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  1. Blame redbeard. In his eyes console players should not play the game. Before he took over the graphics were better and the world's were bigger. They charge 30usd to buy the beta but once you pay you get no support and they say you should buy it for PC so you can actually play it. I was one of the first to buy the beta and stream it on MIXER. Now I can only log in to the console PVP server but die since ALL shorelines have Puckles that kill you instantly.
  2. Because redbeard does not like console players. If you look back when he took over he stated only PC players should play the game because console framerates make him have to really work.
  3. In 2020 in a redbeard journal he stated in a not so nice entry he does not feel console players should play the game because it makes him actually have to work to allow everyone to play. Also back then the graphics were alot better. I miss the days when the world was bigger than 12×12. Under his leadership the game has not made much progress. But I hope one day he will see that if he allowed console players into PVE more people would return.
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