed one of those 4 families tame. So my BM skill tree would look this like: Tames infrastructure - gives you the way to build tames pen and Tames trap (with custom walls/fences/gates/feeding bowls). Bolas for taming. Also prefab incubator building here for breeding (no more cubes with 118 grilles inside). And one more thing - critter post. So, for example, you can put the post to your ship, put there a parrot and the parrot gives his buff to every1 on the ship. Saddles - allows you to build saddles for gatherers and mounts. And also armor for critters and battle pets. There are 2 type of saddles/armors. One created from FURs - warm animals should wear those in cold biomes, or they die freezing. Another - plate ones for any animals in warm biomes. No furs in hot zones or they die of heatstroke. And before I go to animals I just wanna say - NO MORE RIDE AND BITE! Any animals can stand for oneself, but just on their own. You can choice their stance, order to follow you etc, but you can only command to fight battle pets. So. Critters are: - Cat (do some fish hunting). - Vulture (do some meat, keratine hunting) - Monkey (increase health regeneration while seating on shoulder or critter post). - Parrot (fortitude buff on shoulder or critter post) - Rabbit (warn you about animals on shoulder, or damned ships on post) - Crow (intelligence boost while on shoulder or critter post) - Seagull (swimming speed and oxygen rate boost on shoulder, warn you of shallow waters on post). - Penguin (cold resistance while on post). Efficiency up - makes all those buff stronger. Insight - active skill appears in feats menu If you wearing critter on your shoulder. For short amount of time spread buff to some radius around you affects all allies within this radius). --- Gatherers are: - Chicken (gives you eggs). - Sheep (gives you wool). - Cow (gives you milk). - Pig (give you fertilizer). - Brown bear (mountable - LMB gather berries, vegies, fibers). - Ostrich (mountable - LMB for saps gathering from bushes, trees and hives). - Elephant (mountable - LMB for wood gathering). - Giraffe (mountable - LMB for thatches gathering). - Rhino (mountable - LMB for flint and stones gathering). - Olfend (mountable - LMB for water store from fresh sources) By skills you can give extra health, stamina, weight and amount of gathering each swing to all those tames you ride. There are two active skills tho: Shell - temporary increase tames armor you ride. Heal all gatherers around for small amount. Lost and found - for small time period allow you to get random resources (even rarest one) from nodes you gather. Like Ironwood/strongwood etc from lightwood tree you hit by an elephant. --- Battle pets are for fighting along your side. You can adjust one as a companion and then feat menu shows battle commands. To attack. To retreat. Run to the certain point. Etc. I really don't like the idea of 384 bears suicide squad that go sacrifice themselves for high lvl damned army map. It's better be "each tame matters". So only one at time. It can follow you, while you riding any other tames tho. Each battle pet have it's own active skill. Pet use it in automated mode. - Grizzly Bear (Yeap. There 2 types of bears - for gathering and for battles. Or there should be a choice after you tame one - wither you want it to be a gatherer or battle one). For short time period can increase your and his armor. - Wolf. Can do frighting howl to decrease enemies armor for small time period. - Lion. Can do frighting howl to decrease enemies attack power for small time period. - Tiger. Can perform bleed attack. Also Dinos there (sigh, I don't like them, we're not in ARK you know?). - Tortugar. Aoe cone attack wide radius. - Shieldhorn. Knockback charge. - Razortooth. Cry increases all allies damage for some time period. By skills, you can add some extra health, stamina, damage and attack power to pets under your control. There are 2 active skills there. Nature touch - health your pet by great amount. Nature cry - greatly increase your pet's attack power for short time period. --- Mounts for those who wanna ride and fight. It's just not they bite enemies anymore. You ride. You use your weapon and hit the enemies. Advantage of this battle style is simple. While mounted you go to very armored state. You can also use special long "lance" weapons, or ranged weapons. You can even perform a charge attack. Their weakness are rangers. - Bull. Increases your and his armor while you riding him. Can run through enemies, land small damage and occasionally knocking enemies back. - Draft horse. Average armor. Fast speed. Universal mount for all purposes. - Battle camel. Increases your and his HP while you riding him. - Battle elephants. Strong armor and a lot of health. Can run through enemies, damaging them for small amount. Can only be used for ranged attack. With skill you can increase health, stamina, armor and run speed of mount you riding. There are also two active skills there. Be hold - for small amount of time greatly increases armor of mound and rider, makes them both almost indestructible. Charge. - For melee weapon perform unstoppable charge run through enemies, lands great amount of damage and extra effects depend on weapon you hold (sword provide bleed attack, maces reduce enemies armor, lance reduce enemies attack power etc). - For ranged perform strong pierce attack with great damage. - For firearm perform explosive aoe attack.
