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  1. i dont mean to hit you guys when you are down but i called this scam out about 10 months after release, it was just a matter of time. also why the hell would you want to play this game when new world is around the corner?? havent you seen the streams??? that game is neat, the only thing it misses are boats but if it succeds you never know what they could implement in the future.
  2. this post again.... for fuck sake....
  3. with this, ships will be easier to build, meaning that if you lose your ship you dont have to waste half a day getting it back just to sail again, people will take more risks and also be more agressive since the loses will be lower, something like this should have been here from the very beggining, i just hope you dont need to be island owner or some shit like that
  4. i still dont understand how replaying content can be considered exploiting but what can we expect from the people that developed ....... "this"
  5. wonder why, simply trying to understand where his confusion was but he is being rather evasive.
  6. they both seem to have been done with paperboard honestly, i respect their effort but the result is far from what it could be (not their fault tho) also do they even play actively? i mean i am ok with people enjoying building, but i would like to see more "ships art" than "building art"
  7. pleas read what i said again, i never said you developed an argumentation , i am asking you to deveop an argumentation.
  8. can you develop your argumentation fully so that i cant understand what you mean? this is starting to look like a whatsapp conversation (short texts)
  9. i dont see whats the problem with them, tornados make the sailing less tedious and boring, they dont fix it but at least sailing with them is less of a sleep narcotic, last time i logged in i was literally Alt+TAB-ed watching some anime while sailing to my destination, thats how freaking boring sailing is in this "pirate game"
  10. @Bluestone did i say something you find confusing blue?
  11. so now questoning your rasoning is being triggered?? also i am fine with the ban of exploiters but i am not fine with you defining what is or is not an expoit.
  12. so now you deicde how the game is designed to be played? are you a developer now? oh and you also decide what type of people this community wants??? are yuo their representative? i am inclined to believe that you are just an extremely jelouse person that cant withstand the idea of someone achieveing more than yourself while at the same time being arrogant enough as to think you opinion is absolute, and to top it up you are not even capable of developing any counter-arguments. the downfall for atlas?? for something to fall it must firstly be placed on a high position, right now atlas is at the level of one of the worst games ever developed, and its not me saying it, rating sites and magazines rate it as low as 1/10. and let me be clear about something, i dont care about any aspect of this game, so i am not defending or attacking anyone but you define something based on your own biased opinion and changing the meaning of words is something is something big companies like electronic arts/pearl abyss or even feminist/racists/extremists are trying to do and is not something i am willing to stay silent about.
  13. so now killing a creature and getting exp for it is an exploit? Also is now killing people in a PVP server something wrong??? sorry but i see no fundation in your arguments
  14. there is coton here but its like 1 of every 10 plants, had to spend like 20 min farming it to have just enouh to craft 1 pair of fur boots
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