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  1. Here's my (very short) feedback for this season thus far: 1. Thanks for the improvements you've been making. I have a more positive hope for the game recently. 2. Last season's map was FAR FAR FAR superior to this season's map. Getting around is ridiculously tedious again. 3. Un-nerf the ramming galley please. I should be able to use the sail point capacity. Period. If you think the ship was overpowered, buff the other ships, instead of breaking a very old game mechanic. 4. Raise the limit of armored docks to something reasonable. 3 per type is very limiting. As a single player in a small company, I personally want to be able to protect a (1. PvE / mapping / diving / whaling boat. 2. A personal houseboat 3. Three pvp ships 4. A taming (pegasus) type boat. (in any given grid) At least six ships , none of which need the expensive large armored dock. In place of the limitation, better solve the dock-wall spam by further increasing the armored dock proximity issue. TO BE CLEAR - I do mean per-person. As it is currently designed, you have forced the company to spread out to multiple grids in order to be able to have our own ships. I do sincerely like large wall harbors being back in play - but after living with the armored docks, I no longer trust anything else. Cheers.
  2. There's a way to do it where you turn your local machine into a host, and then you can deploy custom maps that you make with the SGE. I'd link info if I remember where I found that. But I can at least tell you it's possible.
  3. This patch actually sounds decent. Will cross my fingers.
  4. Old thread - info on this is still spotty at best. Have tried multiple things to get this working on dedicated, including: 1. Changing island Pirate Camp Spawn coordinates. Each island exposes a set of coordinates that appear to be (x, y, z) as you would expect. You can edit these in the ServerGridEditor, or directly in the ServerGrid json file you generate and upload for your custom map. The thinking here was the coordinates were possibly static to the single player map (which is a derivative of the 11x11 pvp map from a few seasons back.) I tested by using `setcheatplayer true` admin command to get a readout of coords in game. Carefully mapped out a few test locations on custom placed islands. No dice. I then jumped into the single player map, tracked down one of my map's islands Cay_N_EE located in C5 I believe. I used `cheat setplayerpos` to teleport to the coords defined on this island out of the box. Turns out they don't correspond to locations on the islands at all - not global, local, or grid coords. So scratch that idea. 2. Parameter manipulation. I did discover (may have been mentioned here or somewhere else I've come across) that the `bUseWildPirateCamps` will retain its setting if placed under Game.ini [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] , (where it appears to be enabled for single player. It does revert as others say, if modified under GameUserSettings.ini [/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/TestGameMode.TestGameMode_C] . This made no difference. I went a few steps further - deleted the redundant parameter under GameUserSettings (it did save the deletion), and also tried turning on the setting to "Use Single Player Settings" also under Game.ini - in case it was related. Still nothing. Finally, I tried placing the `bUseWildPirateCamps` and single player setting as overrides directly on biome templates I'm using in ServerGridEditor. Still nada. 3. Hosting dedicated SP map I grabbed the single player json and map images from the actual Atlas game files, instead of ServerGridEditor and uploaded that map to my 3x3 capable hosting setup. I centered around B8 freeport as to avoid a known bug when running a dedicated version of this map. My hope with doing this, was to eliminate the unknown of "Is this game config related, map config related, or is it baked directly into the islands and requiring diving into the Atlas Devkit?" To this last part ^ if I follow this logic, we can probably say it's not Devkit configuration, and it's probably not Map (ServerGrid) configuration. But of course, still not sure. My best guess at the moment, is there is some non-semantically named .ini setting besides the actual `bUseWildPirateCamps` param. My next step is to copy over single player .ini files to my host. That's for another day. 4. Lastly, I tried installing and using the "WildNPCs - Pirates" mod in the workshop. The mod author never finished it, and appears to have been too busy to come back, or has possibly abandoned it. I let it sit for 24 hours. Nothing. The one and only thing that has worked, is using the manual spawn command from the mod. It's best to do this after setting yourself invincible, and for enemies to ignore you (basically you're invisible). Then you can start a wild camp and spawn in pirate ship that will patrol the island coastline, as long as you are placing it somewhere close to deep water shore (so the boat doesn't get stuck). And this ^ is of course a terrible solution - because no one wants to fly around and manually spawn in a bunch of camps on 45 islands. If I can find an interface for the Admin console outside the game, I'd script this and script calculating the coordinates in a .bat file or something. And then I realized, I'm not getting paid! Devs, can you please finish this feature? It seems like all the underlying structure is already in place - perhaps you didn't learn much about it from a former dev when teams transitioned? I doubt it would take you a fraction of the time that I've spent fiddling with this by now. Cheers
  5. They interact with people on their discord - the only reason I'm in the loop is others I play with keep abreast of that channel. I believe they do not pay much attention to the forums.