  14. There are because most of servers are just unplayable right now. Even my I7 now in this state, because every 16 seconds it stops for 2 seconds (you can perfome any action while stops period) and then warp everyone back to where all were before stop. So gameplay looks like that: - You run your pier, then jump to the boat, then find yourself flying from pier to waters 50 meters back from your boat. - You run to your house, open door, get in, open chestbox, then find yourself 50 meters from your house. - You go for trees, your horse with cargo harness following you. You approach the tree, start to hit it. Then you find yourself 50 meters back hitting your horse staying there. - Your ship do full stop every 16 seconds. Waves runs back at those stops. You waste alot of cannonballs trying to fight, because you can shoot and then all stops and warped back. All but not your cannonballs for some reason : )) - You waste alot of projectiles because you can shot something and next second it will warp back. Not sure if it's possible to dig a treasure in our region anymore. And... well hunting fish with spear launcher go in to very expensive state. - Because of those rewinds, day/night cycle sometimes not following the clock. You may see daylight at 22:29 (10:29pm) and then 22:30 (10:30pm) it's turn dark like within 0.1 second. Same with morning. It might be darkest night and next second - bright shiny day. But most annoying are warps. It's just pisses me off to go somewhere and then find myself in to another place, pointing walls, flying from the pier etc. That's why I became so angry about ppl, who came here to play "minecraft" creating their arty designs, building palaces, pyramids etc (and all creations ARE THE REASON). They destroyed my game experience. That's why I happy and really HOPE that game goes to "prefab" buildings state.
  15. While I was reading the forums I've been thinking. Maybe DEVs should consider to open one more server. - There wont be any damned ships. - No alphas on islands. - No cannons or gunports available. - No treasure maps with damned armies. - Current "the Sims" building style. And just a lot of islands with bears and elephants so everyone who just wanna build their grand palaces and then breeding bears, go there, do their buildings, pyramids, towers, castles, palaces, and breed bears for selling em to eachother, and don't destroy game experience for anyone who wanna play sailing game?
  16. When we first settled, we built our warehouse. This was the biggest 3x5 house in our base, because we had to put a lot of storage boxes inside, to keep all we gathered from around the world. Later on - storage boxes were extended. Later on - we changed them to ship supply boxes because there all resources go to a single stack no matter if there 500 or 20000 metal. So now... well we'll have our warehouse. If it can contain hell a lot of resources any type within unlimited stacks, and if there is a way to sort all by folders, then... well. I will simply replace this one: With new one. And THATS the right step to "prefab optimizes buildings", I personally hope (and I know - most of players don't like the idea) that one day all "Minecraft" will be canceled and we all come to all prefab bases and only custom will left is piers and walls infrastructure. P.S. - as because we have unlimited stacks - it's difficult to pick certain amount of resources. So... we need some feature allows us to choice - how much resources we wanna take. P.P.S. - oh and one more thing. I would like to be able to enter to prefabs. Let there be a simple cosmetics inside but shadow in hot zones and warmth in cold ones.
