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  1. Some guy: Look! a frisbee! You: So the earth is not round then? Me: *facepalm*
  2. you mean 5 minutes looking at how you use the forums to vent all the anger you have bottled up inside you? all i see in your posts are insults and toxicity (now go ahead and make excuses to try to justify it... so predictable), what i dont see is any proper argumentation lines, most is just the opinion of an arrogant fool with hypersensitivity problems cause by his high intolerance towards a different opinion.
  3. you rly dont have any dignity letf do you? you poor little thing.
  4. alpha game in early access?? wait are you telling me you dont know that a game cannot be early access and alpha at the same time?? thats like saying we are in december but also in june, please educate yourself every time you post the whole country loses IQ points.
  5. i rly have to hold your hand and explain it in detail, dont i?? to build a schooner you need a shipyard, that shipyard costs 10k gold, therefore if you want to build 1 schooner you need 10k gold, any question?? damn, thats a lot of writing to say nothing, you remember me of my friend's crazy ex whe she had her period, are you ok? Prove it you go trough all that writing talking about ignorance and then you write this? allow me to educate you, the 500gold shipyard is called "basic shipyard", in wich you can only build a Cog, to build a schooner you need a "large shipyard" wich costs 10k gold. it must be so hard to be you right now, imagine being such a toxic karen only to realize that YOU are the ignorant LMFAO!!!! I do, and as demonstrated above you dont even know the prices for each, math must be hard for you, huh? Ohhhh a console player, but ofc you had to be a console player now everything makes sense, from you being a karen to having no clue what you are talking about.
  6. srry, i saw this meme and couldnt help it. https://9gag.com/gag/aAGdP0g
  7. implementing gold costs when most activities give a shitty ammount of gold was indeed a stupid move, i dont mind a bit of gold farming but we should at least have access to a schooner before having go for the grind, also its incoherent that to play the main game content wich should be maritime content (SotDs) you are "ship-gated" for so long.
  8. i dont mean to rain on your parade but the game's most basic bugs havent been fixed in 3 years, but i wish you the best of luck.
  9. the game is full of bugs, i just recently lost 2 bears and 2 sailors the same afternoon, i hoped after 3 years this would be fixed but that wasnt the case.
  10. yeah, clearly this developers havent played many games, there needs to be some sort of team balancing if you dont want the game to be killed by its own players, imagine playing a football match as "11 vs 3" so it confuses me how can they not have the common sense needed to see megas are a huge mistake.
  11. i mean the idea is not bad itseld, but considering how poorly the game performs and all the bugs i think the players would leave anyway, specially when they find entire islands owned by the same person
  12. indeed, i miss my 12 cannons per side brigg, it was nice to play it and fun too, i would rly like to know what makes developers kill fun features like that
  13. well i was answering based on the comment you made: so no need to look at "all" time rly.
  14. you are like me then, i never engage in pvp in mmos as long as i can avoid it, pve is for achievers mostly while pvp...lets just say is for a different type of people.
  15. i have just come back 2 days ago and just now with this post i discovered we can do trading, ty for the details.
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