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    The real thing that has me annoyed is when people call ATLAS "ARK Of Thieves" Just because it has Assets from ARK Survival Evolved and Looks like Sea Of Thieves that's just like calling Dark & Light "ARK & Light".
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    Dear Pathfinder's A message to those hating on Atlas, Ya'll need to chill out. So what if it's ARK copied & pasted the Creators of Atlas can do whatever they Like, THE OWN BOTH GAMES DAMNIT. Yeah so Atlas is buggy and glitches all the time but to be honest wasn't ARK Survival Evolved the same when it first released for Early Access 4 - 5 Years ago and just look at it now. Atlas is Exactly like ARK was all those years ago, Broken. Heck I bet in a few years every single person who hated on Atlas when it first released will eat their words and completely regret downing the game. Tbh at least it's better than Sea Of Thieves but that is my personal opinion. Anyway just give the game a chance to prove it's worth something as it literally just released. You can't honesty expect Wildcard to have 100% Fixed Every, Single, Bug in the span of a few weeks, right? I mean no offence to the company but you don't really have the best track record when it comes to deadlines. Look all I'm trying to say is actually give the game a chance, I Am.