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  1. It would be cool if you would make it possible to save some things beyond the wipe e.g. the following: The character models (to be able to keep one's familiar looks) The XP count (in order to be able to get back to one's "former" level (similar to a respec even if the skill tree has changed) to enable players to rebuild quickly after the wipe(s) without the need to gather XP for hours or even days on end just to be able to craft the items needed to rebuild) The tames (for example by creating locations (e.g. at Freeports) where the former owners of the tames can redeem some kind of token after the wipe which can be used to spawn in their former tames) The ships (for example by creating locations (e.g. at Freeports) where players can sail their ships to to "bottle" them to be able to redeem those "ships in bottles" after the wipe to release them into the ocean again (e.g. somewhat like the Black Pearl in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides")) Another possibility would be to make it possible to save everything that is transportable for example by adding the new map onto new servers and making it possible to sail from the "old world" (on the current servers) through some kind of portal or something into the "new world" (on the new servers) (and back) for a limited time (a month or so) after which the old/current servers would be fully replaced by the new ones to make it possible to bring ships, tames, resources, blueprints, gold etc. onto the new servers/into the new world.
  2. It would be nice if there was a structure damage indicator when actively using the repair hammer similar as in the screenshot below from the game Reign of Kings where when you hold a repair hammer in your hand the damaged structures in your proximity are coloured to indicate how damaged they are giving you an easy and fast overview of what needs to be repaired and approximately how damaged each thing is. It would also be very useful if the ship symbol (that appears in the top right corner when you are on a ship) that indicates how strong and from which direction the wind is coming from and also how well the sails are catching the wind would also indicate how damaged the ship planks are because while you are fighting (if you are alone) it is next to impossible to check the remaining HP of the ship's planks without risking the ship itself. An easy plank damage indicator (for example by having parts of the ship symbol change colour when the plank at that location is damaged (e.g: HP > 98% = black; HP > 80% = green; HP < 70% = yellow; HP < 50% = orange; HP < 30% = red) and because there are multiple planks at each point (from the top down) there could either be multiple indicators depending on how many planks there are or the indicator could just show the weakest plank) would make it possible to change the side of the ship that is exposed to enemy fire when the indicator shows that planks on one side are too damaged. (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632144608)
  3. I know that and that is exactly what I have been doing but the custom flags are really minute in comparison to ship flags like the ones you can see on the pictures. Those ship flags are basically as large as the custom flag's pole while the custom flag itself has more or less the size of naval signaling flags. I would be completely satisfied if it was possible to hoist a flag the size of the settlement claim flag on the mast the colouring of which should be visible as soon as the ship renders into view. What also is not really possible with custom flags but which would be with hoistable flags is quickly changing the flag. It could bring more depth to roleplay. For example pirates in the old days sometimes hoisted false flags (e.g. a British-, Spanish-, Dutch- or French flag) to lull their targets into a false sense of security to be able to approach it safely and then when they were close enough they took the flag down and hoisted their Jolly Roger instead completely taking their targets by surprise. To do the same with custom flags (apart from the fact that you can barely see them out at sea) would require someone to climb up into the crow's nest and repaint the flag which would leave that person in a vulnerable position and unable to move for the time it takes to apply the paint.
  4. Wouldn't it be cool if it was possible to hoist flags on the top part of the mast near the crow's nest like it was done historically on ships of basically every seafaring faction? The flags could be crafted in the loom for example and coloured in the inventory (like most weapons, armour etc. can) and then put in a special "flag slot" in the sails inventory just like you would put skins on other parts for example the steering wheel. PS: For large sails it could be possible to just use the flag part of the claim flag without the pole and for the small sails the cosmetic flag without its pole should be sufficient. [Hanseatic league flagship Adler von Lübeck (1567-88)] [A 74 gun Royal Navy ship of the line, c1794] • Link: Illustration of Royal Navy command flag positions on flagships and captains ships (1545-1596) • Link: Illustration of Royal Navy command flag positions on flagships (1596)
  5. @Sovereign Snow I don't know whether or not anyone already said this but if you want to unseat all crew you could just unclaim and then reclaim the ship. When unclaiming the ship all the crew members will automatically be unseated from their stations (for obvious reasons) but will not automatically man them again when you reclaimed it. The whole process takes about ten seconds but you'll need to assign all crew members to their stations manually again later.
  6. It would be cool if the note would save the information about the person that crafted it like for example tools, weapons and armour do. That way it could be used as kind of a signature to identify the "document" as authentic which would enable players to use the note for treaties or for orders etc. and the crafter's information could be used to authenticate said note. It would be even better if there was some kind of item that would allow more text on it, would have some kind of signature function and as such would make any kind of document unforgeable which would open up a lot of possibilities for player interaction/cooperation. Players or companies for example could give out papers which would allow the holder to access certain areas or use them as a kind of cheque the value of which the player could cash/redeem at any holding of the company that issued said cheque. The possible uses for such an item would be basically limitless.
  7. There should be an option in the company group settings to allow members of that group to change the company access/activation levels of doors. crafting stations, chests etc. to a level equal or lower than their own IF the activation level of said object is lower or equal to theirs. It would be even better if it was possible to set a range in the company group settings within which they can change it e.g. a member that has access rank 5 and the changing range 5-3 would be able to change the access level of all objects with an activation level lower or equal to said members activation rank to access level 5, 4 and 3 but not lower. At the moment the problem is that members can not change the default access/activation level (as set in the group settings) of any object not even of their own stuff e.g. if they want to make something accessible for lower ranks they always need to call an admin to do it and the same thing applies if they want to raise the access/activation level of their stuff e.g. after they got a promotion to keep lower ranks from accessing their stuff they again have to call an admin to do it. The only available solution at the moment is either for the admin(s) to run around all day changing the access and activation levels to the members request or to make everyone an admin but in that case it is pointless to set any access or activation levels because they do not apply to admins (which is generally good and useful but does not help in this case).
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