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  1. I wrote the way here. Basically you approach treasure map, inside of some1's building. When you approach it there it distance threshold somewhere around 500 meters from this treasure spot. Sever remember all what's happening around the moment you cross this threshold. Then, when you approach treasure spawn point in someone's building, instead of AOTD spawning, sever just stops for like 5 minutes, throwing every1 there offline. And then rewind everything to the moment you crossed threshold. That's how their bugfix related to AOTD spawning inside buildings works. Most epic bugfix ever, lol. But... last summer bugfix, they mentioned again that AOTD no more spawning inside buildings. Maybe they fixed this mess?
  2. Hahaha, I wasted 132k gold this season to test totally useless, raw and unplayable in PVE ships! Some of them can barely survive a battle vs green damned ship. Majestic Kraken on the other side - can't stand against a single green damned galleon volley lol : )) That's how...
  3. Alright. Little update of this Mortar Ship. Speed. With current patch and got sail point to just 3 - ship became extremely slow. Default setup brings you just 7.5 knots full speed, so our only option here now is to place a single large sail, to up it to at least 10 knots. Which is SLOWER than sloop. So right now mortar ship is the slowest ship in the game. Rowing. You can create oar modules and replace gunports with them. They are not paintable, and I didn't find a way to bring gunports back. I've tried to demolish them, but this button does nothing but making disappear itself. Placing them from one side is bad idea, because when you try to row - I'll brings only 1 knot extra and make your ship turn every row it make. While all 4 oar modules brings you 2.5 extra knots while active (same action with Ramming Galley brings 4.5 extra knots). More RAW stuff. DEVs forgot to add name plate. So letters just float in the air. Steering wheel is also floating. And tall guy is too tall for this sh*t : ))) Oh and check this damage graphic from inside of rear castle : )) So instead of making some debris, create holes etc., enemy's cannonballs just undo the window and setup wood beam.
  4. Guys. You again messing with numbers and totally don't think of result! C'mon! Basically what you did here is dramatically slowed this ship down. Empty ship with mid/small speed sail setup gives you just 7.5 knots strong downwind. Our only option here now is to use 1 large sail, that brings us 10 knots maximum. So you made this ship the SLOWEST SHIP in the game. And with your turning mechanics - this ship also got reduced maneuverability, making it less suitable for naval combats. Why... Oh and we still can not replace cannons in gunports. Now they're pointing backwards.
  5. I for some reason feel that new wipe is not far. And it'll bring yet new type of map (with different biome regions) so we'll have to learn map again : ))
  6. I wanna add one issue I noticed when 1st Ramming Galley appeared. But with current Mortar Ship, that survived 10 times more battles it caught my eyes most. This one will be without a picture. Sinking time of modular ships is NOT STABLE. I don't fully understand how does it work, but it seems to me, it all depends on this small ship HP icon at bottom right. For example. You've got your overall ship more than 90% hp. You've got your rear castle leaking. Your ship will sink in like 30 seconds. You've got your overall ship around 70% hp. You've got the same rear castle leaking. Your ship will sink in like 5 seconds. If it really working this way - it made terribly wrong. Because in this situation we'll have to waste alot of patches for like 200hp repairs (making modular ships even more expensive), and it making this ship more vulnerable every cannonball it receive. In terms of damned ships fighting, all modular ships are extremely weak, and most of all - they can not TANK. When you playing with your friends, mortar ship might be good SotDs destroyer. Just kite them and let your friend do all mortar works. But if you wanna play cool fun boardside battle, then BRIG is still your only choice.
  7. Yeah. And with couple gunports hp hit zero - it sinking in 3 seconds. This ship just simply not suitable for naval combats. Do not buy it for this kind of activities. I mentioned it here.
