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  1. Astounding. Not a single peep about Barrel Bombs or Warehouses.
  2. As if transparency helped Star Citizen. It's taken so long that I think most people have forgotten about it lol
  3. What else are y'all playing while we wait for the last patch to be redacted or fixed? I'm undecided between From the Depths to get in my naval fix, or to go give No Man's Sky a whirl. Curious what else the community here likes.
  4. Haven't seen that, but we have a cargo ship stuck in the void since patch release. It shows up on the map, not physically there when we take a boat out to it, and every time you port to one of its beds it just gives green screen.
  5. You're somewhat correct, most of the third party discussion takes place on Reddit. I'll take a swipe at it though. The new Barrel Bomb mechanics have achieved the following: 1. Made speed sail Schooners the only viable combat ship. 2. Made ship blueprints inconsequential. 3. ^ ...therefore nullifying the trade / transport economy, as it'd be foolish to use anything except common planks, etc. 4. Turned naval combat into a boring fps / game of chicken, when beforehand it was quite complex and exciting. 5. Sent more player ships to freeport. Kept fewer people on the ocean. This is my first season. These forums have always been negative which I feel is a shame, because Atlas is probably in my top 5 games in the past 20 years. Coming from 1600 hours on Ark, there are a lot of design choices to appreciate. BUT ... this patch was poorly thought out, poorly tested, and poorly implemented. (Warehouses included. Farmhouses are fine.)The smartest thing the devs could do is roll back, and then schedule a conference with the original development team.
  6. Atlas has a lot of things right already. Glad changes weren't drastic. Upcoming content sounds interesting.
  7. Just letting the Dev's know I'm having a lot of fun. The first 24 ish hours have been insane.
  8. Bummer on ditching discoveries, thought that was a nice touch, but cheers on the rest.
  9. Thanks for the update! Nice to see some news. Good luck with launch.
  10. There will probably be performance optimizations, if that's what you're meaning. The game is quite gorgeous on medium and above, and it definitely requires a beefier GPU than Ark at the moment. Try playing around with your settings. Stay away from ambient lighting effects, shadows, etc if your machine is struggling. If it's trees doing it, lower the ground foliage density.
  11. I sure hope they don't introduce flying ships. Flyers are what make Ark so boring. You can just skip the content and danger of the world. Renders advantages like climbing / grappling hooks and platforms useless. If you want to play with some cool flying vehicles, I highly recommend From The Depths. It's a lot of fun. But for Atlas....yikes. *EDIT* I'll amend this to say, if they want to do it for a PVE-only server, that's great. But not for pvp.
  12. @Vorxius We did that with Ark. A few guys that use to guild / raid in WoW back in the day on a private server, with long spoil times and a bunch of other custom settings that let us step away when we're busy. The lack of pvp does get to me though. So far, got 5 people interested & ready to go on official once the Atlas wipe is complete. Happy sailing to yee!
  13. Yep both American and Aussie. Lots of negativity on these boards! It's up to you to find your own happiness, good luck!
  14. Do we have a solidified date? Early July is all that's been announced.
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