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  1. Zhoutai

    Warrior of the Damned are too strong

    Using a tame isn't cheese, and this is multiplayer, 2 or 3 of you on a bear and they are still too easy
  2. Zhoutai

    discovery point Discovery point nearly blocked off

    you can't grapple but I have been using the climbing pick without any issues
  3. Zhoutai

    discovery point Discovery point nearly blocked off

    Climbing pick over it?
  4. Zhoutai

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Yeah I don't get the despawn thing, why do they do that??
  5. Zhoutai

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Well this will be interesting, wonder if they changed any of the other animals vs AOTD, bears aren't a great choice now, not like you can use guns or arrows either, my pistol was 4 dmg and arrow about 11
  6. Just tried to do a map with lvl 20 AOTD and nearly lost my bear, never used to been an issue, did I miss something on the patch notes?
  7. It was very necessary, the game was dead to new players as it was, sure it sucks ill have to rebuild but this is what we signed up for with EA
  8. Zhoutai

    decay damage in lawless??

    There will be an auto repair building so all you have to do is keep it stocked, much better idea for PVE servers than having claim flags that stop new players from joining
  9. Zhoutai


    Why did you give them what they wanted? they clearly did it for your land, now they win. why not just leave it going till the next patch and see if that fixes the land claim issues? you only had to log in once every 20 days.
  10. It happens sometimes, either die and respawn or relog to get it back
  11. Zhoutai


    That's a shame, it made us all move in random directions till we jumped off the raft lol, you get the mini game (like reload) while being dragged down so if you aren't laughing and confused you could stop it before you get to the bottom
  12. Zhoutai


    we found one some weeks ago when SOTD didn't aggro on rafts and it made us all jump off the raft and dragged one of us to the bottom of the sea, was a funny event
  13. If you are solo I recommend a bunch of points in accommodation (about 15, can't remember exactly sry), I have a 56 crew Gally and pay 200ish Gold per 24hrs, makes running a galleon bearable solo
  14. Zhoutai

    Snap points for animals/ships

    Some sort of "hitching Post" would be awesome for tames and just make it so you can snap sleepers to beds or chairs, great idea!