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  1. The D Legacy

    new Calculator and Atlas Market Place Website

    that moment when one player creates more usefull tools for the game than the developers themslefs, good job.
  2. The D Legacy

    Let's talk about this wind

    your company had to study the weather to reach that conclusion? now seriously that fixes nothing mate, what are you gonna do when you "predict" you are gonna have wind against you for 6 real life time hrs? ATLAS will die virgin then
  3. The D Legacy

    Let's talk about this wind

    you discovered it, now they have to kill you!! no, rly, that way of accomplishing objectives would be so "grapeshot-ish" ROFL
  4. The D Legacy

    Keeping people prisoner.

    people call me mean because i keep coming back to the forums just to have a laugh, but i ask you guys: How could i not!!!?? this is hilarious!!
  5. The D Legacy

    Nintendo switch?

    oh god no, please dont give them ideas, we have been stuck in the same hole without any improvements for more than 10 months because of the stupid xbox release already
  6. dont mind him too much percieval is not a very smart man (and rather toxic) that been said i dont think we will see any improvement on the game any time soon
  7. The D Legacy

    Ships sunk in own port

    let me tell you the story about a group of incompetent developers who had this conversation: Dev1: You know what would be funny Dev2: What? Dev1: If someone puts time and effort into building a ship/s and it sinks because he hasnt logged in 2 weeks Dev3: why so long tho? lets make a smaller timer based on ship activity Dev2: why not both? Dev4: ....lets do it! and thats the story of how several types of decay timers were introduced.....
  8. The D Legacy

    Unable to Join/Rejoin ATLAS (PC/Errors)

    just move on mate, there is a lot of decent titles out there its been clear long ago that they have no idea what they are doing
  9. rather sad indeed, specially considering this game was sold with exploration as a core feature
  10. The D Legacy

    What a nice christmas gift

    i couldnt help but to remember atlas when i saw the trailer, i am pretty sure a big chunk of atlas's playerbase will give it a shot
  11. The D Legacy

    What a nice christmas gift

    i have never understood how a game with this many bugs and low population doesnt have a system in wich when you sink you can simply get back your ship by repairing it at a freeport but it does have a decay system intead, its almost as if they wanted to forceefully chase players away from the game.
  12. The D Legacy

    Ship sunk in freeport overnight (no holes)

    this is what happened: Freeports and Golden Age Ruins grids have increased decay rates.
  13. The D Legacy

    Is this legal?

    thats a problem as old as the game, dont bother posting about it, it has been said before, and nothing has been done.
  14. The D Legacy


    are you aware this is a survival game? last time i checked your ship would stop if you fell from it? did that change?
  15. the funny part is that from the start the glider was one of the few things that were fun in this game, i have lost count how many times they have nerfed it already, i dont understand whats the obssession with destroying what once was a fun item instead of using that time to do something actually positive to the game...