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  1. We are saying in general not about your base, a good example of this is offline raiding where no one can man mortars. And all that 20 cannons of yours can be tanked and destoryed by an anchored galleon
  2. Agree with your idea also @Nightstrasza , buff only applies when ship is within range of claim areas. Yes @RogueLdr, they did that to protect ship while we offline, but some company will use it as advantage to raid any base near water too as they can easily anchored and tank all damage of the harbor defense (e.g cannons and mortars)
  3. @AdfaxThe resist is only good for new players or small company, which will allow more players to enjoy game, but still this resistance needs an update. Making ships cheaper will grant bigger/middle companies to spam more OP ships
  4. I noticed enemy can now just dock in harbor and gain 300% resistance and bombard bases or harbor within it range. I suggest this resistance only apply if there's no player/AI crew on the parked ship.
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