  8. Hey DEVs, I just wanna again point you to my modular ships feedback. As far as you goin this course, you may wanna hear all we gather related to your new creations. RAMMING GALLEY MAJESTIC KRAKEN MORTAR SHIP Those ships are hell full of problems, bugs, etc. and just unplayable in current state. The most problems are (besides raw design, disappearing paint etc). All ships has crew leaving their sails stations after each cross. All ships has broken cannon replacement. New cannons placed pointing forward and unusable. All ships has only emergency stern ladder. All ships extremely expensive in maintenance (one patch is like 9 times more expensive in resources than regular repairment of generic ships I mentioned that here). Front and back parts of modular ships are 3 times less durable than generic ships, and we can increase sturdiness of generic ships with better bps to be 4.5 times more durable. And rope ladders (to masts and crownests) count as "objects" in the ship and overflood hard object limits that can be placed on ships. Also Ramming Galley doesn't ram damned ships, front cannons doesn't manually aim. Majestic Kraken has tentacles cosmetic that push you back to the ocean from stern ladder. It has manual aim missing at all! It has broken gunports hit area, can't stand against single damned galleon volley and when gunports hit 0hp sinking in 3 seconds (which make this ship not suitable for naval combats) Mortar Ship has huge hitbox that is way bigger than visual model. We can only replace sails so they BLOCK ladder and door to front castle. Mortars are not useable by crew (back one even doesn't belong any ship groups and not adjustable), just for manual use only (crew doesn't shoot or even reload mortars). Also while ship swing on waves game constantly changes your state to inside building and then outside.
  9. Other threads: Ramming Galley. Majestic Kraken. My first impression was: ahahahaha... I mean it looks like some structures on kids playground. But anyway. Let's get serious now. Mortar Ship. I actually liked this one most of all 3 ships. At least in terms of green SOTD fighting. I survived all battles and this is the first modular ship that I brought home after naval mission and level it to 20. But If you want me to describe it with few words. It's small. Slow. Raw design. And with mortar cosmetic. +++ + Good handling full speed. + Compact cannons. Manual aim never been better. + Front Castle has perfect room for all your boxes, beds etc. + Steering wheel under the roof. It gives you protection from tornadoes. --- - It small and looks a bit funny. - Raw design (missing paint parts, small ladder hole, no snap points for extra ladders etc, typical for modular ships in current state). - Broken hitbox which is a lot wider than visual model. The ship can't handle shallow waters. - It slow (fastest sail setup gives you just 10 knots). - POV made wrong. Large sail blocks up to 1/3 of you view field. Manual aiming hide your ship behind screen border. - Crew doesn't follow you to 2nd decks and castles roofs. - You can't replace cannons. New one will be pointing forward and be unusable. - Mortars are broken. Crew manned them doesn't shoot or reload mortar. Mortars basically for manual use only. Basic Stats. It has same 9000 weight as schooner. It has 8 (125%) cannons in low decks gunports and you can increase this amount to 16 by adding 4 cannons railings. It has 2 mortars atop of front and back castles (pointed forward and back) It has 4.0 points for sails and with large and small speedsails runs 12 knots. It has 16 crew capacity. With 8 cannons 2 mortars and 2 sails by default - it can handle all of basic crew needs. But if you add 8 more cannons there are 5 points for crew to spend. It has average handling with no speed (360 degree turnaround for 6 minutes that's 3.5 faster than Kraken). With full 12 knots handling is perfect!!! It turns fast and you can dance with damned ships as you like. With compact cannons placement, manual aiming never been better! With 12 cannons and 300 cannonballs I've got all weight bellow 30%. The ship also has just PERFECT front castle room for all your boxes, grille etc. Sails (updated). Default ship has 1 middle and 1 small speedsails placed close to each other. It gives you just 7.5 knots empty ship. So your only option here is to replace this setup with 1 single large sail, that gives you 10 knots. Paint Is traditionally raw. Alot of unpaintable parts in front/rear castles. Also deck atop of front castle is paintable, and desk atop of rear castle is not and follows 2nd region. Oh and... yeah, I've been expected this one: Raw design. Hitbox is WAY bigger than visual model: Also this ship can't handle shallow waters. Brig can approach closer to the shore than Mortar Ship. Also I can't replace my 125% gunports cannons and 100% deck cannons with better ones. New ones are placed pointing forward and not useable from this position. We still have only emergency ladder to climb and can't place ladders to large sails crow nests due to object limitation (c'mon devs. There are 17 rope ladders needed for each large speed sail). Fun part. Also your steering wheel right inside rear castle. It's a bit troublesome when you need to run somewhere and you must climb there to get to the wheel back. That's might be critical in battle conditions. Also with some tilt angle game shows that you inside the house (with building icon on the right). It might confuse you during the rain. While ship is pitching, game constantly changes your