  17. Oh and just one more thing I forgot to add. It's about PVE battles SOLO, and also SOLO ship controls during those battles. 51 - Sails control improvement. Right now boat control made totally wrong. When you make a french louvers stern with shotgun and kitting damned ship straight - all fine. When you do battle like I do with my battle Brig, board-side fight - all wrong. It's every second matters, to approach, to shoot, to go "bow like" departure. You need to raise/low your sails a lot, you need to turn your sails alot, you need to turn your boat - alot. And do it all together. Which you can't do. You also can not tell - how many % you sail raised, especially with junk sail cosmetic. So... well what I would love to see is some addition sail controls with hot keys and HuD shows numbers. Let them be FOR EXAMPLE "ctrl+" keys. Ctrl+W - raise your sail by 33%. (so one push will be 33%, second one 67%, third one 100%) Ctrl+S - lower your sail by 33% Ctrl+A/D - turn your sails left/right to -75 / -38 / 0 / 38 / 75 degrees points. Oh and you know it was made this way in old Russian "Corsairs" game. Sails could be in 4 position. - Low state (0%). -- Approaching/Departuring mode (33%) - so you could not hit things while parking your ship. --- Battle mode (67%) - where MOST SHIP HANDLING comes in! ---- Cruise mode (100%) - less handling but most speed here. (oh and... well I personally would reassign current control to ctrl+ and this new one I mentioned above - would assign to WASD). p.s. - There were also voicelines in Corsairs. When you raised your sails you heard: - Raise the sails, yes captain! Same with lower sails and change ammo types. - Load barshots! Load buckshot! Load bombs! Load cannonballs!
  18. My idea here was about "Cages" modules that we install to ship and put there tames from ground via "Round Menu". Simple lying model appears in cage, and all fine! And yeah... food bowl there also.
  19. It sad to say but... I guess me and my crewmate are done for this season. The reason is simple. For last couple of weeks we didn't experienced ANY PROGRESS AT ALL. I mean... the plan was simple. - To build. - To level. - To get good BPs, to build better ships/stuff, then go hi-end content. But something went wrong. First I dug like 70 treasures - hunting shipyard. Most of maps were lvl 12+! half of them 15+! Some 20+! And I've got not a single shipyard. It means no better ships at all. I've got all basic quests done (Veteran Explorer gives absolutely stupid "instant equip" active skill that gives you 1 instant equip in 10 minutes). I also was hunting damned ships and took down around 150 of them. Most of them were BRIGS and SCHOONERS lvl 50-60 and Galleys lvl-30+ I was collecting parts for possible better ships and got everything so far. Just no sails. And I repeat again - no shipyard. No better ships. So I just got tired. I was on my yet again 4 hours mission today. I took around 10 more damned ships and 3 damned Galleys lvl-43, lvl-52 and lvl-60. Last one gave me masterworks mortar with 108% damage... And I just don't feel I ready to carry another 4000 wood thatches etc for maintenance. Don't wanna yet again gather coal, carry metal, to create 800 more cannonballs and go for another 4 hours hunting for nothing. It was 3 week of active gameplay, for NOTHING. --------------------------- My crewmate was testing mythic armor. He was on huge and really long mythos hunt. He was on stupid keratine hunt (the only resource you can not buy). Then he got full mythic plate armor went for another lvl-19 treasure. And he was ONESHOT KILLED by lvl-81 damned warrior. He was wearing mythic armor he put SO MANY EFFORTS IN TO! And got oneshot death. I personally don't experience those oneshots wearing common furs. Because I use grog and have 240 health... so my crewmate also spent a month for NO PURPOSE. --------------------------- We had our conversation today and it seems we felt the same. We just tired of "So many efforts - so little reward". I mean... when you spent a month creating something totally useless, it brings you no joy. We probably will maintain our base in case of possible future updates, patches, fixes. But for now... my last: 50 - Maybe FOG wave should look like COLD wave with sky settings on full? I hope this thread was somehow useful for devs.
