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  1. Atlas has a lot of things right already. Glad changes weren't drastic. Upcoming content sounds interesting.
  2. Just letting the Dev's know I'm having a lot of fun. The first 24 ish hours have been insane.
  3. Bummer on ditching discoveries, thought that was a nice touch, but cheers on the rest.
  4. Thanks for the update! Nice to see some news. Good luck with launch.
  5. There will probably be performance optimizations, if that's what you're meaning. The game is quite gorgeous on medium and above, and it definitely requires a beefier GPU than Ark at the moment. Try playing around with your settings. Stay away from ambient lighting effects, shadows, etc if your machine is struggling. If it's trees doing it, lower the ground foliage density.
  6. I sure hope they don't introduce flying ships. Flyers are what make Ark so boring. You can just skip the content and danger of the world. Renders advantages like climbing / grappling hooks and platforms useless. If you want to play with some cool flying vehicles, I highly recommend From The Depths. It's a lot of fun. But for Atlas....yikes. *EDIT* I'll amend this to say, if they want to do it for a PVE-only server, that's great. But not for pvp.
  7. @Vorxius We did that with Ark. A few guys that use to guild / raid in WoW back in the day on a private server, with long spoil times and a bunch of other custom settings that let us step away when we're busy. The lack of pvp does get to me though. So far, got 5 people interested & ready to go on official once the Atlas wipe is complete. Happy sailing to yee!
  8. Yep both American and Aussie. Lots of negativity on these boards! It's up to you to find your own happiness, good luck!
  9. Do we have a solidified date? Early July is all that's been announced.
  10. Well check out the latest announcements about new team members and the new map coming. I agree that this is an awesome game. Way better than Ark. I'm working on bringing several new players over to it. I just think it hasn't gotten enough marketing. They're also not charging enough for Atlas. It's a steal at its current price for what you get.
  11. I just started this game last week, and personally, I love the discovery system. I think this game needs it. Coming from Ark (with close to 1500 hours under my belt), it's just one of the many little features that gives the player a reason to leave their base. The sailing mechanics are quite fun in this game and I'll gladly enjoy going on exploration excursions. I do understand your complaint about having to do something again, but please keep in mind that this is an EA game. It would be a shame to trash good content just because a few players were tired of it.
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