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  1. The D Legacy

    You guys already know what to do

    i have said it several times, regarding PvE people want STABILITY and PROGRESSION, people dont want to lose their hard earned ships or buildings just for taking a break from the game, yet they dont seem to get such a simple concept, this is the type of problem that arises when a group of non gamers develop a game, they are unable to connect with what is important to the players, and therefore are unable to satisfy their needs. this game had a fantastic potential, it could have been so awesome and fun, but devs failed to realise what made this game special, and totally destroyed it. such a pity, i had quit BDO for ATLAS, yet i only wasted my time and money.
  2. The D Legacy

    speculations Mega Update 3

    Getting rid of decay and demolish timers in PvE when? i will never even consider coming back until that BS is removed.
  3. The D Legacy

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    That moment when a action combat MMO totally unrelated to sea content (BDO) decides to take your idea and shows you how to do things right: "For this summer's update: Starting off with the addition of tidal currents and wind direction. If you are lucky or studied ahead of time, then you can travel across very quickly. However, if you were not prepared than traveling may become even harder than before. Remodeling ships, hiring a crew, and using a variety of devices to sail across the sea and winning over the currents and conquering the ocean will become a new objective. New ships are prepared for you to enjoy the new content as well. They will be very familiar to some of our Adventurers, they are carrack, galley, and the like. We paid special attention to how ships are handled and controlled so that it would be more fun."
  4. The D Legacy

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

  5. The D Legacy

    Add fog of war back to the game

    that change took away big part of the completionist satisfaction its actually the oposite, this change was due to pvp'ers being lazy faggots and crying to have it full revealed
  6. The D Legacy

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    Buggs are the last of this game's problems, it fails at the most simple and basic core mechanics.
  7. The D Legacy

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    yeah?? go solo the kraken version 2.0 you smart ass.
  8. The D Legacy

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    what you call compain is actually feedback, wich is the very reason this forum exist, so if you havent got any feedback stfu.
  9. The D Legacy

    The mega update is good but not a game changer

    interesting read, 1 sentence tho: 5k average players have fun.
  10. The D Legacy

    The mega update is good but not a game changer

    yeah that expains why the current population is 5k ROFL i am dying *facepalm*
  11. The D Legacy

    Captain's Log 30: Set Sail For PTR!

    you dont have any authority here, yet you answer in such intolerant way, totally forgetting the fact that this forum is meant to gather feedback (or what you call complaints) who do you think you are to tell a customer that has paid for a product that they have no right to complain about the product?, do not assume a job no one has given you, if you are hypersensitive and unable to deal with a different opinion go back to your cave, just because some members of this comunity are not able to express themself with proper maners doesnt mean they are not entitled to have (and voice) their opinion. "At the very least be unique, show some intelligence, and be constructive. " none of this is present in all your post, would be wise you apply your own suggestions to yourself
  12. The D Legacy

    Captain's Log 29: Brief update & PTR Incoming!

    as you stated this game has taken too many wrong decisions, they seem unable to understand that what people looks for is progress and stability, to grow up their account and have fun in the process, yet they introduce stupid features as decay timers for ships and buildings (wich for me is a instantaneous: No Go), a feudal lord system (in a pirate game!!!! ROFL), bows with higher DPS than pistols (because fuck logic) Torpedos that have to be shot from a ship because the submarine cant (hilarious isnt it?) a progression system not based on your character rather on your components(so you can easily lose 4 weeks of hardwork in a single disconnection) etc etc etc.. i have long ago quit this joke, i only come here once in a while for the lols but thats pretty much it. My advice?: Move On to other game. Have a nice day.
  13. The D Legacy

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    so now you go around quoting everything i say just to call it toxic, mmmkkkay? no need to even discuss if you are toxic or not, it is crystal clear, babay
  14. The D Legacy

    Claim vs Lawless

    games are for some of us a disconnection from real life annoyances, such as bosses, bills, working to make other rich, etc some of wich just want to chill, enjoy and being self sufficients so the fact that the game bitch-slap us with more of the "capitalist" shit in what it was supposed to be a pirate life game (be free, live free, and sail the seas) totally ruins the experience (notice that i am talking only about pve)
  15. we have said the same thing SEVERAL times, they just wont listen, so just quit and play something else as we did and let them keep developing a dead game. there is 4 servers with 40k max player capacity per server = 160k total player capacity, yet max online since last mega patch = 13k wich is 8.122%.... GG devs.