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  1. @Phoenix125 Thanks for the "Running" button. Sure makes live easier. The left side of the button has the wrong radius for the corners. Minor fix the next time you update something else.
  2. Has anyone had any luck with this? We have 5 players on a small server and the amount of Fire Elementals is crazy. Would like to lower their limits. Or perhaps replace them with something like Gorgons. Does anyone know if the ARK command NPCReplacements works? NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="FireElemental", ToClassName="Gorgon") ***EDIT*** The replacement seems to have worked. We have no more fire elementals on our Golden Age Ruins Islands.
  3. @Phoenix125 Small QoL request. Would it be possible to add a button to the quick select grid buttons called "ON". The ones called "ALL", "NONE", "INVERT" etc. This button would select any grids currently running. We typically have 12-20 grids running at once and having a way to quickly select them all to do a shutdown, etc would be great.
  4. False Positive. Mine detected the keepaliveutility as a Trojan when extracting from the zip, but then did not once it was extracted and I ran the scan a second time.
  5. @Phoenix125 Sorry, but I'm still not certain where to obtain the logs you are looking for. I couldn't any logs aside from the _logs folder in ASUU. Google was not much help in that it directed me to Windows 10 Event viewer but that did not seem to contain usefull logs.
  6. @Phoenix125 2.1.2 64-bit hung for me today after running for just over 24 hours. Which log files do you need? The files in the _log folder don't seem to contain much useful information. I'm not certain when this instance locked, but it was running around 11pm as I started up another grid for us. So I don't know if it locked while we were still online or after we all logged off. There's 4 of us playing on my server. Its a Dell R710 Dual Xeon X5675's, 120GB of Ram. Atlas runs in a Windows 10 VM with 20 Virtual CPU's and 96 GB of ram assigned. The VM is installed on a dedicated m2 drive. We typically have 12-16 grids running. I've had it at 22 grids, but that starts getting close to max memory usage. This was with 16 grids up but ASUU has locked even with only 6 grids up. The Atlas servers continue to run normally even when ASUU is locked. I am able to click the X to close ASUU and get the Windows "This program has stopped responding" to shut it down. I do not have to kill the task from Task Manager. Just restarted ASUU and its sitting at 61MB of memory usage.
  7. Found a minor annoying bug. occasionally ASUU goes non responsive and crashes. Often you can still get it to close by clicking the X. If you do not open Task Manager and then kill the keepaliveutility when you relaunch ASUU, 2 instances of ASUU will end up launching.
  8. I've looked everywhere for a configuration option but dont seem to see anything I've changed that could be causing this. I do a common treasure map on my own in SP and end up with 40-50 BP's. All common quality, but I just dont understand why I'm getting so many. I have upped my harvest rate a bit but I dont think that would be affecting the amount of BP's you get? Anyone know why I may be getting so many or is that working as intended? Thanks
  9. @Phoenix125 Tried to edit a Grid and encountered an error. I do have grinds running that I did not shut down after updating the utility. Not sure if that matters or not.
  10. @Phoenix125 Discovered today that ASUU does not create a backup of Defaultgame.ini nor defaultgameusersettings.ini. Had to verify game files on server last night and it replaced those with the default versions so I lost many settings and had to recreate them. Any chance a future update to include backing those up along with the normal save files.
  11. @Phoenix125 Possible clue as to the memory leak. ASSU has locked up 3x this week due to it. Today I had a bit of extra time and looked around. The last thing I see in the log at the bottom is the server announcement that backup is in progress, followed by the notification that backup atlasserver-11--7-19-14-00 or whatever is starting. So maybe its somewhere in the backups that is causing the crash?
  12. And always back up off the sandbar. Even if you are more than 1/2 way across it. You will take more damage and sink if you raise sails. Backing up slowly seems to avoid tking further damage.
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