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  1. No, you're just up the dev's ass regarding almost everything. It is quite sickening honestly.
  2. Are you kidding me... You're letting people set attack windows?... Is this a joke? Guys... HOW IS A SMALL COMPANY MEANT TO TAKE ON A BIG COMPANY IF WE CAN'T EVEN ATTACK THEM WHEN THEY'RE WEAK???????? STOP with these changes that just make big companies more and more invulnerable to attack.. My god.. Every nerf to offline raiding is just making the game harder and harder for small companies. Big tribes are essentially unimpacted by this.. Why? Because they have people online ALL THE TIME. Stealth is NECESSARY for small tribes to compete. Stop forcing people to fight head to head. You're just making this game all brawn and no brains; what is the point? Whoever has the most players will win.. Wowww Great design.. Really deep and strategic.. Stop letting the crybabies convince you offline raiding is why your game is dying.. That is NOT why your game is dying. If that were the reason your game was dying, ARK would be dead; but as you can see, ark is still going strong. The most popular servers STILL being PVP.
  3. If it were because of lag, then if I maintain a stationary position outside of where I know I should be able to see something, it should eventually load in. It does not. Therefore it is not lag. It is specifically set not to render in until I reach a certain distance from the object. I'm saying this distance is way WAY too short.
  4. Honestly.. I'd be okay with this wipe IF I knew my character was being preserved. Everything you have ingame aside from your character is impermanent anyway, and thus already lost. Wiping characters is just going to kill this game. Never delete characters in MMOs. Never.
  5. Can't see ships or bases until you're right on top of them.. Utterly stupid.. I'm sailing around trying to find someone to have a ship battle with, can't find anyone because the render range is so low.. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.. Ridiculous.
  6. This game's playerbase is in freefall right now.. You're still clinging to mechanics that shouldn't be in the game. 1. The age mechanic Nobody bought this game to worry about age, or hunt a fountain, people bought the game to be pirates. You know; what you advertised the game as? Every time I have to think about that fountain, or my character slowly looking a way I don't want them to look, I just get annoyed; it just makes me, and many others want to quit, because we know the hunt for the fountain NEVER ENDS. It must end... Maybe you should even just give eternal youth on the third run when the buff no longer stacks, that way atleast we know we don't have to keep running it over and over. It is that idea that it never ends that really puts people off. It is like we have to be tortured every month. Sure, you removed the debuff.. But no one is going to pass up that buff... Just remove the whole thing, make age a slider in the character creator; or for the love of god just give us eternal youth when the buff is capped. 2. Convoluted melee Melee is just useless right now.. It is utterly embarrassing actually.. You've completely overcomplicated it; you need to keep it simple. There are many ways to fix this.. But the main problem with melee is obvious.. The mobility. Either you need a way of melee players being able to prevent people from running (not exclusively the very bottom talent); or you need a way to hit people who are mobile when you've closed the gap. Right now, all you have are people shooting eachother with guns, and fire arrows.. It is brainless. 3. Anti-stealth gameplay How is a small company supposed to compete with a big company when you can't do anything against them without being alerted? You give players too much information on stuff happening. What If I wanted to turn a mega tribe against a mega tribe? Play on their insecurities by attacking them at just the right time, and trigger a war? But noooo, you don't let us attack something without telling them precisely who attacked it. Stupidity. Let us use our intelligence to trick and deceive people, otherwise it becomes a game about pure brawn. Boring predictable brawn; where numbers define everything. You don't let us do anything smart, you just let the big dumb dumbs domineer over everyone because you tell them everything they need to know .Where is the subterfuge??? Where is the guile?. You're taking these important elements out of your game that the little man uses to manipulate the bigger tribes. You want your game to simulate a real world political dynamics; start with this. Can't even sink a ship, or kill a tame without them being alerted.. COME ON. Stop it. This is ridiculous. You're just helping the big tribes more and more; and look where that has got you? The log should be entirely anonymous, as should the popups on screen. Claims being placed actually make sense to be announced, as they are claims, something you're announcing as your own. Everything else ? No. 4. Turret based defense If conan exiles can make a game without turrets, you can. Turrets just ruin ark quite frankly; the game is a success no doubt; but turrets just make big tribes untouchable. You add them here in the same manner, and say goodbye you your small companies, aka : the majority of your players. 5. Claim based ranking There was another thread that aptly pointed this out : "top companies are NOT top companies". This is correct. The people who you've proclaimed are top, are not actually top. Claim quantity is not a viable measurement for who is and is not the top company, and this whole idea of "top" should be revised. 6. Fast travel Nothing helps the big tribes more than this ability; it seriously needs to go. It just allows these huge tribes to greed monger all of the land easier; it should be scrapped asap, and you should only be able to spawn on a bed in your grid, or it is back to starter island with you.
  7. And why is that a problem? They're only so many players, and only so many per server; and a ship limit could easily be implemented. If they do the work, they should have the ships. It is much harsher on small companies to leave it as is, as it essentially makes big tribes untouchable to the little guy.
  8. They should just scrap the resist buff, and make ships cheaper to make so people don't cry when they lose them. Just make ships a disposable commodity.
  9. So I waste hours of my life dealing with this stupid mechanic, the worst part of the game, only to have it reverted again after I've returned from the journey.. Back to being 90 years old again. Hours sailing there, trying to run naked into that garbage cave, and then hours sailing back; and now I have to go and do it again. How do I know it won't be lost again after I do that?... How do I know my time isn't just being thrown away a second time? Are you kidding me? I'm so close to quitting this game. If that buff isn't returned, i'm done. You had your chance, and I told you about this pointless shit. Just remove the mechanic and make age a cosmetic option in the character creator.
  10. The age mechanic is a terrible idea. It needs to be removed.. I've already argued it many many times as to why it is such a terrible addition.
  11. Offline raiding is stealth, it isn't fair on small tribes who want to attack big tribes. You literally can't hurt them anymore with these ridiculous changes. It'll just be megatribes dumping on everyone, and no one will be able to hit them back.
  12. The more you make stealth options less viable, aka : offline raiding; the more you make it impossible for small tribes to hurt megatribes. The cure to this problem is simple : make ships cheap to make. The reason people hate losing their ships to offline raiding isn't due to ships being too easy to sink, it is because you've made them too expensive. If ships are always disposable, make them cheaper. You'll find less people complain. Megatribes are already playing on the easiest difficulty by simply being teamed with so many people. They are the worst players on the game, STOP making it easier for them.
  13. No, it'd be much easier just to convince the devs what does and does not suck about their game. It is a fallacy? Why is it a fallacy? We make computers for a purpose, therefore, they stem from emotion. The logic is completely sound. You're just in denial because to admit to that would be to admit you were wrong; which you're far too emotional to do. I've explained the argument, it has no errors you've been able to point out. It isn't a fallacy. If AI writes it's own code, it STILL comes from emotion. WHY? Because it still all stems back to emotion. The AI that writes it's code was programmed by what? A human driven by emotion. Therefore? Therefore my argument still stands.
  14. If I were, this game would be much much better.
  15. I have already pointed out that the programming in those computers STEMS from emotion. This is why I said you're mistaking what i'm saying. What you are saying would apply if I was saying "emotion is logic", which is not what i'm saying. I'm saying all logic stems from emotion; even in a computer. No, the computer isn't experiencing emotion; the person who made it was. The person who is inputting commands was.
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