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  1. Rats

    New claim system

    It's total garbage and will drive even more players away, unless of course you're in one of the dev's favourite mega tribes.
  2. Rats

    Landlords and GMs

    Great just what the game needs mega's being gm's now, what next.
  3. Do you really think a mega company is going to let you move in and build a city ?. Very unlikely and they'll only want you there to pay taxes and farm free mats for them so they don't have to do it themselves.
  4. Rats


    Not surprised by the result of this poll so far and would most likely get the same results for pvp servers as well. The dev's just don't get it that no one wants to pay taxes and be a slave to the mega's, bu the problem is they only listen to the mega's for input. Reap what you sow.
  5. Rats


    A poll like this needs to be done in the PVP forum as well because there are just as many pvp players that don't want to pay tax either. I will be only playing on lawless again after the wipe or not at all because I'm not going to be a slave to the mega's and pay for their island upkeep every time I want to build something.
  6. That's exactly how the mega's will get around never being attacked because once they get the war notification of date and time with a cap of 250 players per alliance they will just alert all members to make sure they log in to the server for that time frame and the enemy attackers will never be able to show a force big enough to attack because they wont be able to log in.
  7. Rats

    Wipe 27/3 at what time EU? *date edited*

    Don't count on it being the 20th March, these dev's have a terrible habit of failing to deliver anything on time.
  8. Rats

    Remove/Nerf Grapeshot swivels from boat.s

    I agree and think NPC's should only be able to be used on sails and repairs nothing else not even land based weapons, puckles etc. It's supposed to be a pvp game but instead its player versus npc. The devs took them off canon carriages for the same reason.
  9. Rats

    Reformation of or new companines

    I also like that idea and it seems like it should be the way to play the game roaming from server to server not just fixed in one land based spot all the time.
  10. Rats

    Reformation of or new companines

    They will be all running around madly to claim as many islands as fast as they can and the game will be back to where it was before.
  11. Rats

    New map

    I have a solution and its make every island lawless with no taxes or territory control claim flags. Not everyone wants to be in a mega or be a slave to them.
  12. Rats

    New map

    That will be the intention of everyone and there is not enough land, it all goes around in circles again. New players coming to the game will have the same problems as the first launch and leave the game shortly after.
  13. Only sustainable for mega's taxing the fuck out of everyone.
  14. Rats

    New map

    Hopefully not and I hope they really mix up all the islands and move every node spawn around so everyone starts again on a even keel. It will be a mad rush by all the mega's to land claim as many islands as they can and tax everyone else that isn't part of them. I won't even bother to come back and play again because I won't be paying tax or becoming a slave to a mega.
  15. Rats

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    The claim system is a joke, just make it all lawless one flag per company and a set area radius to build in with a one week decay timer. Simple as that.