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  1. @Phoenix125 Discovered today that ASUU does not create a backup of Defaultgame.ini nor defaultgameusersettings.ini. Had to verify game files on server last night and it replaced those with the default versions so I lost many settings and had to recreate them. Any chance a future update to include backing those up along with the normal save files.
  2. @Phoenix125 Possible clue as to the memory leak. ASSU has locked up 3x this week due to it. Today I had a bit of extra time and looked around. The last thing I see in the log at the bottom is the server announcement that backup is in progress, followed by the notification that backup atlasserver-11--7-19-14-00 or whatever is starting. So maybe its somewhere in the backups that is causing the crash?
  3. Neitfall

    Ships being destroyed by sandbars

    And always back up off the sandbar. Even if you are more than 1/2 way across it. You will take more damage and sink if you raise sails. Backing up slowly seems to avoid tking further damage.
  4. If you read back in this thread you will see a few others have mentioned this and also confirmation that its a false positive.
  5. Neitfall

    Sextant disappearing

    Anyone else have their sextant disappear randomly? We're playing on a dedicated server and first it seemed to happen if we put all our gear into a storage box to fast travel. We'd log in the next day and back at main base everything would be in storage except the sextant. But not everyones. Just randomly some of us had it some didn't. Then yesterday I noticed I had my sextant in my 0 slot when I logged on. Was doing some work around the base, and then just before heading out I climbed our ricks to get my sextant buff, and lo an behold. sextant gone. Anyone else seeing this happening on dedicated? We are running a few mods (Total Structures, improved settlements) but none of them have sextants variants or affect how they function.
  6. Neitfall

    PC Black Sky how I hate thee

    I assume you already had Steam verify the files to fix any corrupt files? Also video drivers up to date? Any additional launch commands in steam? Like maybe -lowmemory or -nomansky?
  7. ASUU Went Non responsive with high memory usage 6000-11000MB for the first time ever. Not sure if there are any logs I can provide that can help investigate the cause?
  8. Yep. You'll want to check the other islands for one where you actually get honey instead of nectar.
  9. So I think we found the problem with not getting the mini game when using the repair hammer on our unofficial PVE server. It looks like Friendly Fire needs to be enabled to get the mini game. If FF is off you do not get the mini game when swinging the hammer at a damaged plank and can only use "E" DEVs: Can you please fix hammer mini game requiring FF be on.
  10. Neitfall

    Water and farming questions.

    You only need maybe 3 or 4. link them with straight pipes, each one will fill on its own. they dont empty into 1. But whatever you have on the end will get water from all. They also fill from rain as do your crop plots. So you really don't need more than a few. I have 1 reservoir handling 16 crop plots on a tropical island. And then 3 connected to our grill for when we are doing mass cooking so we don't run out of water. They fill really slow form the ground. like 5 water every 20 seconds or so. But rain will fill them fast.
  11. Neitfall

    Missing map on unofficial dedicated server

    I don't know about Nitrado, but I had the same issue with my dedicated at home. No matter what I could not get the map to function. So I exported all the cells into a directory on my webserver and then updated the link in the config to point there instead. That was the only way I was able to get it to work.
  12. @Phoenix125 Yet another QoL for us small server operators. A check box beside the ALL GRIDS control section. When checked, it greys out all the controls in the ALL GRIDS section. A few times now I have selected 4 or 5 grids to start, and then clicked "start grids" in the ALL GRIDS section. Followed by a big panic as I Task Manager to kill all running tasks before it tries to start 225 grids. lol
  13. Neitfall

    Repair Hammer not working

    Anyone with unofficial servers have the repair functioning? We've moved to a 15x15 ocean map, tried switching all our grids to PVP as a previous post suggested but still get no mini game when using the hammer. "E" works fine, but it would be nice to get the repair bonus.
  14. @Phoenix125 Another QoL suggestion. Can we have ASUU manage mods but have the option to not download them automatically. I like to shut everything down, do a back and then update mods as they sometimes tend to break stuff. But I like that ASUU checks and lets me know when a mod has updated. so maybe. ASUU managed mods: yes/no Check for mod updates every xx hours (1-24): 12 Install mods automatically: yes/no If Install automatically is set to no ASUU will check for mod updates and notify that a mod update is available, but it will only download/install the update if you click the "Update Mods" button.
  15. I have A dell R710 rackmount at home with dual xeon 3570 cpus and 124Gig of ram. I have 20 cores and 90 Gigs of Ram assigned to my Atlas Virtual Machine. Currently we have 14 grids running. I think I may be able to go to 25, we'll see. There's only 4 of us so I have the main grids around us on that we use for resources, one Golden age ruins, and 1 freeport. Then a couple grids far away so we get higher treasures. (If you pick up a bottle and it rolls a grid that is off, you get no map as it can't set the span for AotD.) Then when we want to travel to somewhere farther I just turn off grid behind us and start up grids we're heading to using a server manager. Its been working pretty decent for our small group.