state from inside to outside and back. And rain sometimes just disappears and then appears back. But there is a good news here. Tornadoes doesn't land any damage to you. Oh and you can jump out of side windows by jumping then crouching through. POV. You point of view is awful. During regular travels most of sail just blocking third of your field of view. It's difficult to check if someone (or something) ahead. While you manually aiming - your ship is hidden behind screen border and you don't see where you sailing. Which might be critical during the battle. Maintenance. It's not just about Mortar Ship, but also about other modular ships. I just found that bonus repair skill increases patches efficiency. With 3 skills taken each patch heals for 1600hp. But "amount of patches needed" anyway shows how many patches you need with no skills and 1000hp healing from each patch: Mortars. Bad news here. Mortars of Mortar Ship just doesn't work with crew. We have 2 mortars here. Front atop of front castle. Rear atop of rear castle. So. - Rear castle mortar just doesn't belongs any groups of ship. And there is no option in to any menu to attach this mortar to any groups. So if you put there a crew, you won't have any button to make it shoot. Front mortar belongs to front group. But I couldn't make my crew to do a single shot. He even don't reload his gun. I've tried: - To put mortar ammo to ammo box or in crew pocket. - To set all kind of targets and distances. - To manually reload mortar. - To use manual (trajectory didn't appear) or automatic aim. My crew just refuse to shoot damned ships. So I guess right now we've got 2 options here. 1) - To play with our friends. 2) - To make kiting tactics. Just point your ship somewhere with 4.5 knots speed uncontrolled, then man mortar yourself and then shoot damned ship following you. The damage mortar lands is pretty good. I hit damned schooner for 18 000 damage with single shot! (I'll continue testing it later, so stay tuned).
  10. If any players reading this thread, then all will be laughing freaking loud reading my next message. Because this was probably most epic bugfix ever. 37 - AOTD no longer spawn inside buildings. They crushing whole server throwing all players offline instead! So yeah. That's basically how it works now. - I approach the island. There is some threshold distance to this treasure spawn point. Like 500 meters or so (I was about to lower sails for approach). - I go ashore and approach treasure spawn light pillar. Then I see it's inside someone's building. - The moment I get close enough for AOTD spawn - nothing is happening. - It just whole server stops. No one can perform any action. - After a while every players on the server bein thrown out (with "host connection timeout" message) and sever goes offline for a minute. - After a minute it goes back online, rewind all back to the moment I was crossing threshold I mentioned above. - Well. Yeah. You fixed it. They no longer spawns inside buildings. But... errrr... is that's how you want it to work? So they just crush server instead???
  11. 36 - No matter what lvl treasure bottles are there is RANDOM DISTANCE needed. I just wanna mention this again. You'll see why. So here is my story. I must say that all yellow aura bottles, those below lvl-7 are for the beginning. For generic bear tame. After you've got high-lvl Tiger - you only interested in pink ones. After you've level your Tiger, you'll only be interested in lvl12+ bottles. Everything else is just waste of your time. And with current map this is what's happening: Do you know how I found island with insane rhino spawn? I came there for treasure... How did I gather 225 rhino horns for 3 ramming galleys??? I did some rhinocide every time I came the same island for treasure... How did I do this cool screenshot??? I came the same island for treasure... Why I extremely rare use tradewinds??? Because I always ride to the same grid for treasure and there are no tradewinds leads there from my base. Why I didn't complete master cartographer quest? Because I visit same islands for treasures. Do you know how my map would looks like lately If I we still had fog of war and I did all my lvl12+ treasures? Something like this: Because with current map, the longest distance from highest maps leads to just couple of grids. From my south island at I10 it leads to C4 or D4. I mean I dug like 150 treasures this season. And like 130 of them were in those couple of grids. I keep sailing there and back. Then there again and back. I'm not using tradewinds because no winds leads there from my grid. I'm not exploring the world. I'm not experience any adventures. You know what??? I learn the way from my base to C4 and D4 so well so I sometimes don't use sextant. I just learned where do I sail in relation to all islands on my way. Oh and... sometimes I wait couple of days gathering bottles. Then... I go and do them all at once. And you know what? Today I visit Kummba at B3 for yet another Tiger (my last one disappeared during the travels). Then I visit C4 for 3 treasures and then D4 for yet another 4 treasures. And brought home 11K golds. Just from those couple of grids. Suggestion is simple. Make bottles leads to totally random locations. It doesn't necessary need the highest to be the farthest. Let it lead to random spawn points all around the Atlas. (I mean this current issue saving me hell alot of time, because I don't need to sail all around the world to earn golds. But really. Do you need us NOT TO SAIL AROUND THE WORLD?)
