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  1. trqfreak350

    Battleye "Client not responding"

    Had this issue last night both computers on our network we seemed to have gotten it fixed, if it comes up tonight again I'll check network settings and firmware on our router since it's both my wife's, and my game clients.
  2. trqfreak350

    No HUD, no inventory access, no ship funcionality

    So we had this, seems it's a battle eye issue. We fixed it for ourselves last night by 1. Log into any grid on your server it will send you to your body evenn though it says join new server. You can keep doing this your character isn't actually gone. 2. Die, when you die this will crash your game (fatal exception) and you'll have to relogg be patient and rewpawn anywhere EXCEPT where the issue began, we spawn at our bed in C8, but the problem was Happening in N7. It also might say somebody is already logged in on your account but just keep trying. There is also a chance it will give you a rewpawn option, I chose to change home servers so that I could respawn and not be stuck at the screen. 3. Fast travel via the bed to where you're having the issue, if you use the bed in the area before doing that it seems to redo the entire problem. My wife and I on the same network only had success this way, I kept spawning on N7 but getting kicked by battle eye, while she did that she spawned only the one time and Fixed it. We tried reinstalling battle eye as well to no success, I was about to make some changes to our router or refresh renew our ip, and check that it didn't have a firmware update as well, but the previous seemed to work.
  3. trqfreak350

    Gorgon over spawn O7

    Ya, we did that powerstone the other night made a quick dash by 3 elementals 5 lions 8-10 gorgon, one didn't get it so then we began the baiting of the elementals to kill all the gorgon while the other persons ran into the cave, it's a bit obcene that server is always a little worse than the others, c6 wasn't nearly as bad spawn wise.
  4. trqfreak350

    The Community's Justice

    I've chimed in on the fact that they lost some levels and that's really all, there are AAA developers that punish much harsher for blatant exploitation of game mechanics, WoW and saronite bombs, on the lich king is a great example. in addition to the temporary ban, all items and achievements they gained from downing Arthas have been revoked. Before the ban (but after the hotfix), Ensidia put up a post claiming that they didn't think the bombs were an exploit; Blizzard obviously isn't buying it.
  5. trqfreak350

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    Dying in a Freeport, I'm not sure how you even go about doing that, unless you really have no idea about how this game works, there aren't even any hostile mobs there, you shouldn't have an issue with losing anything. I don't have an issue with crashing, maybe every 2-3 weeks, maybe instead of a tirade you ask for help with pc specs or troubleshooting, because it seems that is where your problem likely lies.
  6. When was this change made, I've not noticed any change to it since the initial nerf pre-wipe.
  7. trqfreak350

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    ah ok, i was simply curious. i love the tool how it is to be honest, works perfectly for what we do.
  8. trqfreak350

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    after it's born, adding points in domesticated levels. For instance i tame a bear at 44 i add 25 levels into it, i could use it to track where I've put those levels.
  9. trqfreak350

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    no not quite what i meant, people like to plan the points in some cases to see how it could turn out, it wouldn't be added for breeding, but just to plan or to see how much you could add to it.
  10. trqfreak350

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    you could tally points into it so you could effectively plan your build on your creatures, but what i've seen is the points you get per level is different from creature to creature, we've seen 25hp per point in a bear post tame, but then another bear might get 8 hp per point even though they were within a few levels of wild tame. Also Globy just wanted to chime in here, your app is great, it's dododex we needed, i've been retrofitting ark smart breeding after i input points into your system. love it.
  11. trqfreak350

    Stupid boss and content wall...

    servers went down during a kraken fight maybe?
  12. There are other game developers that punish even their most elite players so much more harshly, they are singled out and made examples of purposely, there should be an amount of fear in using such a blatant exploit.
  13. trqfreak350

    Tundra berries

    they've said they were working on the animal inventory like the bank system so you can put resources into a slot that it will ignore when harvesting, not sure if it's still WIP, but Jat did say they were working on it.
  14. trqfreak350

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    kite and shoot hydra is still going to be alive and well you can just use medium cannons on the back, seems like they can be pressed nearly as close to one another as before, also without any mechanics to counter hydra mechanics there are really just 2 ways, sit on a roof and shoot with ranged weapon, or tow behind a boat and shoot with ranged weapon. safety and efficiency.
  15. trqfreak350

    Breeding Razortooth

    Off topic but @globytheoldpirate can you tell me if the other tames are as touchy as the razor after the 40% mark, we have our elephant in a good place in C7 atm, and we don't have to fuss with the fires he gets low health during the day, but that's about it. Congrats and thanks for the info about breeding the razortooth, not sure i'd be up for that kind of marathon.