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  1. Astellios

    Anti Territory claim cheat

    Every time i try to claim stuff from specific tribe, one of them came to search me, if they dont find me he goes to inventar and then i got a kick from eu pvp server and i can start new progress.
  2. Astellios

    Griefers every fcking night?

    its way to easy to grief anchored ships its typical ark stuff.
  3. We got griefed every night without a trace or people with mysterios symbols in name. Do u know any protection for it?
  4. Dont need this nonesense. Let the Player more freeodome to play an old role or an young one.
  5. They need own regions server, we got in last days attacked 12 times. Most of them offline raiding our Island. Dystopian Dynasty company create alliance and still looking for partners to get our stuff safe, are u intereseted to join the alliance "nordic tribes" or want to life on Island that we can controll, contact me.
  6. Astellios

    Post up Grid Tiles that are China/Japan Inhabited

    b3 or o3 i think on eu pvp
  7. Astellios

    Chineses using cheating

    The problem are the lags all the time when Chinese Player join our server plate. Only 1 chinese player make game still unplayable to all other people who live in our region. Thats not a joke, if a chinese player join the plate our pings go up from 50 to 150, with heavy freezes. They need own servers!
  8. Astellios

    we need a place to build.

    How many people u are ,maybe i can talk to my Leadership so u can colonize a quite corner on our island and pay taxations.
  9. The Dystopian Dynasty Company on Eu PVP searching new Players, we laso have 2 Groups inside the Company for English and German and we are searching new Players and Allys to get our Stuff safe. We always create a big alliance with regional tribes but we are still looking for more, to get safe routes to the warmer Regions. So if u search a tribe where u can reach Captian and command your own Crew then u can hire to us. If u allways have a tribe maybe 10+ Players then u can talk to us about Ally. -No Level distriction -talking German or English -be a benefit to the group and u will become Cpatain with own crew. Sail safe and have a nice day