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  1. turn off hardcore mode? i just know that is an option for single player and non-dedicated so might be one for normal servers too
  2. well as you make the submarine in the dinghy dock that hangs on the side of your ship, i dont think there is an actual blueprint, so my best guess would be that it would be better to just add the unlock submarine mod instead
  3. yes, single-player is awesome for testing out stuff and such, but will custom maps work soon? ^^
  4. Not sure if its the right place but anyway. Is there a way to use custom maps for singleplayer? blackwood don't work for me and the standard map is a wee bit big for a single person hehe
  5. yea experienced 1 and the ballista is the most annoying one as it moves 360 so no matter what i cant attack him\her and like OP said immune against ranged. i also have this odd map bug where it's rubberbanding like hell when zooming in and out, (can't even use the M map) and i hope we can use custom maps soon (or if you can, somebody please tell me how :P)
  6. cant even start blackwood in singleplayer here, i only get back to the main menu, not using mods but, my main issue is when i open the map and i scroll in and out its like it is stuck on a rubberband hehe, so that is extremely annoying. and last, not sure if its a bug or whatnot but i can't seem to figure out how to use custom maps, the official one is extremely big alone hehe
  7. go out and explore new islands then you get discovery points that let you get more levels
  8. Search for darksiderp little break now waiting for the New season, but its active with room for 3k players
  9. yea i think it still works, but after they added so you can connect the water pipes, it doesnt check for water other places than the pipes...
  10. for me there is rainy days and there is Stormy days, pretty sure that was a fix months ago. and that you are most unfortunate
  11. ofc i find it out after i finally make a forum post It was Stream Stealth mode i had enabled that was the problem
  12. somehow i cant see what type of biome it is anymore when im pressing H, have no clue what i have done to manage this. so if anyone know what i have done and what i can do to get it back it would help alot hehe
  13. if its 100% confirmed give us proof, link to patch notes, screenshots of your crappy dmg or what not, no issues here at all. not pvp'er
  14. black on black works really bad but on a serious note, i wish they would add colors to tattoo's just not for warpaint, atleast add White so dark characters can have visible tattoo's would love to see some colors added too, as of now only black works for tattoo's
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