  20. I recently found the way. I just feel cold (sometimes tn farmer biomes I have to wait until it's night and take off my clothes). Then I enter battle mode (with no weapon just knuckles) and star to rapidly push: left-left, right-right, left-left, right-right... My pathfinder start those fast dodge charges and it's greatly reduce stamina and with "cold state" it strongly affect stomach level. So I do this to low my stamina, then wait till it's up, and repeat it for about 5-6 times. Then I hungry and go for vits. As I mentioned before it's 1 piece of cooked fish and meat and 5 pieces of berries and vegis. I usually eat 5-5-25-25 (or 6-6-30-30). So... again. It's no survival. If you find a way - it's going to routine state.
  21. Maybe they do. I personally think, if they render in good looking formation - they probably just spawned. If they are moving chaotic and hit each other - they would probably been there for a while.
  22. Just a quick update of Damned Squads hunting. When I was on my way home today, I felt that I just don't wanna do this anymore. I spent 4 hours for my hunt. 90% of this hunt was... well, just sailing and watching empty ocean. I didn't know where to sail. I didn't know - if I find a good level damned Galley. I didn't know if I kill one - will there be good loot? But what I'm saying! I knew all! I knew it doesn't matter where to go, there is no way to find where those damned ships are hiding. I knew that I probably wont meet any Galley higher than lvl-20 (or meet just a single one around 30). I knew that I probably wont get ANYTHING as a reward. And yeah. It happened just like I predicted. So that's how it's looks like for me: I took around 800 cannonballs. 4000 wood. 4000 thatches. 8000 fibers. 800 metal. 200 alloys. 200 hide. 6 x-tra gunports, 4 x-tra planks. Steering wheel and large sail. Also 2 celings. My brig was loaded at around 60% and then I departure. So my trip lasts for 4 hours. - 8 times I lowered my sail to full stop and wait till fog wave is gone. I did it because I need to see if damned ships rendered near. I don't wanna miss em. Also I stopped before my last fight, because it was no point of fighting Damned Ships during the fog. (I didn't stop on my way back home tho. I was along the border and didn't plan to fight anymore). - I found my first squad with red lvl-34 Galley in the middle of 2nd hour of searching. - Once rain and tornado landed during my fight. So I had to step aside and do 5 knots downwind circles. There is no point to fight in storm. Mostly because of high waves makes cannonballs miss the target. - In 3 grids I found just 4 squads I wanted to fight. Last one was huge 8 damned ships with lvl-58 Brig and Lvl-54 Schooner. They took one gunport from me. - I killed 17 damned ships today. Most of them were RED. The highest BP I've got is Masterworks Wooden Ceiling with 104% sturdiness. I also got: 40+ barshots. 40+ mortair ammos. 25 Large cannonballs. Bunch of grape shots, liquid flames, ballistas spears. 6 common cannons (from 104% to 107% damage), 2 fine cannons (103% and 104% damage). 2 common medium weight-sails, 1 common medium speed sail. 3 common medium decks (from 101% to 107%). And alot of blueprints. Those are 14 swivel cannons BPs (from common with 103% damage to journeyman 124% damage). Fine Ballista BP (112% damage), 2 journeyman medium speed sails and last but not least! 4 medium gunports. 3 common ones (101% - 104%) and one is fine (100%). Oh and of course around 900 golden coins (I've got 40k in my bases chest so I don't think I really need a gold right now). You can look at the all reward I've got again and keep in mind I was fighting the highest damned ships available in the game right now! I built 3 unlocked boxes near my base with "Free stuff" signs around. So I put all there. Maybe some1 find a good use of that crap. Before I made those boxes I just threw all this so called "reward" in to the ocean. I was on my way back an thinking that I just tired and don't want experience this anymore. Just don't wanna rush through glitchy ruberbanding and warping server creating more cannonballs and gathering resources for my ship. I run through the door and next moment I find myself 20 meters from house. I jump tho the ship, running on the deck. Next moment I find myself flying to the waters 20 meters away from my ship. I don't wanna sailing through the empty ocean for another 2 hours playing "hide and seek" with damned squads. And of course - I just don't wanna sail back after all risks I took with my stuff box full of crappy loot I wont ever use. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know you working on sea adventures. But one thing you can (and IMAO SHOULD!!!) do right now. Greatly increase rendering distance of Damned Squads. This hunting mission takes that much time because I probably miss most of squads due to extremely low rendering distance. With this distance greatly increased - no more 4 hours purposeless sailing. I really would like to fight more then just sailing, and sailing, and sailing, and sailing. Stop during fog wave. Then sailing again... p.s. - How about... 49 - What if you could place a crew NPS to crownest, and it greatly increase rendering distance of everything around?