  12. Grape Guys! PLEASE read both thread related to modular ships. Ramming Galley. Majestic Kraken. Mortar Ship. Fix/Improve them. Otherwise they will not be popular (or let's just say useable) among players. I do really wanna them to be improved and I wanna sail them again, take parts in naval combats, even go boss... not like to scare fighting lvl-1 damned Galleon, knowing that I won't make it through a single volley.
  13. Not sure but it either 14 or 21 day. But if their owner log in and take a step on ships deck, then decay timer is reset.
  14. It doesn't work on PC either. Well... I mean there are some mods in steam-workshop, but vanilla game shows this: Mentioned it here a year ago.
  15. And the last but not least. When I told that those modular ships are extremely expensive in maintenance - I didn't say that to make it more drama ok? It's just compared to current ships. To repair 1000hp of Majestic Kraken or Ramming Galley I need to spend: 200 wood 120 thatches 100 fiber. To repair 1000hp of old fashion Brig I need to spend: 15 wood, 13 thatches, 15 fiber, 1 metal. It's 13 times less wood, 9 times less thatches, 6 times less fiber... and 1 piece of metal more. So If you want maintenance of modern modular ships be same expensive as old fashion ships, that's how much patches should cost. 15 wood, 13 thatches, 15 fiber, 1 metal. (oh and my gunports here a bit better quality and they just a bit more expensive in maintenance than generic ones).
  16. They not bugged. They just shows parallel trajectory from ship center. That's how manual aiming working here. If you want all cannons go to one point - use "V" automatic aiming.
  17. 35 - Boxes shows random weight numbers. DEVs, you do know that all sowed numbers in your game shows totally wrong values? For example I mentioned it here in my past seasons. Now I noticed something weird with my resources box. When I first approach it show totally random numbers of weight. Sometimes it's 2K. Sometimes it's 17K. Sometimes it's 4K. Etc. But if I open this box, the number will match to what it is inside + box weight. Until I go away/cross, and back to this box. In this case I again see some more random numbers.
  18. 34 - (suggestion) diagonal crossing near grid's corners??? I've been willing to see this one since EA launch. Each time I move diagonally (with courses like 45, 135, 225 or 315 for example) and hit grids corner, I cross to like neighbor horizontal grid and then before all even fully loads - cross again to neighbor vertical grid. So I experienced 2 crosses and 2nd one occurs at the moment 1st one still loading... I mean this is wide scope for all king of game crashes, ship loosing to glitches etc. So... can you change borders so there would be small area on very corners that allows us to cross diagonal???
  19. They messed with distances last patch. There were tons of messages about the issue, but we are still there. I removed abandoned windmill few days ago, and I had to search a place for my quarry because even it showed blue - it say too many quarry around".
  20. It make sense. This "stone figure head" actually blocking hp numbers from couple front planks, and covers half of front gunport doors. I even thinking of creating thread about spots devs need to fix (or remove). I'm not gonna put there high cliff ones (altho I really hate them), but sometimes they are underwater, or on cliffs slopes or cliff edges and some serious sh*t happens with guardians. They not spawning, falling through rocks, disappearing, can't hit me, etc. Once I've got a guy at cliff slope and he just floated all way down to cliff bottom, and that was literally half island distance!!!
