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  1. You've actually told multiple people they were wrong, that sailing isn't boring and that "we were boring". If by saying that your posts are whiny, is the same as making an assumption that a person is depressed and miserable, then honestly there is no talking to you, there is no debate, because you're living in your own little world.
  2. Not sure if you think you know me IRL or something or if you like to lose credibility with the vague assumptions you make. I'm boring, miserable, and depressed because I voiced my opinion on one part of a game that I Continually play daily, and would like to see succeed in the long run... How is it that you've come to this assessment? Regardless this is a game forum, not a dictatorship with you telling people thier OPINIONS are wrong. Why should anybody care about your half thought, whiny tirades anyways... Thanks, didn't make much sense to me either, thought I might have been going crazy. Seems like he let's his emotions do the typing and not so much his mind.
  3. trqfreak350

    Seed List

    Medicinal, and cooking herbs don't seem have seeds, just veggies.
  4. trqfreak350

    New Islands

    Check in the swamps under water, the ones in C8 have loads of silver nodes.
  5. I've made several suggestion without ever hinting, of, in fact of being against fast traveling or making ships faster. So if anything you've not taken the time to read what people have written. It boggles my mind that you're saying that because a facet of a game is boring to some, it's not the devs fault, it's ours and we need to invent ways of making it interesting... Did you stop to think that the sheer time investment required to make any progress is what keeps numbers low? I've got a dozen or so friends that won't even pick it up on sale because they don't want to grind day in day out and sail for days to make any kind of progress. They even do 2x weekends already to keep people grinding and help alleviate the tired repetition. It's nothing new to me with 3,000+ hours into ark. The thing that you miss in every thread is that when people are trying to gather resources for let's say mythical ballista or cannons being expedient and effecient with your time in doing so is best, I'm not diving wrecks because we have one hundred thousand gold stored already and when you've done them 100 times there isn't a lot that's gonna suprise you down there. I'm not jumping in the water to play with sharks and I just blow through groups of ships and eat the damage and repair later because the time I have is valuable to me, I like this game so therefore I'm submitting my opinion on the state of sailing hours on end. I work 48-70 Hour weeks and I still play daily for small amoumts of time, and I make the best use of what I have. I've logged 1000 hours thus far, I'm still playing and sailing around DAILY and I make it interesting by watching a movie or catch up on some episodes of a show I've not had the time to watch. Hunted ships of the damned in C6 for BPs just today with 4 ships for about 3 hours as well. Also having gotten hundreds of discovery points on islands and still counting. I can't be as hardcore and dedicate my life to sailing in a video game, good luck with your interest in it, and I'll keep doing what I have fun in this game doing. Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one, and everybody thinks that everybody else's stinks. Simple as that.
  6. The toxicity with some of you never ends, calling names because of a Difference in opinion. So because you like the monotony of watching a ship sail through a virtual ocean I'm a moron... Think again. It is all pixels but watching a ship sail for hours on end is not what many view fun, with over 1,000 hours in this game I'm allowed to voice my opinion in any channel if this forum whether it agrees with yours or not I couldn't care less. Stow the hard-core keyboard warrior shit and stfu
  7. because it's not actually sailing, it's sitting at a desk watching pixels in the form of a ship sailing, I like being on the water in real life, there is a sense of adventure, my time is spent on the sea, or rivers spent looking at wildlife, and scenery. There isn't much of that to do in this game, you just watch the ship pixels move through the water pixels. i'd rather catch up on a couple episodes of a show i like, or watch a movie on my other monitor. I love this game, but making long trips is just Dull, there was another thread where people were voicing their opinions as well. on a side note, we had a four man crew on a brig last night to go to powerstones for them, as soon as we were done with the stone and setting off for another one 3 out of 4 went back to doing something else whether it be creating another ship, or harvesting materials on another island, and the 1 was left alone to watch ship pixels move through water pixels.
  8. trqfreak350

    Tortugar spawnrate...

    It's also a wan't not a "need" to play the game, it's one of those flair tames, and historically if something is rare it's worth putting time into, if you want one put in the time to find one, we put in some time the day the patch dropped and eventually found one, only to see it's utterly worthless. GL.
  9. trqfreak350

    Schrodinger's cargo box

    i noticed that i was checking the mechanics of it, i put some stuff in there and now i have that floating in our harbor and can't loot it lol
  10. trqfreak350

    So you want to tame a tortugar.

    We got 6.9% affinity on prime animal meat, which is the same as I get feeding honey to a bear when taming top level so prime may be on the same level as crab meat
  11. trqfreak350

    The Ice Box .

    We're in tropical and so far it's made two stacks for us somehow lol
  12. trqfreak350

    How to get Legendary or Mytical Shipyard?

    Just keep mapping journeyman or masterwork is where we've found our mythical yard bps
  13. trqfreak350

    Grand Tortugar

    we tamed an 11, and it tamed at 16, sorely disappointed in the hours we spent looking for it lol 22 damage to a shark, it has high weight 2200 but really... i can't see a reason i'd use it.
  14. trqfreak350

    sniper nerf

    guns need to be somewhat viable, bears were OP since launch but i think the guns wouldn't feel as bad IF the melee combat wasn't as wonky, see any pirate movie, or black sails show, and usually it's 2 flintlocks, and then sword combat
  15. trqfreak350

    How to get Legendary or Mytical Shipyard?

    just gotta get lucky, we've found 2, 1 @ 258%, and one at 145% we actually bought a craft of someody that crafted at 219% we're hoping we get ships up to 150-151