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  1. Things Atlas has over Ark 1) realistic ocean with waves, foam, spray etc 2) Large ships (compared to ARK) that are full base sized 3) huge multiple zone map with many biomes 4) AI Ship to ship combat (pirate & ship of the dammed) Adding those to Ark would be a major piece of work. And 5) it doesn't have the scifi fantasy crap including flying whales. My favorite Ark map is the island and I hate they added tek dinos to it.
  2. I'm guessing they don't fix this because it would involve a wipe.
  3. >My Dream patch list >1) fixed treasure maps crashing client on blackwood " Fixed a bug where holding a treasure map on Blackwood would crash the game. " Thanks :) >5) Lowered Skill points for Siege Studies to 10 points. I think it went from 18 ->14 so thanks :) Just a suggestion Discovery Points should give a number of skill points. This way it feels like your making progress. Instead of having to visit 40/2 islands to get 8 skill points. Or 3x40/2 islands to get more than 18 for Siege Studies starting from no spare skill points.
  4. My Dream patch list 1) fixed treasure maps crashing client on blackwood 2) fixed multiple overlaid pirate encampments and added the option of pirate encampments on unofficial dedicated servers. 3) fixed ship beds in single player and non-dedicated when moving between grids. 4) Added sub discoveries for single player and non-dedicated mode. 5) Lowered Skill points for Siege Studies to 10 points. 6) Custom ServerGrids can now be Mod maps and played in Single Player and non-dedicated mode. -----Edit---- 7) Added Opal, Cobalt, Wheat and Chilli to Blackwood 8. Changed Blackwood Snake Boss Fight. On Easy 3 Snakes Spawn per round per player left in the arena. On Hard 6. Halved Snake Boos Health on Easy. 9) Fixed Map so its always centered on the player. ie so viewing and scrolling the map via Bed travel view or the Atlas tab doesn't affect it.
  5. I think the pirate ships are to give a single player a taste of pvp. The ships do repair but I think they run out of mats. Ie you hit them and their health either doesn't go down or goes down a little bit then goes up. However once they run out of mats their health goes down at a steady rate. It's meant to simulate a player ship with several players on board that are repairing. Same thing happens with the pirates inside the buildings. I've see a door go from 0 to full health just like as if a player inside had replaced the door. The duplicate buildings problem still exists and they really need to fix it. But they only care about official pvp server play.
  6. I've notice that after taking a encampment some structures seem duplicated in the exact same spot. one copy being the original pirate tribe structures and the other my tribe version of the structures. Is this what people talk about when they say duplicate spawns? Is there a way of fixing it? i.e. destroy the claim flag and claim the other one?
  7. As per @Gemini Five Work out your height so the Cargo container is above it when docked. The extend 3 ceilings out until it says you can't place it. Jump in the water and drop down pillars to the bottom. Make sure that it snaps to the ground by attempting to place another pillar below the last one and if it snaps, place it. Also put ropes down along the edge so you can get back onto the dock easier. My dock has two sets of pillars going down at the end because it looks a bit silly and unstable having just a row a pillars down the middle. Note my boats have a ramp+ceiling then a rope down to make it easier to board and get off the boat.
  8. I downloaded the devkit with the atlas source files. It has all of the blackwood source files. It takes ages to load in all the blackwood sublevels but once you do you have all of it in the editor. So... my plan is to work out A if some harvestable resource exists anywhere on the blackwood map and B where exactly is it. So far, from what I can tell, and I'm still learning, Harvestable Opal, chillies and Cobalt are not on the map anywhere. Emerald is in the one spot (Mermaid City). I can't check for Iron nodes because there are too many of them referenced across all the atlas maps that the find asset references hits its display limits (more then 50). If I'm understanding it correctly... there might be diamond in several spots but I can't work out how to locate it yet. Or at least the Harvest-able Diamond Setting Asset is referenced by several submaps of blackwood. The middle freeport island and the island to the west. I'm looking for a 3 third type of gem so I can make my Sub without just spawning in the missing gems.
