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  1. only at first, for curiosity, once you get to know it doesnt drop anything relevant, it just goes like: meh!
  2. The D Legacy

    Atlas wiki improvements

    while i do think he could contribute to it too i dont think he was "demanding" and honestly i cannot blame him for not wanting to "Discover" the game by himself considering how boring sailing is in general, and how tedious it is to grind for ammunition to reach an island that doesnt have what you are looking for. while i am the type of guy you describe in "go explore have fun find things out for yourself" i dont do it for fun but for self accomplishment, i had an excel with every single resource in every single island in a 5 grid radious around my base, that said trying to force him to fit himself into a play style that might not be his cup of tea is a bit too forcefull dont you think? to be honest i dont think thats the point of survival exploration games, the point is to survive (how would have tought) and each person decides on his way to survive and about exploration, well after about 700 hrs in the game an 500 of those hrs sank into exploring i cant reprehend him for not wanting to explore, actually i would discourage him from exploration (unless he personally likes the concept of exploratioon) given that exploration in this game is.... well...shit. and no i am not a hater/troll/frustrated player, thats simply my conclusion after 500 hrs of it and i have many arguments to back that up but if i deviate from the main post topic i will get warned from "tread hijacking" again so...
  3. The D Legacy

    Treasure Maps

    guns were only good in this game when first released, after the lead developer Jatheist was rekt on pvp several times they nerfed them, since then they are nothing but usless pieces of junk, just go with the meta and tame bear and kill them farmer style btw just now you made me remember how awfuly long you take to reload in this game, part of the cancer i got rid of when i quit this game suddenly came back. most likely thats "I" letter i in caps, grid 7.
  4. The D Legacy

    A boat that decides to become submarine.....

    well if giraffes can stick their heads into rock solid mountains ships should be able to do this much. PS: plot twist, its intended and thats why ships can shoot torpedos now
  5. The D Legacy

    Refund if possible

    dont forget to mention not to spec on guns since bow is the meta, attack like a farm guy using you animals instead of something a pirate would use because thats also the meta, when you buy the game if because you were sold an oveall potentially fun experience, not a meta. while i dont think atlas is his coup of tea, i cannot side with the "meta" either to be honest.
  6. The D Legacy

    Refund if possible

    yeah its called distrust, you can blame big videogame brands for it...... well and now small ones like Grapeshot too. i miss the times when i knew almost any game i bought would be fun, now (specially after the anthem fiasco and atlas scam) i first download the cracked version of it, and if i end up having fun then i buy it, new problems require new solutions.
  7. The D Legacy

    Bear breeding in the Tundra

    by unidentfied aspects you mean players dont you? i totally agree they killed 90% of them in only 10 months!!! that must be some kind of guiness record
  8. The D Legacy

    So we actually found an island on H9

    i keep all the vitamins at 50% most of the times, specially after killing myself
  9. i agree, i have been i several games wich include some sort of pet/taming feature (not as focused on it as atlas tho) and most of the times it feels natural, in here it goes like: beat the crap out of it, tie it like your bitch and after all the misstreatment it will stay forever by your side if you force some food in its mouth, like..wot? and the low level implementation is surrealistic, like when a giraffe falls and its head literally goes trough a wall/rock/ mountain and then it rotates 90 degrees so you can feed it, but depending on the spot it fell and how large they are it can end up in a infinite loop of rotation making you lose all your taming progress. but dont say that too loud, some people here think thats the "right" way
  10. what if i told you just because you like it that way doesnt mean its the intended way nor the right way? shocking, huh?
  11. The D Legacy

    So we actually found an island on H9

    and that my friend is why i spent all my 700 hrs of atlas in a lawless desert, aside from what you mentioned the plus side is that they are underated so people barely considers settling there, i had all the tin veins the island could respwan located and "owned" xD (grinded, not walled, thats for dickheads) and the low tree density makes unexpected encounters a rare occurence when wandering around, also there is lots of fibers. why so happy about the salt tho?? i barely ever touched it, and i shall suggest you to pick a mid-high elevated location walling with a big rock mountain (remember lions and wolfs spawn on the sky...because... YOLO) if you already have a bear you might even want to build your base at the very top of one, if you choose it wisely it will keep your tame safe from wild animales and smart design will prevent them from clipping trough the fundations.
  12. The D Legacy

    Bear breeding in the Tundra

    this is a recurrent (10 months old) problem, dont expect any short term fix, right now devs are busy figuring right from left (and cash grabing money in the process) i sowuld suggest you to now waste your time with breeding until ... next year maybe? and by that i dont mean 2 months, i mean 12. unless you wanna use your full free day to do it and 1 random day find them dead because a snake glitched trough your fundations. is so funny how they identify the fun aspects of the game and kill them right away, while 10 months old bugs are still here.
  13. The D Legacy


    just now you brought a smile to my face when i remembered the death's log of the company i was in full of like 30 of my suicides per day Atlas describen in few lines
  14. The D Legacy

    Juv Bears starved next to trough?!?

    this topic again?? ROFL "this starved to death" bug as been around for so long and soooo many people have complained about it that i tought it was finally fixed, my bad
  15. The D Legacy

    Additional Xbox console as a dedicated server

    thats not something the average consumer would kno tho, so him assuming it was the same while not very toughtful is understandable.