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  1. A lot of people are wondering why you pulled all your mods.

  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1743269809 Mod ID 1743269809 - Total Structures .Part of the "Total" Range of Mods, which include: - Total Ships- Total Sails- Total Tames- Total People- Total Foresightand the combination of the above (including Total Structures) to:- Total EverythingThis addition to the Total family will provide additional structure types, larger gates for ships to pass through as an example. The full list of additions will be added as they are built.Purpose:To overhaul the current in game building parts - and of course to add new ones!!!- Thatch, increase HP and craft from Smithy- Wood, increase HP and craft from Smithy- Stone, increase HPAdd custom workstationsAdd NPC\\\'s buildings for automation of resource gatheringAdd push and pull inventory management (player and tames)Add Glass structuresAdd Castle structuresAdd Clay (Adobe type Structures)Add custom stacking options (via ini)Add larger, bigger foundations, ceiling and wall pieces for quicker buildsAmend the meshes for server performance gainsAND MUCH, MUCH MORE as ideas come in we have already had loads of requests for this mods development so do keep the ideas coming! This will be a rapid build and you are welcome to view our Trello on this one! Total Structures Trello[trello.com] https://discord.gg/grWVRpK
  3. Evening all, Was wondering if anyone had found the skill tree in the Dev Kit for Intermediate Shipwright - it seems to be named randomly (and unlike the others). Searched for ages for it now and cannot find it :( - any assistance with its name greatly appreciated.
  4. Newly rebuilt and freshly installed 4 x 4 server. Travel across The Realms as a Royal or Noble House - Build house alliances across the realms to increase access to vital resources. Secure your fleet to protect your name and your realm. Come join us in The Realms, a light role player server based on Game of Thrones. Explore Westeros and introduce yourself to our house name sakes. Server is x10 Gather, x5 XP and x15 taming. Huge map with all Powerstones and Fountain of youth installed. Atlas to discord communications (and vice versa) be in the know when unable to get online. Discord link: https://discord.gg/bSH7EPW Not into war and want to build and trade then join via our PvE area in Eastern Essos, 2 x dedicated PvE zones. Join as a PvP player at Slavers Bay: steam://connect/ Join as a PvE player at Eastern Essos: steam://connect/ Player rewards system - the more you play the bigger the rewards. Custom stacks and many other very helpful or decorative building MODs added. We look forward to seeing you in The Realms soon.
  5. My pleasure PM me if you need any assistance - I literally just did this (40 minutes ago) worked really well. We were plagued by disconnects during grid transfers players being killed and spawning back in the grid they were and the boats all "vanishing" lost to the transfer. This seems to have corrected that.
  6. I used this script to clear mine out with no rolling back or data lost - went of 6.5gb redis to 57mb in 30 minutes (instructions with screen images too assist too) very helpful indeed :) https://github.com/Impulse87/ATLAS-RawTravelDataCleaner and if you need powershell to show in the menu here is a guide to get that to function too: https://www.howtogeek.com/165268/how-to-add-open-powershell-here-to-the-context-menu-in-windows/
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