  23. Yeap. I've got em already 118-135 lvl crew with 400-500 health. And lvl-135 (from lvl-60 Galley) they do not level at all, so 135 - is maximum available for crew.
  24. 48 - PVE sea battles issues. Alright I wanna talk a bit about PVE sea battles against damned ships. There are 4 issues I wanna point to. 1) - Loot. You wanna us fight damned squads all around the world or not? Because right now... well. - It's worthless to fight any damned schooners at all. Schooner lvl 50+ gives you common BPs and rarely low quality fine one. - It's also worthless to fight any damned Brigs. lvl 50+ Brig gives just fine BPs and occasionally low quality journeyman one. - The only damned ship we wanna fight are damned Galleys. And only those lvl30+ They give us some good BPs journeyman quality and all way up to masterworks. I've killed some LVL50+ galleys (up to lvl60) and never saw any blueprint higher than that. Not a single legendary. I guess it's all about Ghostship and Kraken, I dunno. So imagine. I ride my battle Brig. And I see some green and orange squad with Schooners and Brigs. Why should I fight them? Yes I can easily destroy them. But why? - My Brig is at max lvl now. So no EXP for battle. - I'll waste alot of cannonballs I created (and I have limited amount of them in my box). - I'll waste alot of resources for maintenance (SotDs damage me anyway). - I'll get NOTHING in reward. So fighting damned Schooners, Brigs and Galleys lvl1-30 is the same as if you play WoW and instead of going to raids and instances - go to Elven Forest and kills low level hogs there. 2) - Weather. I don't know why weather like that in the game, but it's not giving us challenge. Because it's not affects damned ships, it's no point of fight them during the fog or rain. So if fog wave come I just step aside and go watch youtube and wait until fog is end. Same with storm. If it's raining - I do the same. If it's raining and tornadoes around - I just step aside and do 5 knots circles downwind. 3) - Render distance. I see no reason for render distance of SotDs to be in the game. Just WHY? - So players with non battle vessels would dodge suddenly appeared SotD? They will dodge them anyway! - So SotD would have a chance to land stealth damage to non battle player? You do hate players that much? - So players on battle vessel would search where they hiding instead of fighting them? Well players wanna fight, not play hide and seek!!! I would love to see unlimited render distance. With possible non animated half opaque sprite models LODs, but let me see them from distance!!! 4) - Players interaction. We are in MMO right? So... players could help each other etc. Right now any1 can just steel your target and get loot for himself. It's like that you waste hell lot of resources, you risk and fight, and don't get even a crappy loot and few golds, because some another guy sail by, shoot once and destroyed damned ship you was fighting with. -------------------------------------------- That's what happened in my last hunt. I spent about 2 hours just sailing empty ocean, searching good level Galleys. I had to stop like 6-7 times and wait for fog is gone. Then I found SqotD leaded by lvl-56 Brig and lvl-58 Galley. Fighting them is a challenging and long process. First I took down all small fries! Then got myself in battle against Galley and Brig. After long fight I lowered them both to 10% of health and make my step out of battle to do extra maintenance. While I was repairing my parts - some player's Galley appeared. He did one-shot Brig and took loot for himself. I tried to contact him via chat but he did not react my calls. Then fog wave started. We both step aside and wait until fog is gone. After it's gone - 10% Galley also gone. I spent like an hour sailing around and didn't find any damned ship. So... it was around 250 cannonballs. Couple of planks. Alot of wood and other resources for repairs. It was A RISK after all. And... my sad way home totally EMPTY HANDED. This how our PvEers life looks like right now.
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