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  1. Chukiki why do you make post after post being a troll? Go be a productive member of society and stop wasting your time.
  2. Have a friend grapple hook your body away from the tax bank or destroy it with cannons from afar
  3. What’s the point of having armored docks with 20 mill-30 mill health when all you have to do is destroy a 400k claim tower and place your own to steal the docks plus the ships in them?
  4. Maybe it is not as bad as I originally thought it was going to be. However, it is still too early to tell. Trying to be a little optimistic. I can see some pros but there are still a lot of cons to go along with it.
  5. What a joke. We managed to claim our allies beds and structures they have built around our stuff. That shouldn’t happen
  6. Unfortunately an office calendar was not in the budget this year so they completely forgot what day of the week it is...
  7. @Ranger1k we are on pvp NA lawless, with no control points. I have noticed some trades seem to degrade the longer they go on so I have to cancel those that start underperforming and find new ones that are more successful. About every 3-4 days I notice a decrease in income and have to adjust for it
  8. Lol well it’s a bit hard to explain without showing and I tried to upload a picture but it is too big to do from my phone. Basically I set up a loop of all my resources I am collecting when setting up the trade I do cotton for ANY fiber my wetwood and light wood for ANY wood, my roots for ANY thatch. Etc etc.When I say ANY, that means I am choosing the request icon that looks like the basic resource of that item. When you do that so long as the person you are trading with doesn’t actually those basic broken down resources in their warehouse it will substitute it for whatever specific resource they do have so long as it is not the one you are sending them already. I then set up another trade of whatever resources I am getting from my trade partners back to them . Hope I explained this in a way that isn’t to confusing. Sometimes I cancel my trades if I’m not getting a lot of activity from a particular company and the tried to find a partner that I trade more with. I have a journeyman lumberyard, and fine quarry. Rest is common
  9. @Ranger1k and @NaconaI have found you can make a nice lump of change if you set you market up correctly. I can get between 10-20k every 8 hours. Trading with 4 companies. And 5 farms connected to a warehouse. Something I have noticed is that with time if you start getting a bunch of aborted trades which results in less and less income. the best thing you can do is delete your market and rebuild it. That fixes it for me. Also when requesting trade routes try to find the ones with 8/8 or less routes. (Ex. 7/8, 6/8, 5/8 etc etc) not entirely sure of the correlation yet but think it has to do with the routes your shipment has to take to reach its destination, but that is totally speculative? If anyone knows please share your knowledge.
  10. Dev team- “we want to support small tribes and lone wolves” also dev team “let’s introduce a mechanic to make it even easier for large companies to have a monopoly of the map” -_-‘
  11. @Ranger1k swimming beside it also didn’t work, I gave up trying but thank you for the suggestions. Maybe it’s cause I’m on Xbox and atlas is just not Xbox friendly lol
  12. So went and captured a sea fort and decided to place the tax bank in the walls on the flag as I placed it my game crashed and crashes each time I try to log back in. My buddy tried to drag my body away but when he got close his game crashed too and now neither of us can get back in. Anyone else experiencing this and what to do?
  13. I have tried it from every angle I can and in deep water but is just says obstructed. It is a fresh raft that I just crafted so nothing is on it. It is something I would probably never use but when I saw it I thought oh that would be a funny thing to have sitting around.
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