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  1. Not to sure this will ever bring the player base back. Same old problems will still exist.
  2. This is not how you treat customers, I get it people may have cheated or exploited and you re residing on a different island you deserve at least by the Devs a response. The Devs should have contacted the leader of the companies and approached them with information so he/she has a few days to figure things out. If someone meshes things under a rock and you have no idea of its placement as a leader, or a member of that tribe how is this your fault as a paying customer. One thing to ban those players its another thing to ban someone for not cheating. I personally stopped playing Offical due to people actually using aimbots, this was a long time ago before the new system was in, yet those players never got banned. Fix the bugs first to stop exploits or cheating then maybe you will have a community. I still think the OP has a very valid issue. Wait for the game to go on sale, @Jeheil Last i think i saw was less then 16 bucks USD.
  3. I dont believe a few thousand players back maybe a couple hundred for official, unofficial is down by far the most i have ever seen. Which was the largest part of its player base. Maybe the bugs also should be fixed.
  4. What will the changes be? heavier weight
  5. Games getting pretty low. 1-5 unofficial scattered across many unofficial servers, maybe one or two at 20, and official down to like 150 players? over a total of 1000. Single player game its turned into.
  6. After recent events, i recommend you avoid this server 100%, admin abuse is so real here its pretty sad. No anticheat enabled. Now more then ever i think you need to wipe your own server, its that bad and remove the admins in company control hands. The server is so unbalanced for in favor of donators. Good luck, you will need it.
  7. Current numbers during day time peek? Is the pvp pretty decent? with enough numbers. I am asking for others. IF it only has 20 online daily, we would not be interested. 100+ a day then we might be.
  8. Avg server population during the day? Strictly decent pvp server, no admin abuse towards other tribes? 15x resources i get that getting up as fast as you can but wouldn't 5x with stacking mod be just as quick. Or is it just a strictly pvp away you go server? Asking for others.
  9. Going to give this server a try, the last one was horrible. Admin abuse was real, just not always seen.
  10. I give Jestersauave 9/10 for trying his best, but the player base i give it 4-5/10 due to using multi accounts to gain extra islands. PVP that can be pretty toxic knowing 1 person gets 81 while a whole team of 5+ gets 200. This alone grants 281 to the same team your fighting against. Again i hope those rules are enforced down the road. There is many other rules that should be looked at too, to make this more appropriate. PVP is not there, and should be turned into a pve server. Alas i recommend it for PVE only, PVP is pretty toxic when it comes to some individuals. Failing numbers on the server for PVP clearly shows it needs to be revamped, and some individuals clearly booted from the server. I would stress to the admins to clean it up, before it hurts your numbers remaining. Just stay out of the pvp grids if you dont wish to be baited into pulling your whole company into it.
  11. We have still the same issue as before. The coder should know how to fix this easy enough. Gear taken off = 0 Gear put on = wgt Gear is reset each time, and someone forgot to re code this to work. I figured some work around but you tell me where Heavy Armors, put on = -33 wgt out of total wgt has not been reset to 0 so i can use cloth armors without the Negative impacts. Work around, put gear on and off of AI while on the sails. Totally broken way to do it but it works. I haven't tried it prior to getting the AI and seat them on a chair.
  12. Basically the same thing we got for PC. Shouldnt be sent to Xbox when the game has so many bugs and not out of Alpha yet... I say more Pre Alpha
  13. I just went to WOW classic, soon Pantheon forget about these games.
  14. actually figured it out, and now am more ticked the dev that worked on it knew jack shit how to fix it but released it as a fix in .24 Ya i been in business for a long time, and id be hiring more people to make this game great again...
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