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  1. well i have nothing against tames to be honest, i have always been on the side of variety in all games, but the game design is poor as fuck, i will share a little story to portrait what i mean: day 1: trying to tame a olfend i got it to 98% tamed just for a volture to show up and start killing it, i react on time and shoot an arrow to it (important to notice the vulture was 45ยบ above ground while the olfend was lying on the floor), i shoot at the vulture and my olfend dies from it...the arrow was stuck in the fucking vulture but the olfend took the damage!! GG ATLAS day 2: i go after the olfend again this time i kill all vultures on sight first as well as all hostile life forms, i start taming and at 50% suddenly a lion rains on me , because...fuck physics, it kills the olfend, i use that time to mount my bear with the intention to kill it, it unmounts me, kills me and kills my bear. day 3: i re-tame my bear and try to tame a giraffe, i set few gates to act as a jail and not be interrupted, i start taming it and after like 40% suddenly its mate decides to show up (from nowhere cause i had killed all the low level ones around to be safe) ofc since they are couple it aggro me, so i decide to go out kill it with the bear and rush back in, it must have taken me over 30 seconds to kill it, i go back in....the giraffe had reseted to 0% tamed. and dont get me wrong i am not saying "oh its too hard, make it easy" but considering that we are gonna wipe (probably more than once) anyway, putting time and effort into something like taming feels stupid to be honest, specially considering the only reason i even play atlas is for sailing, i believe the developers should be more consequent with the fact that we are in EA and wipes will come. Ps: I played 3 ranked matches in lol and finally after like a week of playing Atlas and BDO i had some fun, seems like fun is the new rare resource in the gaming industry indeed, tames are a good addition for people who enjoy them, yet they shouldnt be forced on people who just want to sail.
  2. Dude dont play with ma feelings, for the 3rd day in a row i wasted 2 hrs trying to tame shit only to fail myserably again due to game design BS, the last thing i need is another game that gets me excited at first and after 200 hrs turns out to be the same boring, dull, repetitive pattern full of unecessary hassles all the games have nowadays because developers have forgotten how to make games fun
  3. there is nothing to separate, if you behave like a dick you should be banned, period.
  4. The D Legacy

    Atlas and steam charts

    in spain we can too, if you want to die that is , do you want to adopt a fellow atlas player?
  5. The D Legacy

    Atlas and steam charts

    if your water supply had the quality control of atlas you would already be dead so i think those 400 pounds are worth it
  6. The D Legacy

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    dicks, place dicks everywhere hmm i think sailing need to be more engaging, before even sailing you need a reason to sail, it might sound dumb basic but several times when poundering between options i have found myself stuck between the fact that i like sailing and the fact that i didnt have any reason to sail, ofc this is dependent of my own personal set of circumstances, in my case i like progression, most of my activities focus on that BUT i am not a try hard blind of love for the game player, what does that mean? it means that i dont follow a path for the sake of moving forward i follow a path only to chase after a goal and so to choose a goal i ask myself a few questions before deciding if investing my time into it is worth it: - Is the final resul hard to reach? if yes --> does it improve my gameplay experience? if yes --> is it something i could easily lose (along with all the time and effort i invested in it?) --> if the answer to that question is yes then i dont do it so before suggesting anything is necessary to notice that my suggestions would imply a big change in some of the core mechanics of the game, more in particular: removing the decay system and tying up my progression to my character instead of my boat, to clarify, the benefits of a mythical galleon for example should be tied to my character skills rather than the materials used on the boat, that way i would feel engaged to go after a mythical boat even if in the future i find myself in high risk low rewards situations, i would also feel engaged to level up. while all i have explained is not a sailing suggestion yet it sets the fundamentals for (in my personal case) feel engaged to sail, so now that we have reasons to leave port is time to focus on the sailing. Wind: Most annoying part of sailing, going against the wind while realistic is an absolute pain in the ass, if you ask me i would either get rid of it or at least minimize its effects, maybe under specific circumstances like out of combat, after unlocking specific skills or other options SotD: They appear in packs, wich have downsides, many people sit there waiting for the pack to disperse after spawning to be able to grab and kill them 1 by 1, thats time you waste and breaks the immersion. After killing them they drop designs and people but extremely low ammount of gold, i enjoy killing them but the lack of gold drop makes days long hunts unsustainable, you might end up far from your base where your gold usually is and you are therefore forced to go back (shipwrecks are an option but getting attacked by a SotD that just spawned (because yolo) while underwater is too risky for my taste. FOV: SotD FOV is too limited, making the hunt too easy, you see them way before they do SotD vs Wind: the fact that you are affected by wind and SotDs are not takes away all sense of strategic battle that wind is supposed to add to the game Cyclones: Most people dont like cyclons and cry about them, i wonder why did you choose a survival game in the first place if you dont want to be bothered by anything?, the most epic battle i had was vs a red lvl 53 SotD in the middle of a storm surrounded by cyclones, then cyclones were nerfed and never ran into that same situation again..sadly SotD levels: SotD levels should be totally random, there is no bigger adrenaline rush as when you find yourself surrounded and you spot one red SotD with a unknown level coming at you, knowing that high level SotDs are found only in golden age ruins it kinda spoils the element of surprise (also forces you to go to golden age grids if you want to hunt them). Adding rare spawns of alpha SotD that drop super rare designs would be wonderful too (dont fuck it up adding mythos to the design materials ffs) Movement speed: Increase the movement speed when outside of combat Repair: When there is only 1 player on the ship you should be able to command unassigned NPCs to repair taken damage, stoping to manually repair after each fight not only is annoying but also breaks the immersion i could be writing here all day long, but considering it will be ignored anyways i think this will do.
  7. The D Legacy

