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  1. You already have it, you just need to play the sextant mini game and you get a speed indicator.
  2. Question: Would it be useful to setup a Community ideas review council, that would then review all ideas given by the community and prioritise those that the community think are important. Obviously the final say would be grapeshots as it has to fit in with your development plans. However it would give you a clearer view of the communities opinion, and a truer representation of how the community feels the game is developing, without all the negging and trolling that is currently in the forums.
  3. Question: When is the AI going to be further developed? At this time we have basic AI that will do basic fighting, Cannon and ship sailing. I believe that NPCs should be integrated more into the game, so that towns and villages look busier, and you can bump into AI on the road, maybe even a Pirate gangs trying to mug you. The potential is endless. I would like to see the AI developed further, so that we can make AI more useful in tasks such as Gardening (Fertiliser deposits, and crop collection; Farming (Stone, Thatch, Fibre, and stone.). This game is supposed to be a Pirate Adventure, but currently 80% of my time is spent farming. Also I know of at least 20 settlers on my island that have left the game citing that the game is too farming intensive. In addition the NPCs could act as Law Enforcement to help with a reputation system. Which leads to ..... QUESTION 2: When will a reputation system be added to the game? This can then be linked with a Law enforcement system to make base raiding more challenging, as a neg reputation would be gotten when you attack another company in combat time, thus alerting the Royal Navy (CONCORD/POLICE) and making it potentially harder for you to get away with your stolen bootie. A suggestion of how this could work is available at. The reputation system could also be used to improve the rep between companies, maybe a system whereby the company can either add remove reputation points to your company as they see fit, or a more automated system of the the more your work near them in peace the better your reputation gets.
  4. Actually you will see that I recommended that the Dynamic gate from S+ mechanic be added. That includes the 2 High Gate. Therefore I have not excluded the 2-High Gate, I have simply suggested as per my post on the subject, that the majority of the people who commented on the post (open to the whole Community) have suggested that a medium size gate between that of the 4x2 and the 11x6 is their priority. I don't believe anyone requested a 2x2 gate as thee first priority in that post. So I have been polling the community on this subject, I must admit I have never spoken to any person that has thought that we need another small gate. So congrats you are the first. NB: I like the 2x2 gate, I am currently using it on my house. It just not what all those expressed to me is their priority.
  5. @Jatheish IN the patch notes you say " New Item: "Small Gates". 2-wall high gate structures for wood and stone." Thats fine but you completely missed what most players have been saying. The 2 wall high is not needed, as most people seem to be happy with the 4 high gate. What IS missing though is a gate larger than the 4 high gate, but not so ridiculously big that it make any building you build either stupidly big, or looks silly with an oversize gate on a tiny building. Most players I've spoken to want something along the line of a 6 x 4 gate , or big enough to fit an Elephant or Rhino through, the current mega gate is pointless. Personally I think you should add the Dynamic gate from the S+ mod, and be done with it. Please give the community what it wants and not always what you think it wants. We cant shout any louder.
  6. Firstly it cant be "personally" if it is the opinion of everyone you have played with, unless of course you don't have your own opinions, but then it would be "Based of the opinion of all those I have played with, I have decided that.......". However my point is that not everyone hates the vitamin system. Personally I like it. It is well balanced and adds to the game play, as it ensures that you have to farm the right foods and learn the right skills to make sure you can survive properly. Based on what I have read from various commentators, it is my opinion that the reason you don't like the vitamin system is because you don't want to ""Waste"" skill points levelling the Vitamin protection up, but would rather spend the points on what you feel improves your style of game-play. After all why spend skill points on preventing vitamin decay when you could punch harder, or learn how to make cannons, etc. Dude, its part of the game. If you wish the max out on weapons and PVP based skills then fine, but then you suffer on the survival skills. Stop bitching about the fact that the game is not what you want, and accept that they are trying to make a balanced survival game that can be played and enjoyed by the maximum demographic, and not just by a bunch of Gung-ho PVPers who want nothing more that to destroy or dominate all other players. Realise that this game is a balance of PVP and PVE, and is meant to be played as such. Like EVERYTHING in life, good games are about finding a balance.
