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  1. Delnis of Ashai

    In defense of cooking and the vitamin system: an editorial

    I did a lot of research with food as KRAZMUZE did and completely agree with him, I always eat veggies and fruits after fish and meat. And I have nothing to complain about managing vitamins but in my opinion the system lack of interest, rewards, and logic. Some logic frustrations: I think that devs added vitamin system under the inspiration of scurvy disease. And when I've eaten Lime (fruit) and get 1C I get really mad... Everyone knows that Lime is the best cure against scurvy... and then I've understood that vitamin C values for fruits and berries is 1C and this very strange cause there are have an examples: for herbs +1A, vegetable +5A, cooked meat +5B, prime cooked meat +15B, cooked fish +5D, prime cooked fish +15D. Maybe make fruits vitamin value +5C instead of berries? How do you think? Berry tea! Take 100 water + 5 berries (vitamin C) and u get +5 vitamin A and 15 water! Where is the rest of the water? Where vitamin C? And where the logic? Devs are making a pirate style game and don't know anything about Grog and Rum. For devs those who don't know - rum is strong (40%-70% ABV) an alcoholic drink made from sugarcane byproducts. And grog is a mixed rum with water or hot tea. In Royal Navy used to add lemon or lime to prevent scurvy. So who can explain why in ATLAS Grog is made from water and sugar and Rum is made from wheat (hold on... what? it's not vodka or beer! Devs you got sugar and even sugar cane here!), herbs, chili, and water? Moreover, why Grog is better and provide more buffs with a longer period than Rum which more expensive in craft and become useless... It's beyond my understanding... I can go ahead but I think this will not help... My sense of logic is already damaged :(
  2. Delnis of Ashai

    ship Unseat all, back to stations all command

    I can make you happy. At the steering wheel, you can choose groups of cannons and then press and hold for a 3 sec 'N' button. This make crew unseats all selected groups of cannons. Remember! When crew unseats cannons they become aggressive! So press and hold 'T' for 'whistle to passive'. Moreover to seat them back press 'right shift' button (no need to hold). But sometimes it's glitchy... And the best way to use this when the ship is anchored or fully anchored. When it doesn't work I hold 'H' button and press and hold 'N' or press 'right shift'. Wish a tailwind, gentlemen
  3. Delnis of Ashai

    In defense of cooking and the vitamin system: an editorial

    There are already have a passive skill which slow vitamin drain a lot! I don't see any annoying problems with it, and I don't spend a lot of time on it. To kill a simple animal or fish and cook it. It's a 2-minute action! And another minute to harvest some berries and vegetables. Who are these people for whom is so painfull and annoying? Let them go to Sea of Thieves and just sail around no content sea and no challenge shores. Devs can make this system more interesting more logical and more rewarding! And about dragons, torpedos in the game... I'm ok with that, but I will really grateful if they make big animals untameable... I don't wanna play ARK with ships:) I want more ships, sword fights and more interesting quest and mechanics. Cause ride a bear to beat undead which defends masterpiece treasure (cause without animals is a real pain) is kind of sick...
  4. Delnis of Ashai

    food Food system needs balance

    Vitamin system: I'm very enjoying the survival games so I think that vitamin system is a very fresh idea, but it needs more balance to make it more rewarding and less silly for salty players. I bet the more then half of ATLAS community don't like to keep vitamins in balance and they rather die than find and eat ten berries to fulfill vitamin C (I agree that sometimes it is a very convenient and fast way to restore food, water, and vitamins if the bed is nearby). For more balance needs to remove the health penalty for lack or excess of vitamins and just make a nonlethal debuff and vitamins quantity will not changes if you die and respawn on the bed. For vitamins buff, I think nothing to change and all works fine at that moment - If vitamins in balance and you hold it at 30 minutes (A,B,C,D quantity from 31 to 70) you get equilibrium buff like at that moment (+30 fortitude, +20% melee damage, +10% speed and maybe add slow hp regen). If one or all vitamins quantity from 21 to 30 or 71 to 80 you get nothing - no buff or debuff. But if vitamins quantity less then 20 you get A,B,C,D vitamin debuff. Lack or excess of one vitamin low stamina regeneration, two makes blur vision, three rise torpor, four make to loose oxygen and suffocating than. Moreover, for more convenient keeping vitamin C in balance needs to make fruits more valuable (+5 vitamin C) because at that moment berries and fruits is +1C, but others have +5 analog. for example - herbs +1A, vegetables +5A, cooked meat +1B, prime cooked meat +5B, cooked fish +1D, prime cooked fish +5D. Food and Recipes: Need to balance food and vitamins values in already existing recipes and add more recipes with normal ingredients, not like a Berry tea!!! Which crafts with 100 water and 5 berries (+5C) and give you +15 water and +5A!!! (omg where is the logic?! At the same place where the rest of the 85 water and replaced vitamin C I guess). I have one more "great" example is Grog and Rum. In real life, Grog is a Rum with water and spices but in the game, Grog makes from 100 water and 5 sugar. It will be ok if the Rum (100 water, 10 herbs, 5 sugar, 3 chili, and 10 wheat) give more profit then cheap Grog which gives you + melee damage, - damage taken, - food consumption, + hypothermal insulation, and B boost and all this for 30 minutes but Rum gives you the same + melee damage, - damage taken for 7 minutes... So please, dear developers, drow some conclusions and fix recipes and food system and make it more logic, flexible and enjoyable. Good luck with it!