    Message in a bottle

    true for some reason i forgot about the suit, and the latern is totally gonna be green, the kind of green that hurts your eyes and soul when looking at it
  8. The D Legacy

    Message in a bottle

    hmm i never had the chance to try whaling before wipe to be honest, i go traumatized after seeing a streamer's galleon kicked to the sky by 3 whales and destroyed to pieces, it was not mine but i never managed to recover i will totally try it in the future any advice?
  9. The D Legacy

    wipe when?

    i am bored soooo.. wipe tomorrow?
  10. The D Legacy

    Message in a bottle

    didnt know shipwrecks give gold now, i quit just before they implemented them and they had announced you could demolish them so i was like meh! i will try it ou...wait...i need a submarine right? fuck my life
  11. The D Legacy

    Message in a bottle

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no its already a pain in the ass to have to pick up maps to make gold as to now have maps and letters mixed togheter, if anything maps near the coast and letters in the open sea is something i could agree on.
  12. The D Legacy

    Atlas and steam charts

    to be fair i think his emotions affect more his manners than his arguments, there are some points he pointed out that i can kind of agree with.
  13. The D Legacy

    Atlas and steam charts

    you probably should read (and if you have done so re-read) the past posts of this thread, bugs is like 1% of all we are talking about. is called feedback kinda morphed into salt sometimes but in the end we all post with hopes of making a change, nothing can improve without criticism.
  14. The D Legacy

    Atlas and steam charts

    Young enough easy math: 58 788 * 20$ = 1.175.000$ (only considering the steam all-time pick), still it has nothing to do with their practices tho, i always say this on the forums, personal attacks are not an argument, neither is your opinion about my opinion. i have always played atlas in lawless, the moment i have to submit myself to another person's will to have a base i rather uninstall who the hell even metioned ultima? dude if you like the current state of the game good, i wont tell you what you have to like or dislike, but you have to admit management of the game was done terribly, and they act like they dont care. the fact that other do the same shit is not a justification, rather is worrisome that they try to get away with it too. oh and writing in caps is not an argument either
  15. The D Legacy

    Atlas and steam charts

    That exactly the problem, a small team should focus on 1 game/platform and finish their job before trying to cover more platforms out of pure greed, the nature of early acces is to found projects so the can come to be, not found them so they get halted in their incomplete state so the team can focus on some other projects for a quick cashgrab while the players who trusted them are left hanging whats your point? what do the costumes have to do with anything? what is it that has never been attempted before?? costumes? temporary stuff?? the hell are you talking about!!!??? they are complaints because....well because you decided they are complains.... the feudal lord system has been discussed about before, and it has been explained why it doesnt fit the thematic of the game so i will resume it to you: the standar/romantic definition people have about a Pirate: person that likes freedom to the point they became outlaws to break with the shackles of society standars/rules the standar/romantic definition people have about a Feudal lord: person to whom you give part of your work/effort in the shape of currency to borrow his land (can kick you out of his land any time he wants, for any reason he wants and inspires a sense of slavery/injustice/being forced to..) your definition of the above might be different but the point is: why the hell would and entity such as pirates wich biggest trait is love/need/obsession with freedom want to ever live under a feudal lord wich represent exactly the opposite ideals, they are by definition conceptual antagonists!!! i bought a pirate game because i wanted a game that would offer me the life of a pirate, the life of freedom, the life of i can do the fuck i want without depending on others, without having to deal with others bullshit or social/political correctness, thats what atlas advertised, and thats exactly what the game is not delivering. Tames are not a problem for me tho... except when a fucking vulture kills my 99% tamed olfend because they aggro low hp entities regardles of context....or when a lion rains from the fucking sky (because physics!!!!!) in the middle of my taming and kills me, the animal i had 50% tamed and then my bear (this i could tolerate because of the game is on EA) who the fuck is Mr. Rogers?? is he gonna fix this shit?