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  1. Sneakydude

    Kudos Devs

    Whens the next big update? you know the one where you can shoot Tames out of your cannons? maybe zap guns we can have a future tech tree. Sarcastic is my middle name after this pos game.
  2. Sneakydude

    AH Pirate games on the horizon

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/867400/Out_of_Reach_Treasure_Royale/ Early to tell but its a start, Make Pirate games good again!!!
  3. Sneakydude

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    another words it died off pretty fast.
  4. Sneakydude

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    Thats not true, many of us where forced from hacks, and cheats, and the fact they added stupid stuff to the game. We wont go into details about the crappy bugs on release. It was the worst launch i have ever seen in all the years of development process i have ever been apart of. I am not alone at saying this. I just keep checking back for some Grand announcement that they restore to a ship game and not just tame game like ARK.. OH ya the numbers that said this is just ark, i can go play that. Am i negative? sure am it was a good concept turned to shit.
  5. Sneakydude

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    Just means you cant destroy a ship with 1 hit, point being why did they want them in the first place? to destroy buildings then, it was allowed to go above sea level... which is against ships. Gawd what a twist here. Probably because they dont care. Got the EA money move onto another game and another making new company names. That there is a good one guys.
  6. Thats too funny man, as true as i can see it being. Damn...
  7. Sneakydude

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    40k wait, wait its coming!!
  8. Sneakydude

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    Here is my reasons, the game sucks. Its better then the first day we played but still has no good direction. Its ark basically.
  9. Sneakydude

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    Yes they have and the numbers are dropping more over night. See what it goes by after the end of this month. Already down another 1.5% over night.
  10. Sneakydude

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    I find this so hard to believe a company would just stick out a torpedo heavy damage like this then turn around nerf it to lower values. There is no creative thinking here at all. We warned them torpedo's was not the way to go, but they still insisted. What will the numbers look like now? official and Unofficial. Sorry to say but i predicted this. The tames are boring people already, reddit and so many others are expressing their distaste for it all. Here 5% see what happens now.. https://steamcharts.com/app/834910
  11. Sneakydude

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    I already quit the game, i just wanted to see the response of how stupid this update is. So far i expected as much. Total waste of time this game was.
  12. Sneakydude

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    I got my 1000 hrs worth, GG moving onto something else. Torpedoes and tames are not the direction i was hoping for. Ill keep my eyes on a modded server with 0 crappy techs.
  13. I posted to the devs this bug like hours after it was there, it never got fixed so ppl kept using it.
  14. Sneakydude

    Big A$% Patch this.. 7.4g

    That was an easy fix.... but games not dead lol