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  1. Sneakydude

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    That's the point many of us have since day 1, they watch the streamers but listen not to us when we speak the truth. We have been spewing problems since the start, and it usually takes some streamer to use the exploit/bug/cheat before we can get actions taken. I see lack of prep, and direction.
  2. Sneakydude

    2 day to reset? No info

    Possible, it could take much longer if things go sour.
  3. Sneakydude

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    OH i am with you, it maybe the worst update yet, and solo players will have to start talking to smaller companies to join even if they do their own things. Something has to change, this is the first set of updates we have since the first day we played. I am not saying it will be the best system at all or the worst system. The devs have to be careful what they introduce because it takes 1000s of hours to program in the new features. All we can do is work with the system in hopes we can change the things that dont work. The way the devs have been handling ARK and now this game might be tough for us to even get anything introduced. Seems some hotheads like to decide whats best, little do they know we are at a very low game even a 20+ yr old game has more players then this by far. Tested yes, but at what expense to us? will they actually listen to our requests? that i doubt. You, and others maybe testing this one for just learning it all, dont expect the company to listen to anything we have to say.
  4. Sneakydude

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Player vrs offline? is that what that means. Ill tell you it did happen and it happened every 1 hr to us. It got so bad many of us just left the game. I left the server because a group of these Chinese cheaters used aimbots to take half of our 250 man territory with 2 guys. They deleted everything we had. 20 of us logged into protect it and all of us died multi times. The offline shit was true and it was bad in some regions of NA pvp. If you dont believe me ask Uganda how they flag run the world, and offline people. That is just one of them. I hate bring out names to shame but it was true, that's all they knew how to do was sink stuff offline. Insiders too.
  5. Sneakydude

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Raiding was a way for those to supply up, with less pve work. This is the core of the problems pvpers have. Either you do or dont. Sitting there at 1.0 rates farming like that for weeks on end is too demanding. The claim system was a flaw, the demanding pve in the pvp was a huge flaw. A big change had to happen, and all we do is suggest to the devs what works and what doesn't work now, but by all means we should never have to sit up till 3am to start a raid. NA = PST, EST, CST when we are in bed the EU guys log into NA and start raiding... so what is the problem there? Yes something had to change, good or bad we will have to see.
  6. Sneakydude

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Problem is you should not have to stay up till 7am each day to play a video game... thats the biggest problem right there with this game. BECAUSE? they allowed different regions to join. This is not our fault at all. Everyone can defend it all they want, but the point being got a real life? got to go to work in the morning? unless everyone is sitting in their mothers basement i dont see this being a great solution so something had to happen with this PVE and some pvp game. Break the pve part down in PVP and for sure we would have less 3am raids.
  7. Sneakydude

    Great time period for the DEV's

    Not to many games are what this game is, I back many pre alpha games with cash. I also know what its like to be in a signed NDA. That goes maybe back before you maybe born too. Anyways pre alpha this game should not have been released until now. Its running much better, actually 150% better then before when we first got it. And if you dont believe me? ask the hundreds of players that stopped playing the first month, what this game was and about. Nothing wrong with EA games on steam, just now we need to be super critical as consumers what we buy. The price is today worth it, yesterday was a different story. Steam even extended the refund policy because so many could not get into the game. I do give the devs credit for getting it together asap, but we should not have had to endure that kinda mess, vrs the sales on week 1. It should have been put on close Pre Alpha NDA until most of these massive bugs where fixed and exploits.
  8. Sneakydude

    Great time period for the DEV's

    Falsehood? the company bugs where there. It took 1 week almost to get together with your company. It was a pile of shit the game and you know it.
  9. Sneakydude

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    Really? that's frigging sad. For a team that made so much money, and lost so much money they still should have done something for players. 20 dollar game at best
  10. Sneakydude

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    End of atlas? are you joking.. maybe the end of some of the meta groups but it wont end.
  11. Sneakydude

    Great time period for the DEV's

    Its Pre alpha... and should not be categorized as much more. EA has been an excuse for devs to get free testers and cash flow that is all. Even steam puts words in you should have your own cash and a workable client. Yet on day 1 we did not have a working client, it took over a week or two to stable.
  12. Sneakydude

    Official PVE Wipe, we are leaving this game.

    You do know conan sucks too right?
  13. Sneakydude

    Not even 1k ppl

    This whole thing even has hurt un official private servers. So i dont expect test server to be fully full of testers. We already went through the stress playing on day 1
  14. Sneakydude

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    This is when beta comes in they balance out the melee and other things, we are so far behind this before they (most devs) dabble into it. After the march update i hope they start looking at it and start balancing out stuff for us. But i really REALLY hope they start closing their code down and get better DDOS protections for the servers. But lets see how things go, maybe the servers will start populating regions.
  15. Sneakydude

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    NAw i dont agree removing anything or nerfing anything in the game anymore. I do however agree about using tames in a pirate game that is made to look like ark. Cannons should be used on horses, flames etc.. You can shoot them just as easy. But this is an unrealistic attempt at a pirate game as it is. There has to be some form of pvp on land due to the fact its so frigging laggy. Not counting the ddosing i see going on. What gives?