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  1. Basically the same thing we got for PC. Shouldnt be sent to Xbox when the game has so many bugs and not out of Alpha yet... I say more Pre Alpha
  2. I just went to WOW classic, soon Pantheon forget about these games.
  3. actually figured it out, and now am more ticked the dev that worked on it knew jack shit how to fix it but released it as a fix in .24 Ya i been in business for a long time, and id be hiring more people to make this game great again...
  4. Black wood work around. New character, right away create a new company and then go have fun. Place a flag etc.. Now beds and that work. I am sure there is others out there that will find a 2nd way.
  5. Clearly you have no clue and just chime in on something in every thread. The reason why players like myself left PVP servers on Official was because of the massive cheating and exploiting going on by Mega and their small companies. We started to go to unofficial to build a community and pvp in a good fashion. Players like myself got fed up of the bugs, changes with torpedoes, and left for good. Only until now has a friend asked if i would join the new blackwood server, if he rented one 10 person to just mess around with and play the game. 1. Beds broken 2. Ships on maps broken and this is .25 and 20th day of Aug and still it hasn't been fixed. It may work on official, and that's good for the 400 players maybe left, but the remaining players on un official have to deal with this now. Its broken and should have been followed up and hot fixed as soon as it was announced. Do we need a mod to fix the devs? Because you sound like your an account from a Dev trying to promote what is remaining here, and frankly i dont think its funny thread after thread.
  6. Please fix the beds and Ships, new server .25 and still no solution?
  7. 1. Remove 90% of tames, you can gather yourself with tools. 2. Add in more crafting hardcore mode to make special items for your ship. 3. Remove 90% of the stupid things like Torpedos 4. Add more NPC, AI driven random boats around the waters. 1-2 per zone is all that is needed. 5. fIX THE GAME TO GET RETURNING PLAYERS. 6. Its a hopeless issue at this point because they moved away from the pirate theme and made it more ARK clone, with water. Remember i was the first one in ARK to build a castle and a ship on the water. Back in alpha release. I wanted ship pirate games to come out. But this one had potential and now its a mess... and the steam reviews are just a small faction of what we warned devs about. But whatever, its their baby and it will die their baby, sadly it will happen.
  8. That is sad, a simple fix and they refuse to put devs to work on it? really there is no call to have this in .25 as well. It is completely game breaking, spawning indirectly home region and run around trying to get to your body or your base. I just dropped 2 beds and tried to even rename them, the database is recording them as ID but they do not allow us to spawn in them or see them on the map. Why the fuck is this still here? You dont leave game breaking bugs alive on any rented server, you work to fix it. There is no cause to delay a fix like this. My customers would have fired me a long time ago if they couldn't access their programs or database.
  9. Active on Twitter, but ignore the real problems since day 1.
  10. Beds really broken, this is game breaking. Fatal errors white screen full of errors. Clipping through rocks, 1st person to 3rd person perspective. Truly game breaking having to deal with all this. Here is a list of prior patches, but yet the bed broken still in .25? Fresh Server, Fresh Database, Fresh Everything. @Dollie v218.24 - Fixed a case where ships would enter a broken state where it visually appears to be unanchored, but you wouldn't have been able to move it. - Releasing a ship from a shipyard now has an activation timer - Fixed a bug which would cause players to throw items out of their inventory when rapidly pressing E to equip them - End of Magic Mythos event on Official Servers - Critical Save Changes to Non-ATLAS Dedi/Blackwood which fixes the following, but may require a save wipe: Players were randomly removed from their company Companies being deleted Being unable to spawn on beds Beds not appearing on the map Ships not appearing on the map Additional info on Blackwood/Non-ATLAS Dedi changes:
  11. Beyond me, why the devs never cared to listen to the public. Guess that goes to show you they never really cared now did they? Too bad too, had so much potential to be a good pirate game, not a tame game like ark is. People already have that game. Is the wild west the same way? Now it is starting to sound like a cash grab company then anything.
  12. Here ill break it down for you. 1. Remove ARK tames, have only Horses deal with carts, at a reduced speed. 2. Fix melee 3. Make the game based on Ship Construction, and adventure. 4. Most of all remove half the junk people never wanted... Result a return on investment, and return on initial player base, they lost right away. Not doing any of the above, which btw a large number of players wanted from the start. Mega tribes included. Since day 1 i have followed many posts, many different users of the product and each one stated that the game was being focused away from real pirate ship type game play and moving too quickly towards ARK. Today's returned investigation showed that 2500 players played it today, and the 11 dollar game price did not attract new players, only shows the system has turned into a Life is Feudal ark clone. Truth be told, a very small amount of voices are still playing the game, the rest moved on. Doesn't that say something about the game?
  13. I still cross my fingers for that great Pirate ship game...
  14. Geez i for sure saw a huge influx of players for a game now buying at 11 dollars on steam, yet i see these charts https://steamcharts.com/app/834910 Tell me isn't so? all those cool tame ideas, torpedoes, and moving towards a steam punk ark game.. man i for sure never saw this coming. and the costs to run a server as big as the hive branch.. oh wow.
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