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  1. Welcome At the current state of atlas i would like to grab the attention of the devs to please fix the game or make some changes that will allow the game to grow and become good again. 1st Thing ships At the current state of the game its only one good boat to use in pvp and its such a shame when there is so much more ships avalible. the ramming gally is the only the meta atm in atlas ship pvp to use anything eles is compleat pointless there the fastes strongest and most used. the game we need the other ships to at least compeat and be to the same speed to at least make them relivent. SIMPLY speeding up all boats to small ammount can really make a diffrence. 2nd MORTORS This is simple motrots are for ship defence and should not be the nuke to stop all ground pvp at the rate they kill tames is juts silly its fine they do the damage to ships but 40& of the game love to land raid and fight on the ground but when you get one shot by a mortor it kinda defeats all inspire to raid. 3RD 3X3 SERVER THIS IS NOT WHAT WE NEED OR WANT SIMPLE I would like more input from people that play on pvp servers
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