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  1. MOTIK

    when is the Next update?

    darth i agree with you but, i also think one pvp zone in pve would be fun. a meeting place for friendly pvp. edit* my unpopular opinion - get rid of the silly space kraken and make h8 a dead zone for pvp.
  2. MOTIK

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    @op maybe try the newest call of duty? lots of us enjoy sailing in a sailing game. thanks. bye.
  3. MOTIK

    when is the Next update?

    the last timeframe response i saw was - spring for any new content and next fall / winter for any new ships. remember the original dev team blew it big time with this gem. changing key personnel during alpha stages probably takes a lot of time to sort out and get headed in a good direction. im holding out hope for the new team leader. the former chuckleheads left them a big mess to clean up.
  4. MOTIK

    Realist’s thread

    i did it solo first time and lost a boat to fire. so , when friends wanted to go i convinced them that the very best of methods was to park off shore and launch them inland via shipboard catapult.... face hurt from laughing so hard.
  5. MOTIK

    Realist’s thread

    bring yer best pair of brown pants! *if doing with friends you might want multiple / extra beds to respawn. good luck!
  6. MOTIK

    update ETA?

    i appreciate your input. i believe that was the pre xbox timeline, yes? would be nice to see a semi-official response. "on track", "its close", "hahaha maybe?" something along those lines at the least.
  7. MOTIK

    update ETA?

    super excited to see where the new lead takes this game. i saw the rough timeline posted a while back. are there any changes to that after xbox release? should i be getting excited for winter update? spring? next fall? soon*tm ? hehe patiently requesting table scraps please
  8. MOTIK

    Crew keeps using ship rss for nothing

    atl, if it is an extreme amount i would check again to make sure you are not "parked" on a rock. i have also returned to a tamed bull chasing a vulture that was destroying a friends galleon so weird stuff like that can happen. *edit the friendly tame was wrecking planks while chasing the wild vulture
  9. MOTIK

    Crew keeps using ship rss for nothing

    i havnt played in a while but, ships used to decay over time while anchored. lets say for ex. every component of a ship would take 100 damage over a 24h period while anchored. your crew would maintain and repair the ship while you were offline. consuming resources. cheers
  10. MOTIK

    Realist’s thread

    push more buttons harder! haha not sure. cant help, sorry. glad you are having fun sailing. they really did an amazing job with the water. dont let all the barbie dreamhouse, my little pony farmers fool you. this is an amazing sailing game. it just needs more wench love and less fury costume dress up goat lover land lubber attention.
  11. if they add one more damn balloon animal i might sharpen my axe and take a long drive....where is the main office located again? it almost Halloween haha
  12. MOTIK

    Sharks keep killing crew from SOTD

    a ballista off the side of the ship helps too. shoot the sharks then jump in and recruit.
  13. MOTIK

    Taming a joke?

    @elephants if between the legs sneak feeding is not working then you can charge right at its face spamming feed and then quickly double tap dodge back out of its range. will admit it is kinda fun but, utterly crap mechanic and the hit boxes for feeding are too small or completely broken on several tames.
  14. MOTIK

    Taming a joke?

    fortunately, having a my little pony ranch has little to no value in a pirate sailing game. forget taming and enjoy the little bit of adventure in the game.
  15. they appear to follow the treasure map ratings. I believe it is difficulty scale of 10, so 7.4 is very difficult. might want to find another island