  21. 33 - Crew doesn't wanna shoot. Yyyyeah, I've got my Ladybug Brig armed a-a-a-a-and, both my crew from both low-deck front cannons just drop their stations instead of shooting. I've tried to replace cannons, switch crew members, but all goes the same way. When I first shoot (or either it's first automated shoot) only 5 cannons are firing. (confirmed reason - stone figure head is blocking their stations. Removing stone figure solved problem). (Here is pro tip btw. If you tired of bright vivid light from lanterns, use brown dye. Check picture below). p.s. - I've tried to run totally default 12 cannons Brig and DIDN'T like it at all. With 160% cannons fight way too long, I take hell alot of unnecessary damage from both sides, and I've got just 10 cannons because of issue I mentioned above. And one more thing. Imagine I wanna hire better quality crew from shipwreck? With fully equipped ship I have to... just throw my current crew overboard. I mean I know this is just game, and I shouldn't bother, but... it seems wrong for me. I mean sometimes children grow up playing games, and you force them to kill their crewmates to get better... 34 - Structures that build over treasure spot making all horrible. Today I've got treasure spawn right below someone's lumberyard. All damned guardians spawned all around but one guy spawned right inside of lumberyard. And this guy was just untouchable. I couldn't hit him with tame or melee weapon. My riffle didn't land a single damage on him as well. All I've left is just watchin this guy, waiting for next wave appear and hope no one will spawn inside lumberyard again. So please make spawns not appear under players buildings (or... I would mark all spots somehow, through extended HUD info for example, and made them forbidden to build on).
  22. 32 - Forever burning grille. This one here since EA launch and didn't fix either because it's minor one, or because no one mention it in any feedback. So I decided to do so. Sometimes when campfire, cooking spot, or Grille runs out of fuel, they continue to burn for like forever. Flame tho doesn't produce any heat, doesn't allow to cook, and there is no way to turn them off, because button just doesn't do anything. The only way to turn it off and make it work again is just to put there another set of fuel.
  23. Just wanna add one more thing, showing why those new ships way worse that old ones in terms of naval combats. I'm not saying anything about shotgun kiting tactics. Just old fashion board-side fight witch all new ships are (theoretically) made for. So... in all those fights most of damage lands to nose and middle part of the ship. And if I play Brig my nose contains several parts and all damage spread there. Even if I wont build anything extra it's gonna be: 4 planks x 6000 hp. 1 deck x 40000 hp. 4 ceilings x 5000 hp. 1 sail x 15000 hp. 24000+40000+20000+15000=99000 hp. And all cursed cannonballs evenly distributed over all those parts. And of course I can increase this 99000 to more than 200000 using better bps. Now what do we have on new modular ship??? 1 front castle x 15000. ... That's it. Ok, I can add there a sail. In Ramming Galley front castle too high, but in Majestic Kraken it might gonna work. So let's add there... 1 sail x 15000 hp. 15000+15000 = 30000. With best sail It can be increased to 45000. So the situation as is. 99000hp is just more than 3 times better than 30000. And 200000hp is just almost 4.5 times better than 45000.
  24. BTW wanna hear funny story? Unfortunately Kummba didn't have all 50 tentacles when I first asked, and gave me just 40. So I decided to check if some1 can sell me 10 missing tentacles. I was doing some resource and treasure business all around the atlas and every grid I visit I asked if someone can sell me 10 tentacles? And soon I received a message that guys have them, and ready to sell them to me for just 6k gold (I mean last season the guy asked 50k for 50 tentacles so 6k was even cheap in some ways). I agreed, anchor my ship to the shore they point and...2 guys came, they took 6k gold and run away : )) I mean... it was no big deal for me (I constantly gather 50k gold from treasures, spend them, then gather up to 50k again), and I hope those 6k will serve them well. And probably it was part of PIRACY concept. But... Well. Someone, who doesn't do this well, might lost everything he got so far, and will be really sad about it. Next day I met a guy who sold me 10 tentacles for 200g : ))
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