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  1. Adfax

    Ship Anchored 300% resistance suggestion

    And why is that a problem? They're only so many players, and only so many per server; and a ship limit could easily be implemented. If they do the work, they should have the ships. It is much harsher on small companies to leave it as is, as it essentially makes big tribes untouchable to the little guy.
  2. Adfax

    Ship Anchored 300% resistance suggestion

    They should just scrap the resist buff, and make ships cheaper to make so people don't cry when they lose them. Just make ships a disposable commodity.
  3. So I waste hours of my life dealing with this stupid mechanic, the worst part of the game, only to have it reverted again after I've returned from the journey.. Back to being 90 years old again. Hours sailing there, trying to run naked into that garbage cave, and then hours sailing back; and now I have to go and do it again. How do I know it won't be lost again after I do that?... How do I know my time isn't just being thrown away a second time? Are you kidding me? I'm so close to quitting this game. If that buff isn't returned, i'm done. You had your chance, and I told you about this pointless shit. Just remove the mechanic and make age a cosmetic option in the character creator.
  4. The age mechanic is a terrible idea. It needs to be removed.. I've already argued it many many times as to why it is such a terrible addition.
  5. Offline raiding is stealth, it isn't fair on small tribes who want to attack big tribes. You literally can't hurt them anymore with these ridiculous changes. It'll just be megatribes dumping on everyone, and no one will be able to hit them back.
  6. The more you make stealth options less viable, aka : offline raiding; the more you make it impossible for small tribes to hurt megatribes. The cure to this problem is simple : make ships cheap to make. The reason people hate losing their ships to offline raiding isn't due to ships being too easy to sink, it is because you've made them too expensive. If ships are always disposable, make them cheaper. You'll find less people complain. Megatribes are already playing on the easiest difficulty by simply being teamed with so many people. They are the worst players on the game, STOP making it easier for them.
  7. No, it'd be much easier just to convince the devs what does and does not suck about their game. It is a fallacy? Why is it a fallacy? We make computers for a purpose, therefore, they stem from emotion. The logic is completely sound. You're just in denial because to admit to that would be to admit you were wrong; which you're far too emotional to do. I've explained the argument, it has no errors you've been able to point out. It isn't a fallacy. If AI writes it's own code, it STILL comes from emotion. WHY? Because it still all stems back to emotion. The AI that writes it's code was programmed by what? A human driven by emotion. Therefore? Therefore my argument still stands.
  8. If I were, this game would be much much better.
  9. I have already pointed out that the programming in those computers STEMS from emotion. This is why I said you're mistaking what i'm saying. What you are saying would apply if I was saying "emotion is logic", which is not what i'm saying. I'm saying all logic stems from emotion; even in a computer. No, the computer isn't experiencing emotion; the person who made it was. The person who is inputting commands was.
  10. Wrong. There was emotion in the post, but the core argument remains logical. But as I already said, you can't have logic without emotion first. So every post has emotion.
  11. It does.You'd never commit to a logical thought without a feeling first. Your emotions are your reason. They come from your base instincts filtered through your beliefs.
  12. You don't have a counter argument, I get it. Don't be a sore loser though. What i'm saying is completely... Logical. It is a simple matter of cause and effect.
  13. Settle down; it isn't that bad. I just want you to argue your points better.
  14. Right, but those machines are programmed for a purpose, from which the ultimate purpose stems from emotion. Without emotion, you never have logic. You're misunderstanding. You're thinking i'm saying "emotion is logic". No, i'm saying you'll never have a logical thought without a feeling first.
  15. You only agree because they're attempting to help your failed argument. Failing at their attempt at that. Okay, maybe it was rude to say you were "stupid", I admit to that. But everything else is true. Do I have to actually explain this to you also?...Okay then. If you felt nothing, you would do nothing. Everything you do ties back to your base emotions/instincts in some facet or other. If you had no base emotions, you'd have no reason to do anything, and thus would do nothing. No logical thoughts, nothing. Logic is in service to emotion. You're now guilty of the same sin as the person you're trying to help, which was exactly my problem. Think it through before you post.