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  1. The D Legacy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    we do tho, once we stop being assholes to eachother and band together.
  2. The D Legacy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    why tho? if you are trying to refloat a sinking boat and the people aboard doesnt let you do it wouldnt you move on to a better place?
  3. The D Legacy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    well well well, its seems that the shit i have been calling out for months was not wrong at all, "time will tell" they say and it sure did tell!! all this time withstanding personal attacks from the whiteknights of this game sure was worth it xDDD The only question left is: will the current and former players have any dignity left and move on, or will they cling back to ATLAS if they ever decide to continue its development?? (i already know the answer, but guys.. do you?)
  4. The D Legacy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    give them more scam ideas....for the love of god people rly lives in their own lil innocent worlds this days. there is only one scam proof method, just pirate the game, if they keep their promises support them by buying the game when its finished, if not you didnt lose anything, modern problems require modern solutions.
  5. The D Legacy

    is this game officaly dead now?

    ohh boi, and there it goes my last hope for this game to ever be playable, well i am not surprised at all, they probably didnt allow him to make the adjustments this game needed, if that was the case i would have done the exact same thing.
  6. The D Legacy

    C6 hydras extinct?

    what surprises me the most is that the guy had the patience to deal with all the shit the game threw at him, like the hydra stuck in the rocks or the ballistas not reloading.. but the fact that it died because it drawn xDDDDDDDDDD it was so atlas like lol
  7. The D Legacy

    Too much negativity

    oh come on, he already admitted his life is so empty that he needs to hung to a random guy on the internet, probably the guy has severe depression or something like that, lets not be a bullies on the weak.
  8. The D Legacy

    Too much negativity

    you probably need a cat...or 2...
  9. The D Legacy

    Too much negativity

    Or instead of hidding the problem under the carpet you could enforce the forum rules so that offenders dont see this forum as their private trolling ground? just saying.
  10. The D Legacy

    Bow vs Guns after v10

    kinetic energy has nothing to do with the length of the projectile only with its mass and velocity
  11. The D Legacy

    Bow vs Guns after v10

    i think they did play it at some point, the guns nerf MIGHT have been caused by jath getting his ass handed to him xD
  12. The D Legacy

    Bow vs Guns after v10

    you have no fucking idea how to calculate the kinetic energy of a projectile do you?
  13. The D Legacy

    Bow vs Guns after v10

    the nerf to guns was one of the first mistakes they did togheter with the nerf to gliding, since then the bow is the most versatile "end game" weapon choice wich makes the progression rather pointless since unlike guns the bow is one of the first weapons you have access to. the pve side of atlas was just a bait, they never had the intention of focusing on it, wich is why all the changes applied to the pvp servers in regards to damage were carried over to the pve servers.
  14. The D Legacy

    Too much negativity

    keeping your mouth shut is figurative speech, what i am trying to say is to first inform yourself and nurture your knowledge about the specifics of the game before telling people to stop being negative, simply because context matters, at least if you want your opinion to have to have certain level of credibility. why would i reply to something without reading it? that makes no sense.
  15. i dont wish ATLAS to be this bad forever, but when we grow up we learn that we must differentiate hopes from reality, specially with this company track record, but hey if it eventually gets fixed in a future i will be glad.