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  1. Now, part of the problem is that claiming an island is simply being there first after the wipe. There's no effort or real competition besides being there first after the wipe, and then winning the battle of attrition if it's contested (aka: staying online for days so you don't lose the attempted claim) With everyone logging in to claim an island, this is unreasonable.
  2. damn... you guys came up with a bunch of complicated convoluted new things. If we keep things simple... that means less bugs. Simple is best.
  3. I have only the amount of ships and tames that i need, plus one extra of each species as backup for emergencies. I don't collect tames just to have them sit there and look pretty. And I have just enough room to hold them all by building upwards with a ramp to store them safely from predation. If you need more land for your tames, then either you have more tames than you need or you need more players in your company. But that's just my opinion.
  4. 1. I agree, the PvE leaderboard in PvE needs to reflect those companies that promote community and help others rather than have the most claims. 2. interesting, the only shape i can imagine helping the situation would be a dynamic polygon that molds to claims around it if they're within the radius... but that could be hard to develop and have unintended consequences. What did you have in mind? 3. I think the bank system is awesome, i think that should still be a thing... territory control of valuable land is awesome. Right, but you don't check. I goto any non-lawless and find claims about to expire, i come back at the right time and take it. They're everywhere. I'm not talking out of my arse, I'm being straight with you.
  5. If you have a company of 5, then you have 5 claims. 1 player should not be able to claim a huge expanse of territory, that's exactly why we're in this mess. Are they doing that now? There's plenty of claimable land right now, and if they open up all Lawless to be claimable, as well as all the new islands their adding, things should be no worse than now unless you're expecting a huge playerbase increase.
  6. The problem with increasing the claim size is that it makes it exponentially harder to place a new claim in a spot that a smaller claim size would fit. Smaller claim sizes means more people can claim and there are less no-man zones that can't fit a claim.
  7. 1. As long as you're limited to 1 flag per player per island, that's not a crazy idea 2. I would say give it a 6 hour decay timer (with no ability to refresh) so that taming traps/pens can be used 3. Yeah, this is only a good idea on PvP if there were less Lawless areas... since it's nigh impossible to avoid lawless if you're not interested in pvp right now. You know these areas will end up griefer central. 4. Or exponentially increase the cost to repair with the amount of auto-repair boxes you have.
  8. I understand the drive to expand claims (claim size and number of claims) but for anything less than 10 players in a company, you're not gonna be building an empire or any meaningful sized civilization. It's reasonable for a company of less than 10 to have at most 1 claim per player continuous. Right now we have companies of 3 owning large masses of islands that they never lose simply because they just walk through it once every 2-4 weeks. This isn't reasonable. Ideally, your claim ability should grow and shrink with your company size along with the decay / resource upkeep. Your upkeep rate should be in line with 1 claim per player and if you have more or less your upkeep is modified (maybe exponentially) up or down. This incentivizes being at or below 1 claim per player without placing an artificial hard limit. Empire building is for large groups, not a 5 man tribe.
  9. So I've identified some problems with the upcoming changes on the PvE side of things and I wanted to list them here simply and with clarity: 1. Because there are no claims, people can pillar off someone's base very easily, pillar off their entrances and pathways in and out as long as there's a patch of ground within a few meters away from their foundations. And there's nothing they can do about it. 2. Because there are no claims, people can place pillars and ceilings around someone's boat in their own port, forever blocking their boat in and preventing them from using it. And there's nothing they can do about it. 3. This already happens in Lawless zones (it happened to me today), and there's nothing that can be done to solve the problem. 4. People can put large tames in front of other companies' gates and doorways, blocking them in from using it. They can use tames to block parts of their base as well... forever. And there's nothing they can do about it. 5. With the new system, they can just slap down an auto-repair structure next to their griefing pillars, and keep it repaired... indefinitely for as long as they choose. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. So, this is a non-trivial problem with the PvE mode of the game, and has greater weight given that there are no active Admins managing each server for things like this. I'm not going to post a bunch of problems without proposing a solution for consideration and nitpicking. My proposed solution: 1. Allow claims on all islands including the current lawless 2. Make the claim radius around 50% to 75% smaller than the size it is currently 3. Limit claims to 1 flag per island per player 4. Allow ships to temporarily pass through other companies' structures and ships, as an explicit emergency toggle for 2 minutes on the ship's multi-use menu 5. Allow a company to eject other companies' tames from their claim that have been there for over a hour (or whatever arbitrary time is reasonable for balance reasons) That's my proposal, feel free to poke holes in it, I'm only one perspective.
  10. Well.... I owe you an apology. I was wrong, you are and were 100% correct start to finish. Once you get in its stomach area, it can't hit you and it becomes the easiest tame in the game. I apologize.
  11. For sure no. I'm not going to hold authority that i'm 100% right that the stomach didn't work. I'm saying it didn't work for us. I'm going to try and again... and I hope I'm wrong and just not doing something right.
  12. "Wipe the Server" is the mating call of someone who has nothing substantial to lose or is bored. That's not accurate. PvE doesn't mean "no competition". It means players can't attack other players in combat. You're not playing in your own private sandbox (unless you setup your own private sandbox on a private server). Competition is VERY good and exciting... I think you want to play single player or private server with your friends and not have any competition.
  13. You're poaching on someone else's land... that's the benefit you get... resources from someone's land.
  14. Oh, it's too hard so I should not get it? No, I don't play games because they are easy, I play them because they are hard. In full plate (jouneyman quality), you can get hit maybe 10 times before you're murdered. The spot on the stomach didn't work when we tried, so we're simply trying different tactics. Rule #0, my friend.
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