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  1. Shame on you! A wipe without changes... Only because you f*cked up. As always. It is difficult you believe in you.
  2. 4 years after release of the "early access" the game is still in early access... SHAME ON YOU!
  3. A game that born in 2019 and 4 years later you have fixed ANYTHING. A lot of bugs everywhere. You taked the money and forgot to finish the game. The treatment you have given this game is shameful. Shame on you Wildcard.
  4. What happened with Wildcard dev team? Where can I find more info? Wich company are still developing this game?
  5. I stopped playing Atlas a long time ago. This was an early access. 4 years later there is no news, no clues as to whether he is even going to finish the game. I imagine they are focused on releasing Ark 2. But it seems very bad to me that during the last 4 years you have not fixed ANYTHING. For example, the elevators are still bugged half the time it pulls you out of them. I do NOT see that you have made any progress at all. You have only added some totems, which give some buffs in those quadrants. And with that, it gives the impression that it seems good to you. The treatment you are giving to this early access is very sad. The game has no optimization. Nor has it improved in the last 4 years. I keep seeing exactly the same errors that I had at the time. My advice is the following. There should be a lot more quests, a lot more npc to interact with. The world should be PVP AND PVE at the same time. That is, some maps where you cannot attack (PVE) and maps where you can. If you leave a friendly zone it takes an hour or 2 until you can attack (or be attacked, for example). I see that the game had enormous potential. Being able to support franchises like pirates of the caribbean and having the possibility of creating an incredible game... ... you have done NOTHING. The forum is dead. Most of the threads date back to 2019. This was supposed to be a game you were going to finish. I'm still waiting, 4 years later. Are you there? Are you preparing something (apart from ark 2)? Captain Salami
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