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  1. Just more type ship skeletons and please with cabins. More types windows which only applies to ships.
  2. The system will work once solo players, small and big companies will have benefits but with a reasonable progression. I like the idea of the island owner but it must be elected to by player from different companies and not just one company. Also, companies have lived on the island for more like 2 weeks on the same island. Same as candidates to be landlord must be lived for more than two weeks. It complicated to make something like this but it will make game mechanic more interesting.
  3. But in the topic I would like yo hear more about changes not complains. If you will do 1 flag per Island how you will do? Thanks
  4. So what we can achieve with 1 flag/island? Can you make better way than dev proposed?
  5. They are listening and we see that they do changes. More flags you have in server more server resources it use and on top that server must calculate how many items (building peaces, ships, ...) withing each flag range. Flag system is very complicated and you need to find balance to improve server performance and minimize bugs
  6. I believe is supposed to be difficult to own island. It must be done with couple companies. It should be some quest chain and conditions. For example you need 5 companies and 10 players so you can place flag. This just my opinion. Companies who already connected to flag can’t have another flag. I am sure you can come up with something better.
  7. I believe that they can’t fix overlapping issue with flags when you have a lot flags. This is a reason why they add one flag per island. So we have two option. Option 1. No flags at all and everyone can build everywhere. Which is not ideal. Option 2. Have one flag per island. So now we need to help them shape system how one flag per island would work. Please post ideas how you would like to improve one flag per island system. Please discuss topic realated question. Many thanks
  8. If idea like EvE online I disagree. If idea like WoW Bfa I agree but it will be impossible to do in this game because game engine and mechanic is different . As PvE player should able explore everywhere without forced to fight with players. I don’t mind to have friendly duel.
  9. So you want to say that PvP players will have more advantages than PvE players? Guys you want have PvP so play in PvP servers. You have already. I don’t play EvE because is PvP but on advert they say is also PvE. People trying to make PvPvE style but they don’t realise that is PvP just only. Best example for PvPvE is World of Warcraft which they introduce War Mode in BfA.
  10. This is PvE server so why this discussion about PvP system. I disagree
  11. Easy fix. You can’t put any flags or any buildings within resources set range. It will only applies to reasources like metal nodes, crystal and so on. You need to describe with more information. How many player you need to form company? Because with current system you can form company with one player. You get the point
  12. What are they going to do with resources? They will loose 2 flag for no reason. Don’t think that where is a lot toxic players in game. You give more flags to players more problems you will have with resources, foundation and so on. and remember every player can have own company so in that case 10 flags per players. Unless I misunderstood your post.
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