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  1. Noodled Jenkins

    This pretty much lost me

    Uh can they not do stupid shit like this? Get rid of the submarine too it’s lame. How about get rid of the deep trench and fix the server lag....
  2. Noodled Jenkins

    Can we delete alliances already?

    Can we get rid of alliances. Tired of mega tribes having their alliance it’s no different than 500 man companies. Really sucks the fun out of the game when you know they can Zerg you down and delete you from the game when ever They want unless you either Jon them or another mega.
  3. Noodled Jenkins


    Agree don’t separate pve from pvp. Make your community great again!
  4. Noodled Jenkins

    Rebalance for guns and puckles vs tames needed

    Tames are OP. What’s the point of melee weds?
  5. Noodled Jenkins

    Game is old

    I really liked the idea of this game when it first came out. But sadly now the game is just old. I would have a really tough time motivating myself to come back even if they perfected it. Something new is about to come out and wash this thing away for good.
  6. Noodled Jenkins

    Can we just have one server to suit all?

    The problem is in the logic. Deva should stop thinking about making everyone happy. This isn’t even a subscription game. They should shutdown support for private servers and make one game type. One community would be the best thing and what this game needs. The community is way to fragmented.....unless my theory is correct and everything going on right now is but a simple poll to test for the most fun/popular game type. Devs may be simple waiting for the most fun version of the game to appear and then they will grasp onto that for the live final version.
  7. Noodled Jenkins

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    Great post agree all around. And nerf damn tames please...
  8. Noodled Jenkins

    Today is the Wipe from the official Servers?

    Could be a smart move they really should avoid big games that just came out. Let people get bored of those first. I like the 50 player company change. Now I just need some improvements to combat.... namely a nerf to tames. I would like to see tames easier to tame but really easy to die as well.
  9. Noodled Jenkins

    20th goes live on test servers not official

    A20th release to live servers would be A catastrophe. They shouldn’t release the game with Division 2 coming out everyone will be playing they. They need to hype this and let excitement for competing games due out. I’d venture a guess and say early April would be th best timing for relaunch.
  10. Noodled Jenkins

    poll Halve the height of gates?

    Uh how about we get rid of gates. I hate that you can link gate to gate to gate.
  11. This is so true it’s the major problem with the entire setup. They need to cut the company size down to 50 or something.
  12. Just up the timer in gold and BOs to 6 hours or something so you can’t delete it.
  13. Noodled Jenkins

    Official server expectations?

    Same fix aim bot plz
  14. Noodled Jenkins

    Waiting a month to wipe will kill this game

    While I wish the wipe was this weekend. No I think is a fresh breath of air for many who liked the idea of Atlas but quickly were turned away due to how toxic it had become.
  15. Noodled Jenkins

    Thank you for wipe

    Can we just get those large gates removed. That’s all I’m hoping for now.