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  1. Thanks to whoever just wasted the last 5 hours of my life. For nothing. Z
  2. The zone you're in and maaaaaybe your ships. Would definitely help the smaller company keep their land rather than having all that empty land owned by the mega tribes and nothing built there but beds. Z
  3. Znick

    whats with the aim hacking?

    I was killed by headshot when I was moving deep underwater and not a soul was in site. Z
  4. Znick

    Griefers every fcking night?

    That's really it... if you want to build a petting zoo, a farm, an orphanage and a Jimmy Johns and never have it attacked you need to play on a PvE server. People who play on pvp servers are looking for wars and things to blow up. There are plenty of actual pvp wars going on, ship vs ship, bases attacked while online, but you don't hear about them. And about offlining, when we pick an enemy target and sail 90 minutes we're going to hit you if people are there or not. Z
  5. It's all part of the game. Z
  6. Znick

    Well, January numbers are in...

    Don't all games have a big drop after the 1st month or two? I always see ppl checking it out then moving on... especially with a $25 game, not a $60 one., Z
  7. Znick

    @DEVS C11 right now.

    It's a feature. Z
  8. Znick

    Discovers are great! (are not actually)

    If you equip a spyglass and look around you can see a clue for the hidden ones. It's a blue field... Z
  9. Znick


    I was going to say LTP if you can't deal with Alphas, but that already derailed the thread so I'll just agree with the OP... the game is great, we're having a ball. It's the best $25 I've spent in a long time. Z
  10. Have they fixed the bugs? The medkit never used to heal the user, it decayed in like 90 minutes and could not be repaired, even though the tooltip indicated it would. Still the same? Z
  11. Znick

    A change to improve PvP

    We've killed ppl MUCH further away than 30 feet with the carbine fyi. (and they need to buff fire arrows some, they're useless now) Z
  12. Absolutely. You're a pirate not a princess... if you wait for the devs you'll keep losing stuff instead of fighting fire with fire. MAN UP. Z
  13. Znick

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    Saying "nothing will happen" isn't true. Click on "I" and look at your stats if you're over 90... you have at least a 10% debuff to health, HP regen, stamina and stamina regen... wait a few days and it'll be worse. Z
  14. Znick

    SOS! Can anyone help me?

    Delete and reinstall. Z
  15. Znick

    please dont make games...

    Agreed... My company has a boat parked at the FOY island an it literally took me 15 minutes or less to do the whole thing. Yeah it is stupid, but the mobs there are not attacking anyone, and it was quick. Some 13 yr old (or an adult with the brains of one) saying they should stop making games is assinine.... there are thousands of people playing and personally I'm having a great time. If it's that bad why are YOU still playing? YOU KNOW you are! Z