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  1. i think it is more about the food and vitamin system being crazy unbalanced and less about death penalty. eating 16 elephants worth of meat a day and drinking a 50 gallon barrel of water just to survive is a bit silly.
  2. flotsam are great for food while sailing early game. unfortunately it's still faster and more efficient to die. they just jumbled the map up. im honestly surprised shipwrecks are not spawning under islands or in the air.
  3. at this point i would not bother. get a refund if you can. if you can not get a refund i would avoid any guides or anything. build a raft, explore a little, get a couple hours thrill of adventure. after that the game completely falls apart
  4. i think the systems are ok. its just the balances that are waaaay off. i would love to see some of these developers grocery bills. kill a 5 ton elephant? yeah, that is about 5 kilo of meat, which is about what a light snack is... i get thirsty and need a gatoraide walking from my cubicle to the bathroom so....if im running around an island i would obviously need 300 liters of water per minute. when Bob lowers the office thermostat 1 degree i get sooooo cold. i bet a 5 degree change people would freeze to DEATH!
  5. clearly cutting 60% of an alpha game in production is the best way to add content! but they added cats that fish for you...that for some reason will not eat the fish they catch and starve to death.
  6. pirates and privateers did not "pvp" 24/7. they had ports of call to resupply and rebuild. only after ship and crew were healthy would they go sailing to find ships to hunt. some of you pvp tryhards make it sound like you think pirate times were non stop drunkin fighting 24 hours a day for 60 years. it was not an ongoing war with 24 hour conflict for years at a time. it was more like cops and robbers with some corporate sabotage.
  7. losing stuff while sleeping or at work sucks! this is why i prefer warzone style mmo's. think of the most successful MMO ever - world of warcraft. you can collect cute animals and raid pve until your friends come online. then you can get your roving murder ball squad into a pvp area, arena, or event. atlas could easily do this. 90% pve and 10% of zones have unique pvp stuff in them. special pirate skins or unique animals to collect, nothing essential to the game. just fun little rewards for people that want to pvp.
  8. right, because the first thing i think while playing atlas is : WOW! i wish this game was more like LoL or that giant dumpster fire Valorant. good luck. will watch this train wreck from a safe distance.
  9. MOTIK

    New World Map!

    You know they have faith in the patch when they preemptively shut down all other forums to avoid the backlash. There are more classy ways to say F*** YOU to the community that purchased your product. cheers
  10. well, until ANYBODY else releases a game with water and ships that you can play alone... i felt the same way. friends talked me into coming back. decided to just have a schooner and a bear. kinda roleplaying a sandbox experience instead of chasing goals. has been fun so far in small doses.
  11. 100% need a map toggle to show tames and crew. not at all realistic but, necessary until the game is finished at least.
  12. need to dig or make the irrigation thing if planning to stay. check for nearby settlements. many will have an irrigation pipe u can drink from
  13. i dont understand why it so hard to fix the hit box. is it not just a wire box they can drag and expand to fit the visuals?! animals clipping through textures and having to crawl up inside some animals to feed while taming seems like a super simple fix.
  14. 1 handling then all speed i always like 1 handling because it goes from no sail to full sail super fast so you instantly start moving. helps a lot with "parking".
  15. have not seen any official news, but then companies rarely publicly announce failure. safe bet is abandon ware. i heard that new dino expansion is a really pretty piece of garbage though...so it was totally worth abandoning such a promising project /s
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