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  1. This is exactly what i am saying, you just added to the toxic behavior with 0 responsibility for your company.
  2. Get better people in your company and start setting some control. Why you guys never addressed it prior is beyond me.. just hit /invite. Take some responsibility for why the GM even confronted your company to begin with. And yes your right better tools. Official is toxic shit, stupid adolescent groping that a 12 year old does Yes your post brought out comments, what do you expect. You should be held responsible wither the GM is nice or not. Just because 1 company does stuff like that another company should follow? clean it up. Your company has that power to talk to the members about it. This post should be in suggestions not inside general for discussion, seems your looking for side's, not going to happen. 1. You named the Dev 2. You looked for reasons why your post should be here. 3. Your upset not exactly angry, but upset that you where even spoken too. 4. If your a leader, you failed. Take some responsibility if you can. Many reasons why players go to play on un official and this is one of them.
  3. Sneakydude

    Bark icon

    Can you change that icon, to something different and any others that are identical to other materials please.
  4. Sneakydude

    NPCs food and gold costs

    Yup ships and AI, been to a full base very big with 0 AI the ship yard lags, but the rest of the structures had 0 cpu, video lag.
  5. Sneakydude

    Chines Destroy the Game

    Not just Region Blocks, Ping locks too. 300-499 Ping spikes over vpn. Might even be higher at the end. Not too many developers have done this then put in HWID blocks on top of it all. We all know there is some bypass but adding it in as a standard might make the game play better. Reducing that might reduce the need for Aimbots. We need to stop justifying a reason why they use those hacks... There is no excuse anymore. NA doesnt care for them, and we shouldn't be encouraging the use of hacks. Take a pro response devs....
  6. Sneakydude

    Giant Crab

    The point I made and another person made is the bases suck, think outside the box and start using better defenses. So many posts a few of us have returned to already and we see a 2x2 wall guarding a complete base. Yes crabs need to be adjusted, but that will come in time with balancing.
  7. Sneakydude

    The 3 Ship Meta

    Its the new fad, i thought you would have jumped on board with that too? lol jking... but yes not much use having a constructive argument on this forum.
  8. Sneakydude

    Chines Destroy the Game

    How you forget ARK my friend...
  9. LOL this reminds me of Official ARK... why i stopped playing there, years ago. Conan has or did have the same issue.
  10. Sneakydude

    Chines Destroy the Game

    Kind of late to be requesting this? since the devs have so much to fix to restore player faith. I doubt the players that left will be coming back any time soon. So your basically left with a pve server... Like i said before its damage control, since day 1.
  11. Sneakydude

    Honey..they shrunk the regions!

    Ah yeah looking for a quick win button. Tells you how many are really ready for pvp. There is some pretty weak players out there.
  12. Sneakydude

    Honey..they shrunk the regions!

    That's actually a very smart tactic, if you hurt them badly or they needed an edge. You cant fault a good captain for thinking outside the box. I would run you to someone else's towers if i could, gain advantage and repair, turn back and nail you too.
  13. Sneakydude

    NPC autoshoot

    Just remember to Hit C to stop firing, when turning etc.. or they will still lock and fire as you turn quickly.
  14. Sneakydude

    Blocking crew purchase

    Maybe try going to your boat in harbor and they might actually get on board? Buy a sloop or something and do 2-3 at a time.
  15. Sneakydude

    Couple of easy fixes

    The spawning system is based off of you, in a radius. There is no AI smart engine at all, it is a script. Which makes it so randomly boring to guys like me that modded arma servers.