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  1. It would seem that none of the flags that existed prior to the V10.0 patch are counting towards the total number of flags a company owns. Meaning everyone whose claims haven't changed since then will benefit from the max timer. I made a post about this yesterday and it didn't gain any traction so I'm just glad someone else noticed because it needs to be fixed asap.
  2. Right now there seems to be a bug with declaiming where any flags that were down pre-patch are not counting towards a companies total number of claims. This is kind of a big deal because it means that it takes 6 hours to declaim any flag even if the company has hundreds. Im gonna attach a picture and you can see that the flag says they have 0 claims the only problem is that this company has atleast 30 in our sector alone, and more on other regions.
  3. I'm hoping they have been probing up until this point and hope they plan to release it under the radar soon, but it needs to happen asap. Hear me out as to why, because I understand that this is an early access game and there are "more pressing issues" and I agree, however its time to turn it on. The Devs are on the verge of losing dozens of players just in my sector alone where we're losing this battle to a group of people who shouldn't stand a chance. We crush them in combat at sea without fail. We siege their structures but there's no raid building cooldown so no progress is made. We push them back on land despite being aim, and wallhacked against. When we fall back because the eco war is won, and its impossible to force them out due to their cheats they raft over to our base and once again use cheats to spawn in objects on the deck of our boats until they sink. We would be crushing them without cheats and exploits but they're still in the game. So at the end of all this we still want to play the game but our options are limited to (A) Quit, (B) Cheat as well, or (C) Keep playing handicapped until we hate the game so much we never touch it again. This is not just me, this is the sentiment among my entire company, and several of the companies in the alliance in my sector. The final reason as to why they need to get the anti-cheat rolling is that I know this isn't happening to just us. I see a dozen posts every day here and on the on the official forums about cheaters. You can't test a game that people aren't playing. I'm gonna hold out for one more major version update, but I can say the same for the rest of my guys if it isn't fixed by then I'm probably done for a long while along with whoever else I manage to get to hold on until then. P.S. yes this is an exact copy of my post to reddit.
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