  7. I would like to comment on the statement made by @Adfax Personally, I like the Age mechanic. It adds to the game play. However I would like to see it slightly different, more like the original idea they had for it. That is that over a period of time you get older and eventually die (as you would IRL), once you die (and this can be based on pure age limit i.e. 100 years, or based on the amount of damage you have taken over your life, much like Star Citizens age mechanic) your character is recreated as a young teenager and your skills need to be relearned, however you get to keep the levels that your ancestor obtained through finding discoveries. I think this would add more gameplay, and a more realistic way to allow you to rebuild your character, other than using a silly mind wipe tonic. I absolutely agree, the melee mechanic is ridiculous. It should be more like ARKs melee mechanic. The auto lock is annoying and can be used against you (I appreciate it can be turned off, but then whats the point of having it in the first place.) Once again I completely agree. I ended up HAVING to play with a Mega tribe, as we as a tribe of around 24 were constantly being annihilated by the 50-100+ tribes. We could never attack them as they would know it was us, and would immediately retaliate and wipe us. Therefore the only way we could enjoy the game and have any chance of surviving was to join up with other bigger tribes. I can see that if this mechanic doesn't change, no matter what else changes in the game, the only way you can play this game and enjoy it, is to be as a larger tribe. In ARK we would drown a member of a tribe we want to be accused of the attack, and simply knock out a tamed dino on the side we wanted to attack, and place the players ID tag inside. Then more times than not the tribe would find the tag assume the other tribe had attacked them, and go raid them. Job done. Espionage is not possible if we all know who attacked us. | disagree with Adfaxs comments here. I believe that Turrets are the only way a small tribe can ever take time away from their base, whether it be for exploration, & conquest or just going to work/school, time off or sleeping. The only other option is to make the buildings and ships overly strong, or add permanent raid protection (both on and offline). The game-play with turrets is to find a way around them (either by Tanking them till they run out of ammo, destroying them with explosives and cannons, or killing the AI manning them) that's just part of the game, and a fun part. I want this game to be hard, i don't want it to just be a simple run around offline raiding game where I can break through a door in 2 seconds and steal all their stuff with no consequences. I agree, however I would go further and say that really who cares who's in the top 10, its an ego thing, and I have no time for it. If you must have it, then make it based on something like the length of time you have held the most land, or maybe the richest top 10 based on the amount of gold you have (wouldn't that be more true to RL). Number of players - Nope. Number of Ships or Structures owned - Wouldnt work. Number of friends on the server - Awww bless. Nope. The only way this ego trip could work is by the amount of gold owned or the length of time land held, as already stated. On this point I Absolutely agree. When we eventually joined a mega tribe, they had SO Many beds, literally hidden on every island, that all we had to do to level up, was jump from bed to bed. I took me less than an hour to get over 150 extra levels, that should have taken me weeks if not months to get. If you are an XP junky and thats why you play then great, woohoo you've read the last page of the book without reading the story, great for you. (Slight touch of Irony). However If the devs want us to actually play the game as intended, then they need to make the beds Individual or limited. Thanks Adfax for some great and useful thoughts. In additional I also believe that What the current game needs is for the players to get reputations., and for there to be an NPC Royal Navy (Police). Then for those players that like offline raiding and attacking targets that they are not in an official declared WAR with, they would get a worse reputation. If they are seen on the seas by the NPC royal Navy they will be attacked. The Royal Navy should (like the Ships of the damned), come in various sized ships. But the Royal navy unlike the ships of the damned should only attack ships with players on that have a poor reputation. Therefore if the player with the bad reputation jumped overboard the Navy ship would target on the player with the poor reputation and not continue after the ship. At the end of the day, why penalise the crew mates when maybe only one person has been raiding. Obviously the worse the reputation the bigger the aggro range of the player, and the easier it is for the NPC royal Navy to detect. Reputation should not reset when you die, but should only reset when you die of old age or fountain of