  6. Please don't encourage them to waste more time on the pre-fab stuff . We just want more base-frames to work off of. Any artistic focus could go into more mastheads and sail skins.
  7. They're moving towards ditching custom ships in favor of their mod system. (I'm totally against the idea, but they seem set on doing it). For now though, both options still exist.
  8. Some big changes indeed. Going to play it a bit before I pass any major judgement. Two things that come to mind: 1. When I'd heard rumors about portals a few weeks back, I was hoping we'd be getting Eve Online's wormhole system. Doesn't seem to be the case. 2. Little worried about the impact of the skill tree limitations on solo and small-tribe play. Otherwise, cheers and good luck to all this season!
  9. Yep file integrity is fine. Display is an RX 5700 XT Haven't played with drivers - I'll do that, but I'm prone to believing this is a common memory leak. Multiple people on a boat will all crash simultaneously while zoning sometimes. This particular stack trace hasn't come up since the latest patch, so they may have looked at it. I do still get this one about twice a day.
  10. The ongoing crashes. I've experienced this since season 3. I know I'm not the only person that experiences these. People I play with report the exact same behavior - the game sound suddenly hangs, followed by "bzzzzzzzzzzz" through your speakers / headset, etc. Sometimes you get the stack trace, sometimes you don't. I can't copy and paste the entire trace because even it is frozen. So here is a photo of the error. If you guys fix nothing else, please fix this. It's deadly especially during pvp encounters, because the server doesn't recognize you're gone for several minutes, so loading back into the game will fail unless you wait a bit.
  11. @Nacona - Thanks, that's good to know the icon issue is known. I believe #7 has been hotfixed since I wrote this up. For sloop handling, it has been a while. Typically what I remember is your turn radius handling improves up to a point, while going from stationary to in motion (or more accurately, it scales with your sails being unfurled). 12 - 15 knots is what I was seeing with strong winds, and I get up into the 20's with tradewinds. This is using a medium speed sail. After being back in a schooner yesterday, I can say that handling on the schooner seems normal.
  12. I'm returning as a hopeful yet disgruntled player after the barrel bombs from cannons - I was happy once this was reverted, but further aggravated by the gold for ships. I've grown to accept this system to an extent - but certainly think it needs tweaking. (Schooners in particular should be more around the 1500 range). But what I'm posting for today, is the plethora of bugs. I'd like to keep pushing these off to the bug report form, but it's simply out of control. This makes me think there's a systemic issue with the QA / unit testing that goes into these patches. Sextant HUD Compass disappears on zoning, while there is still plenty of time remaining on the Sextant buff. The other info from the enhanced HUD is there, just not the compass. Crew members are asking for 23 ish gold every two to three real-time hours (at the 'at-sea' rate), this is with the second level of the skill that slows the crew's request frequency. Sunken Treasure chests which appear on the map after acquiring the Sextant buff, are only valid 50% of the time. I do not believe this is due to other players reaching the sunken treasure first. One assumes that these refresh upon acquiring the buff, or upon zoning with the buff active. Rope ladders 'demolish' on cliff platforms, when manipulating structural elements elsewhere on the platform (elements that the rope ladders do not rely on). This occurs if demolishing, or if picking up before a placement timer expires. Sloop turn radius seems broken. Perhaps other ships as well, haven't tested yet. It seems that I now need to almost come to a complete stop and pivot the ship, if I want to turn even more than 3 degrees on a trajectory. Gather rate on sugar cane is abysmal. There is virtually no difference in the rate whether using hand, scythe, or having max points into hand gathering skill. Owning a sea tower / control point in peace phase, makes a company's ships in grid invincible. (Forgot this one earlier as I haven't experienced it. Others in company and grid are aware of the bug) Y'all are in an 'ok' place as far as the newer mechanics. I know some of the community is hopeful here. Please now prioritize fixing issues, before breaking new ones. Thanks.
  13. Looks like the Devs should be hiring these guys. These custom mods on their server?
  14. Tread carefully here devs. Simplifying this system will likely lose the hardcore player base.
  15. Hmm. Well whatever's going on with your farmhouse, I think we can rule that out as being the cause. Does your warehouse run out of slots? Another theory is you should try keeping at least 1/3rd of slots open in the WH. Who knows how far ahead the trade AI tries to plan space reservation. Your guess is as good as mine. Anyway good luck to ya.
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