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  1. Sovereign Snow

    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    Added these lines: 1. Ship Panel from Wheel 2. Repair All Structures 3. Unseat All Crew 4. Man Your Stations
  2. Sovereign Snow

    {SUGGESTION] Piracy of Ships / New Mechanic

    I think this suggestion is a step in the right direction regarding ships. As far as I know, on PvP servers, players just build ships designed to sink others' without even attempting to board and steal... yet we were lead to believe this was going to be an important mechanic of ships and ship battles.
  3. Sovereign Snow

    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    Are you saying this already works? The letter O will turn on and off lights on ships?
  4. Sovereign Snow

    bug Water Jar

    Accidentally placed a water jar into a ship's food larder with the transfer all button. This consumed the water jar as an entire item. Disappeared. Gone. Also, the water jar states it holds 200 units of water, compared to the waterskin's 100, yet the grill consumes all 200 units of water to make the same amount of dye as the waterskin's 100 units.
  5. Can confirm. Upvoted. Died and respawned. Looted my body and my Fine Carbine Rifle did not go back to my hotbar and left the greyed out icon on the hotbar. Rifle would not re-equip on the hotbar until I cleared the greyed out icon from the hotbar and dragged the rifle back to the hotbar from my inventory. Spyglasses and Lanterns work fine.
  6. Been seeing a large amount of Emergency Ship Ladders being duplicated and left behind at server walls. I imagine if enough of these ladders are left floating around, it may become a load issue for the server and effect performance. I have no CCC because these are everywhere, not just 1 location. and In multiple servers, not just one.
  7. Sovereign Snow

    PATCH CLIENT v18.11 forcing full game install

    [ Is looking at Steam downloading 4.3GB starting to panic... ]
  8. Every attempt to cross the region wall into the L8 East Equatorial Freeport region results in a message saying "Travel Failed, Unable To Start Transfer," and your ship begins to sail into empty waters where it shows there should be islands.
  9. Sovereign Snow

    PvE Claim Flag concerns with Latest Update

    I can definitely see the problem here.
  10. Sovereign Snow

    PvE Claim Flag concerns with Latest Update

    I suggest having personal lockers to put everything, or valuables, away into when logging out to prevent loss of items when this happens.
  11. Sovereign Snow

    PvE Claim Flag concerns with Latest Update

    IF the system works properly, yes. But nevertheless, if this 1 person is online, they can contest the claim all they want. and Claiming land still takes MANY hours, so it wouldn't be hard for this 1 person to stop them every few hours.
  12. Sovereign Snow

    PvE Claim Flag concerns with Latest Update

    I agree with Lailyn, here. I think the better solution would be a limit of flags per character. This would stop 1 person from claiming entire islands on PvE, knowing they will never use this land, but are only claiming it to have an entire island to themselves. While the more flags the person owns would reduce the timer, it's still ridiculous. Want more land? Recruit people or join a larger company. This would also give more incentive to have larger crews, rather than playing solo. I understand the mindset of playing solo. I'm nearly solo myself. I work a full-time 40, sometimes 50 hour a week job and this is why I play on the PvE server. I own 1 flag, and that's that. I do not want more land. But it pains me to see others looking for land to just start a base and begin settling down and building a fleet of ships... but can't because there is no land left to claim and one person owns entire islands...
  13. Sovereign Snow

    Tames are blinking

    Happening to me right now.
  14. Sovereign Snow

    Foundation spam

    I wrote Shrewdale Island, I9. And I wrote: cheat TP I9 206406 -279131 8678 Which is the Dev Team's admin command to teleport there.