youth regen. To regain your reputation, you should get a reputation increase for every game Month that you don't attack someone. The worse your reputation the longer it takes to get rid of it. This would force more official wars to be fought, and get rid of a lot of the offline raiding. We could also have Law enforcers walking around the Free ports. Which would then arrest or kill law breakers as detected. If arrested, the criminal would only be released by the Law enforcers on receipt of a substantial fine. The amount would be based on the level of their reputation. Once the fine is paid they would lose approx 50% of their reputation, and a 30 minute armistice would be granted, before the law enforcer would be allowed to recapture the assailant, giving them enough time to finish their business in Freeport, and leave the area. Payment of the fine should be in person (i.e. a crew mate from the same company would have to physically attend a freeport Naval Office to make the payment). In the event that the perpetrator is a solo player, there should be the option to be released,and to bring the payment to the enforcers within a time limit (lets say 1 hour). Failure to make the payment will double the fine, and increase the negative reputation substantially. You could also have a Law Enforcer on board the Royal Naval ships, that could arrest the assailant at sea, and take them to the nearest Freeport for detention, until the fine is paid. At all times the reputation of a player should be visible, as per the current char/company name. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/46983-royal-navy-npc-law-reputation-enforcement/ Anyways these are just the ravings of a mad man who can really see a great potential in this game, so long as both the devs and the player base don't treat it as just another BS PVP kill everything game, and can see the bigger potential.
  8. I have over 600 hours invested in this game, and I have been fully prepared for this day and more like it to come. My main role in the game is to build and farm, so I have more to lose than the average PVPer. The game has great potential but people need to realise that not every game invented needs to be nor should be just about moron assured mutual destruction. Attack be attacked, raid be raided.... There can be a lot more to these games, as I believe there will be in time with Atlas. I love the fact Player Economy is coming in at some point, with markets, and trading. Why not, it adds to the enjoyment. I also hope the Devs will bring in my suggestions of a Royal Navy NPC AI fleet to tackle law breakers and those who get poor reputations (Just like the 'Concord' in EVE). Some Players have said to me on other threads that if I don't like PVP then I should go to the PVE servers. However i do enjoy defending my self, tames and bases, but just not in the unrealistic way that is currently being done. In 600 hours I have been moved on by larger tribes 4 times, each time we end up merging with other tribes, and making new alliances. At the moment we are allied with the mega tribe that destroyed our base and kicked us off our first island. How does that even happen, the game is completely banjaxed and not because of the devs, but because of the mentality of the players who just want to spend every day of the week and weekend killing everyone else around, then moving off to kill everyone else in every other area to, for no other reason than the fact they exist. After that new alliances form of all the people who attacked each other in the first place, and the whole sworded game play starts again. Having watched the way the game was going from the start, we first lost most individual players, as they were all kicked off of the tribe held islands, or forced to join up. Then we started losing the small tribes for the same reason, then the medium, and now the 100 plus tribes are having to form mass alliances and are starting the merge into mega tribes.Whats next, do all mega tribes end up merging until we have 2 super mega tribes, and what then happens to anyone who isnt part of these tribes.. Oh yeah they leave as there is nowhere left to play. Great going lads. I have lost more fellow players due to this reason than any other. The almost constant need by some tribes to just grief bases for sometimes days at a time, is just ridiculous. Get a real life. This game is supposed to be a blend of action and adventure on the high seas, with trading, and fighting, and sailing, and singing, and dancing, and taming, and exploring, and building, and so on. Instead its turning into just another BS kill or be killed mindless fps game. i'm glad the devs a wiping, I hope they realise that there are more people out there that want a more fully immersive and rounded game experience. I would be Happy to have sea battles with any of you, but also happy to explore and farm and get a more realistic pirate adventure game with you all too. Well done devs about time, after all, this is an Early Access game, and prone to wipes until stable.
