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  1. Right now if you were to make an Atlas Notification channel in discord for Settler Notifications, your channel would be flooded with "[name here] demolished a..." and "Crew member [name here] was killed!" Can we have a separate webhook notification field just for settler notifications?
  2. This shipwreck is the 4th I've come across today that is over 16 points of quality to finish my character's loot quality mission, but the chest is inaccessible because the ship is too far in the ground. Can we get a fix for this? Network: Whale's Solitude Region: E11 (but also all regions) Issue: Shipwrecks spawn below the terrain at sea floor. Treasure chests inaccessible. https://gyazo.com/8942458fb8fa0fe0c79ee32bd9360afe cheat TP E11 651367 625700 -15798
  3. +1. This is happening everywhere. Needs to be addressed.
  4. In that gif of my Brig, shortly after that it seemed to be lifting the front end out of the water. Was funny, but visually game-breaking.
  5. I have reported some bugs in the past to dev's twitter pages but figured I would report them where we're technically supposed to.
  6. Is it the endless anchor bug?
  7. When transferring into a server where a storm is occuring, or transferring OUT of a server where a storm is occuring, results in incorrect wind direction display on the HUD for the ship and incorrect wave animation. Your ship begins to submerge, or launch into the air, do wheelie's and such. Like so, in this gif I recorded. https://gyazo.com/295b33ce0d5d1a87d84ea54f39bbc62d Your ship's wind direction and strength HUD shows your sails as green, but you're moving very slowly because the arrow did not change. The uploaded image is not a sunk-ship. It is below the water's surface due to incorrect wave animation.
  8. In-game, the sextant minigame buff shows you where randomly generated shipwrecks are within a certain radius of your ship. However, after crossing a server line, the indicated locations of these shipwrecks becomes inaccurate. and This happens everywhere. In all servers. The mini-map and the Atlas map show shipwrecks, but none of them are there. and The shipwrecks you randomly find on your own out on the water do not appear on your map. Long story short, after leaving the server you obtained the sextant buff to see shipwrecks, it becomes null and void. This either needs to be fixed, or have players lose their sextant buff when they cross server lines, forcing them to use the sextant to get the buff again for the current server they're in.
  9. So... you're complaining about how long it takes to sail from place to place... on a game that's about pirates and sailing from place to place?
  10. @Whitehawk If they never add a snapping feature, the best advice I can give is to set up a ladder on our base facing the direction you want your shipyard to face, then use your K camera so you cannot turn. That will line your shipyard up at the exact same angle.
  11. I sincerely hope you're joking. You are playing a Pirate Ship survival game... There may be sarcasm in there but... I really can't tell.
  12. I would love this as well. Wondering why I haven't put that into my post already.
  13. Ark's speed-influenced Battle Royale, but Hurricanes for Atlas.
  14. Getting pushed around your ship by placement-glitched tames is so annoying. Even getting pushed off of your ship. Getting stuck underneath a wild, wandering elephant is very annoying as well.
  15. @moozoo I could add this to my Suggestions for Ship Changes post, where @Aristocrates has suggested #11 and expand it with your suggestion & tag you for credit. What do you think?
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