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  1. VladDracula

    Under Water Base

    simple, you need to go with a ship right on top of the base and drop nades witch should land on top of the water base/roof.
  2. A short list with some fixes and maybe some new features who can be added to the game. Land- -The max health on characters should be limited at 300 and only with BP gear we should be able to cross 300 health.(more fair fights between players) -Fix pike range underwather (is huge and higher in comparison when is used on land) -The glider should loose altitude depending on the weight of the character.(More weight means much faster loosing altitude). -The timer for heal our self with a medkit should be increased. -To heal our self under the wather with a medkit shouldnt be a thing. -Increase mortar damage (it is no longer effective against galies with full resistence,no sense to use mortars against enamy ships even if is an 200% damage mortar. -Increase the 3rd person view when using mortars, we cant use the mortars properly when the mortar is placed somewhere in top of the pillar/cliff. -Increase Standard Carbine damage. -More gun depression for ballista. -More gun depression for Swivel. -Increase puckle resistence, 2 nades and the puckle is gone (Fix puckles behind the stairs) -We shouldnt be able to contest the flag when we are inside the submarine. -We should be allowed to move the flag location in our island once per week without loosing the island claim. -Less range for cannon on tames especially when the tames are on top of the hill/cliff. -Let as to able to pick the Swivel/Puckle/Ballista whenever we want and be able put it somewhere else. -Because no one is farming resources for BP walls/cellings/floors everyone prefers to spam more walls layers so will be nice if we can crafts on usual smithy with only 1 type of resources walls/cellings etc with 1/3/5/x resistence and off course the costs should be much higher but at least the walls spam will be much less or maybe BP with random resistence between 1 and 5 but this BP shouldnt ask for more types of resouces. SEA- - More speed for ships when backwards. -Fix Grapplinghook ships (We shouldnt be able to grap an enamy ship if our ship have less weight than enamy ship). -Let us to be able to take parts from enamy ship or from our ship who got sunk planks/sails/deck.etc (More reasons to sail and have sea fights). -The resistence on ships should be limited at 300. -Let us to decide if our/any ally company can see our ships position on the sea (this is for sea fights). -Let us to be able to reset our points for ships same like our character. -We need large doors who can be used for Harbour entrance,in particular for Galleon. -The cannons placed on ships should do less damage to structures on land. -Will be nice notifications when an ally join in the grid so will not be neccesary everytime to asking in ally chat who joined. I can explain even better why i'm asking this changes if someone is really interested.Will be nice to see your opinions about this list @Dollie and @Jatheish and off course the opinions from our community. ( 2700 hours in game only on PVP official if someone is curious)
  3. VladDracula

    Limit the number of grenades in your inventory!

    Good step but not enough, increase the timer for equip and limit the slot bar for only one slot for grenades not 9, also increase the damage for puckles and the resistence, even if is a BP puckle is no longer effective against this higher levels enamy, everyone going directly to puckles because they have HP.
  4. VladDracula

    Do you care ? we care

    A new patch and seems nothing about grenades, blackjacks and puckles,the dev team really have to test this things or at least they should listen the community about what is the new meta and what is wrong about this. How about give me 200 grenades and ill go directly to 5 puckles near the wall where the puckles can't shoot(450hp+armour+food+medkit) im still alive ill use my medkit im full hp I'll throw few nades near the puckles,puckles dead, -ill use my climbing pick to the enamy top base,maybe few more puckles or not who cares less nades or more in my inventory, from the top roof of the base try to stop me when i can spam nades every second, -who cares about about your 1 wall layers or 3 or 5 (300dmg/s,18000dmg/minut,36000dmg/2min),try to kill me inside your base with a weapon when i can jump and throw grenades like crazy (450hp/good armour/food)You Can't! This was an example only for 1 person but let's think what will be the situation when is more than one. This is how the players from biggest companies dissaparead after the night,this how most of the tames are dead in EU PVP A3 A4 B4 B5 C4 C5 etc,this is how all breeders left the game and not only.Is not nice to lose all your work in few minutes not hours. What is the point to declare war and use the mortar when i have 200 "mortar shoots" in my inventory ? What is the point to Breed tames 1 month for good stats when one naked guy with blackjack can unmounted me from the tame,you know a unmounted tame is dead by the enamy swivel tame if you lose the tame control for few seconds. What is the point to spam Puckles when is enough 2 grenades and the puckles are destroyed and also seems the puckles doesnt react when the server is full (10 fps/255 ping). What is the point to spam Towers/Puckles/Ballista when the enamy cannon bear/horse have a insane range? What is the point to chase someone which is low hp when he can heal under the water with his medkit in 4 seconds. What is the point to be full gear/food when a naked can grappling hook me and drag me close to a puckle or whatever,no chance to escape from the grappling hook.(give me something) This a short list which was discussed inside a big alliance and nobody is happy how is the meta now, even the enamy are worried about how the game evolved but evolved in a bad direction and everyone is waiting for an answer. Directly from EU PVP with concerns. Easy fix: -Limit the amount of the nades who can be carry by a player/add weight/add more time reload etc. -Increase the damage/resistence for Puckles.(are no longer effective) -Decrease the range of cannon horse/bear on the land. -Fix the problem with grappling hook with a minigame so at aleast we have a chance to escape. -Fix the blackjack -Fix the problem with the medkit healing under the wather or in wather. Thank you.
  5. VladDracula

    Unable to query server info for invite

    EU PVP C14 down for 3 hours,zzZzz..