  9. Yes, that is exactly what i am saying, and so are alot of other people. Devs dont always get it right. Hense why they release games as Early Access. Just because someone comes up with a great concept , doesn't mean that you dont take on board other peoples ideas. Thats one of the main principals of business. Do your Market research, and adjust the product to best suit the largest target market. No company can ever succeed on the back of just one person. They have the opportunity to make something that can last and be a trully fun game. It really depends now on whether they are open to listening, or narrow minde and inwardly looking. Unfortunately, after watching the last town hall they did, it get the feeling that they are being run by a bunch of geek programmers who like mindless PVP and grieving. They need to start focusing on the Lore, play-ability, and mass appeal. Rather than just Trolling, Grieving and killing. Look, we have a different idea of what makes a great game. We are probably both right, for our own gaming style. I just think that they have the opportunity here to make something completely different to the normal MMO FPS PVP BS that is so frequently made these days. This game was sold to me as EVE meets ARK. So far ive seen the ARK, now its time to start seeing the EVE.
  10. You completely missed the point, and if that is what the devs think too, then so have they. This game is not about PVP its about PvPvE. Stop trying to make it like every other dead arse bullshit PVP survival game, that goes down the plughole the same way all the rest do. To make this game SUCCESSFUL it needs to be about balance. I have no problems with fighting other players, I do it everyday and enjoy it. As I said its about balance. I lost over 30 members of my company (we still have plenty left btw), simply because this game is a constant PVP to PVP to PVP to PVP. There is no let up. You enjoy playing that way, but the majority dont. Hense why over 500,000 player bought the game and there are only around 10-12000 MAX playing at its busiest time, now the game is a few weeks in. If you want a game that eventually will become 2 massive tribes fighting each other or against a few Noobs,. then great have fun. Just remember to turn the lights out when you end up on your own, as that is the quickest way to kill this game. This game has the potential to be more than the next in the line of mindless kill or be killed games. I dont want to play a trading game on a PVE server, its boring. I want to play an action adventure trading exploration and conquest game on a PvPvE servers. There doesnt need to be a them and us situation (i.e. your PVP or PVE, Choose one). The game play/mechanics just need to be adjusted to allow for both. If we all started to compromise a bit, we would get a great game.
  11. I have 2 elephant and 2 Bears on EU PVE doing this. and 1 Crow on EU PVP doing the same. Whats going on as I cant ride my elephants anymore
  12. When people see the words PVP, they always immediately go into the "destroy everything" frenzy. From all the content i have read from both players and devs, it seems to me that the intention of this game WAS to be more of an immersive action, adventure, PvPvE experience. More akin to an Imagined real life survival than the shallow PVP kill everyone ""If your not in my clan you die"" neanderthal game play that most survival games have become. This game has become about merging tribes to get the biggest army going and dominating the biggest amount of area, rather than aiming at its full potential of becoming a kick arse trading game, with missions, dangers and of course PVP. At the end of the day who doesn't like a massive sea battle. What a majority of players that i have spoken to object to (irrespective of clan size), is farming all evening to build a ship, only to then come on the next day to find it burned out and scuttled in harbour. Kill it at sea by all means. You mentioned about building ship houses to protect the ships, but all this does is make the game immersion worse, as we now have to sail around looking at hundreds of square boxes all over the map; and cause more lag on the server due to the increased number of buildings required to protect everything. Smaller clans are always at the disadvantage, as trying to keep a ship alive, and trying to also farm for protection for that ship is almost impossible. In the limited game time that most people have, due to family life and work commitments. if ... the devs want to maximise the number of players online, and make this game more fun for the majority, there has to be a balance. Offline raiding protection for at least ships will allow for better game play, and more sea battles. It will Increase player counts, as less people will rage quit (Who doesn't love spending all their game time chopping trees and rocks), and allow for smaller tribes to remain as smaller nomadic tribes as they wish to be, and not get forced to merge with bigger tribes to survive. This game is not all about PVP, it has to be a balance to be truly great.
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