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  1. Noodled Jenkins

    Suggestion: Home Beds

    Ye Yes. And if they want to set a new home bed they need to physically visit it first.
  2. Noodled Jenkins

    Suggestion: Home Beds

    Only allow people to change their spawn location once per hour. another suggestion. Limit claim flags to one per person. Allow spawning on the claim flag and limit beds to having to select it as your home bed similar to wow and hearth stones.
  3. Noodled Jenkins

    This meta is aids.....

    This is a great post. Hope they do something. It’s so true. And it’s rwally lame.
  4. Noodled Jenkins

    Latest patch notes

    Too far behind now. I’ll wait for new servers or amazons new world looks pretty cool.
  5. Noodled Jenkins

    Latest patch notes

    Great changes and a step on the right direction. Unfortunately still won’t be bring me back. Not coming back until server wipes or new pvp servers are launched. The mega companies are too large and built up. They easily wiped my friends and I and took our resources. Now that they buff structures it’s great but the rich just got richer.
  6. Noodled Jenkins

    Final Straw

    Wiped and wiped again by mega companies while offline. Love the idea and freedom of the game but all my friends left the game already. The few of us left held an island for a week but sure enough a top company rolls in and steam rolls us. It’s so pointless and starting over at this point just hurts me to think about. Off to the next game it was fun while it lasted. i will keep my fingers crossed and look to come back if the following are resolved: AI swivel cannons on Tames- ruins pvp and it’s OP Company size reduced. - limiting company size is key to protecting your player base. You cant compete or survive unless your in one atm. Most of these big company’s are just all small groups anyway. player tracking- this has got to be removed costs of ships reduced - incentivise getting more people out on the water. And increase gold value and allowe purchase of all AI: of ships from Freeport. This is a small list a lot of things could be done to improve player experience.
  7. Noodled Jenkins

    Building question? Too close to enemy...inside my house

    Same Somehow a guy built a foundation on my claimed land with a bed on it....
  8. Noodled Jenkins

    Remove Cart + Swivel + NPC asap

    Yes please remove it.... it ruins all land based pvp.
  9. Noodled Jenkins

    I think I finally had enough and why this isnt fun.

    The only thing I’m bother by is the ease of being offline raided. And my raised I mean deleted. Months of building and item accumulate can be deleted in one night. It’s too easy.
  10. Can’t build a wood wall. I can build the roof ceiling and all other tiles...
  11. Noodled Jenkins

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Location for NA PVP please?
  12. Noodled Jenkins

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    D12 is what someone told me headed out the find out
  13. Noodled Jenkins


    Submarine is a big turn off. Hope they rethink it. Thumbs down. Glider suits are also retarded.
  14. Noodled Jenkins

    Lost FoY buff

  15. Noodled Jenkins

    Atlas is like Crack

    Pretty sure simulation theory is real. It’s just a matter of time.