  9. The answer is No. And from the response to my question I'm guessing I'm the only one insane enough to play blackwood this much. There is a way up the waterfall to a spot where you can shoot the at the snake boss without the spawned normal/bigger than normal cobra getting you. With the default PlayerDamageMultiplier=1.0 using a masterwork Carbide (144%) You will use up 10 minutes of the 30 minutes getting the snake boss hp down 1/4 to trigger phase two. ie. even with no phases, just shooting it, you can't shoot down the snake boss in time. In phase 2 it disappears and you have to kill all the cobra to proceed. The only way to do this is with grenades. And.. the number of grenades to get through the whole encounter will make you overweight (I have 480.7 in weight). There are 4 or 8 Phases depending on how you count them. At PlayerDamageMultiplier=3.0 you have to dps to kill the snake boss and run about a bit but you will still run out of grenades unless you perfectly round them up each time. At ~700 hrs playing blackwood and on my 5th attempt (using admin fly to get my gear back) I said stuff this. Even using god mode and using my legendary sword (176%) to kill all the spawned cobra/hatched cobra I still only did it with a couple of minutes to spare. FYI there where spawned in cobra falling from the roof. They don't all hatch from eggs. I think with default setting you need at least 5 players to do "Easy". Two focus on the Snake boss and Three on the all eggs/cobras. Killing the snake boss gives you Voyage Of Power/Explore the depths. Which results in one dance and a submarine that you can't build because it requires 3 Gems and with blackwood you only have two lol Ruby (leery /cyclops island) and Emeralds (mermaid city). Dev's if your listening please make Easy mode 2-4 snakes per player in the arena and have the Easy mode give a primitive sub and each level above that giving a higher quality sub. That way Solo players on dedicated severs at least aren't locked out of having a sub. And... I still don't know why I need a sub. I explored Mermaid city perfectly fine with just the diving suit and moving the ship every now and then. Yes I know how to handle mermaids, sharks and crabs solo.
  10. If you have a bed below deck, I can't see how you would loose a ship to mermaids. Re-spawn on the bed, hit X. If the boat is pointed out to sea, Whistle Open Sails Fully. If not pointed out to sea. Wait until the mermaid(s) gives up. It takes a few minutes. The run up on deck grab the wheel and point the ship out to sea. Go below, Hit X (prone) and whistle Open Sails Fully.
  11. You can specify a Save folder using ?AltSaveDirectoryName=SomeWhere and the files will be saved in ShooterGame\Saved\SomeWhere I backup via 7zip in the start up script before starting the server. I backup to a folder in my OneDrive with a dated file. Atlas doesn't respond to the SaveWorld command. The save file for the map e.g "Blackwood.atlas" is in use the whole time that the server is running. I doubt its possible to backup a live server.
  12. As anyone done this solo without cheating? I'm thinking double flintlocks or carbide for the snake boss , flame arrows + oil + grenades for the snakes that hatch with Creme Brulee for speed and no Armour. For a solo player I don't see myself being able to destroy many eggs even with a legendary sword and entering combat slows you down. What is the reward if any for successfully killing the snake boss and is it different based on Easy Or Hard?
  13. Anyone know where I can find mint in blackwood? Edit Answer: Cyclopes Island/Leery Island has it
  14. They balance everything for the mega tribe minority playing on pvp server. By minority I mean compared to the total sales. The majority quit once they realize they can't play solo on Official or they go to single player mode. Same with Ark. I wish they would add these changes as server config options. So I could bLoopyGliderTurningThing=False bAllowNpcMobileGun=True bBoostedRewardForSOTD=True bAODImmunities=False These alone would boost my quality of game play a lot. -----Edit---- Add bUseWildPirateCamps=True Working for dedicated unofficial servers.
  15. >- Players can no longer gain additional altitude when using a glider I didn't know this was possible and never did it (that I know of) but couldn't you have made it that you don't accelerate (as much) when dropping altitude? The turning loopy thing it does now makes it a lot harder to land on a rock pillar i.e. as found on blackwood powerstone island and arena island. Could you add a parachute like in ark that you can switch to float down after exiting glider mode? >- Human NPCs can now ride in cargo harnesses and carriages How exactly do you do this now? I get the npc near it and there isn't any option. For the carriage, I hop in with the npc on follow and it doesn't enter the carriage. Besides that I really want them to be able to mount a ballista or swivel turret on a cargo harness.
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