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  1. What happened to the PVE server? I know it's been over a year from the last update but I can no longer get the pve server as an option. I'm too late in the game for PVP because the second I started I was trolled relentlessly. Does anyone have any idea on what's up with Atlas.
  2. I don't understand why we have to place ore miners to mine out a key ingredient. They should have the geysers produce them like the pure sulfur. People are mining the geysers with their mine ore and you no longer have access to the same item. If they did not give them option to lock it then there would be fewer structures and not monopolized by one person.
  3. The crew should be able to sing sea shanties while sailing the open seas. They should be able to learn new songs and help pass the time as we sail on what seems like a forever journey.
  4. I've been playing atlas for just about 2 years now and it's never been this bad. I've played everything from PVP, PVE, single player and I've purchased servers in the past. However, the lag is so bad it deems this game unplayable. I have purchased this game for family and friends for Christmas but now they can't even play it without getting booted or lag so bad to the point of madness. Last night I was trying to get onto my ship. You would think no big deal going over to the ladder hit E or Y for the Xbox and your climbing the ladder. Tell me why I went down to the dock 4 times and got onto my ladder 3 times and died twice from a shark that all of a sudden was in my face. Something that typically takes 20 seconds became 15 min. When sailing my ship from. H6 to H5 (3 hours due to the lag) it randomly spawned me into a brig mid lag. I destroyed it somehow in between the lag. Never saw it get hit by my cannons but did see the inside of the hollowed out green ship. I thought maybe it was just an xbox issue until I was playing from my PC character and it was just as bad. I dont know of anyone has seen any mention of this issue or how or when they will be fixing this issue from the atlas development department. But everyone I know that plays this game have said they are done until the lag is fixed.
  5. I can't find any fiber on any island I go to. I go to harvest what used to be fiber and I get fruit. Anyone else having this issue?
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