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    Taming Elephants

    Are you using a wooden sign or taming pen? I think that the E will appear but won't work if something is in the line of sight to the taming area on the creature. It was put in to stop people taming through walls. Try Taming with a bear in the open and have the Elephant go down on flat ground. When it runs away, just wait for it to come back. This always works for me.
  2. moozoo

    Treasure Map Crash

    +1 The most annoying bug yet. I keep hitting the wrong hot bar number, because I don't usually have a map on it, and bam crash to desktop. Follow by a long wait getting back in. Was freezing. So jump off my bear and quickly build some campfires. Put them down, bam wrong button.... back to desktop... FYI if you go to your inventory and hover over the maps on your hotbar A slightly bigger version appears and you can find your way to the treasures that way.
  3. A Xeon E5-2609 should handle a 1x1 or 1x2 grid. its also got a low clock freq so I don't think you could have 100 people on it without a lot of lag. Maybe 25? See https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Server_setup 2 cores (ht cores I think) per map. For 2x2 say you need to be looking at a 8 Core (16 thread) or higher with 3.5Ghz or higher clock rate. With 16GB ram being 4GB ram per map in the grid. I'm thinking 100 people per map will need at least 4Ghz all cores. If you look in the official server grid file I think you will find that there are 4 maps per server (per ip anyway). So the 15x15 official grid is using 57 servers. Also use a NVMe ssd for fast startup and loading.
  4. My guess is their busy helping with ark genesis or the xbox sales weren't that great and their scaling back or they are busy adding directx 12/vulkan support. Take your pick
  5. moozoo

    elephant stamina regen too slow

    +1 I jump of and use my hatchet while it regens. Maybe have two Elephants and hop back and forth. I gave up and use 4 bears with carts and me chopping the wood. Put each bear on follow the bear in front. Drive the column of bears with carts into the middle of the trees. Run back and forth till all the close trees are gone. Repeat.
  6. moozoo

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    Lets say for argument sake that Atlas is a "DLC". It's Not. Scorched Earth ~30 AUD 1 New Map Abberation ~30 AUD 1 New Map Extinction ~30 AUD 1 New Map Atlas ~42 AUD 226 new maps. (15x15 + Blackwood) Spot the odd one out. I've 2500hr in Ark, 500 hrs in Atlas. Atlas is not a DLC. Saying its a DLC is like saying any unreal game is a DLC of unreal engine lol.
  7. moozoo

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I'm mostly happy with exactly how Atlas is now. They need to add quest NPC's and some lore to add the atmosphere of a living world. Also increase the rewards for sea based activities. Base building and collecting treasure maps and doing AOD is way more productive that going out hunting whales and SOD. Especially in terms of player xp. I don't want the rewards of AOD nerfed. Just give more for the ones at sea. Add safe places to leave your ships at sea if that's what your into. I do think a Galleon with defenses should be able to be left at sea. The game doesn't have to be 1000+ hr game to complete. I've 95hr odd in Jurassic World Evolution and pretty much done everything and are totally happy with that purchase.
  8. I'm down to the two last Powerstones on Blackwood. The two underwater ones. Any suggestions on how to do these solo? I've made a custom Schooner with wooden rails and lots of Swivel Guns and I'm thinking sailing this to the spot and drawing the sharks and mermaids to it until they are all dead. The other underwater spot, the one not open to the ocean.., I don't have a clue. Glider naked to the bank nearby and drop stone foundations until I can hold the spot? Both spots I guess you could glide and drive to the powerstone and quickly hit E but that seems way to hit and miss and I don't want to waste artifact keys over and over trying. I can throw 10+ , 50+ level bears (1500 hp+) in the water and let them distract the sharks, mermaids etc while I'll go for the powerstone. But that's likely to just end with failure and a bunch of dead bears. And I still have to get the bears to the spot without wiping to a fire elemental or Cyclops. Maybe tame a Cyclops? I don't even know why I'm doing the powerstone quest. After all this I get to fight a super hard snake and then I get to make submarines. Why do I need a submarine exactly? The only real reason is to say I've "done" blackwood and can start on ocean (single/non-dedicated I guess).
  9. moozoo

    Saling very time consuming

    Last night I had 10'sh SOD in a line blockading my way on my power stone run The detour was so boring. Don't worry they are going to make sailing a much more interesting experience like Maybe Cyclones occur every 5 minutes 10 times the number of SOD and whales. Sneaky whales and giant squid that come up at you from beneath Winds that constantly change and Winds that blow you off course. Sharks that fall from the sky and eat your crew. Sharknado! No more wood from trees only floating logs you find at sea and mats inside flotsam and sunken ships. And and powerstones will be located in long deep underwater shark infested caves Who says the Hydra can't grow gills and live underwater. Underwater Hydra fights! Awesome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_(genus) It's going to be so.... so.... much fun.... I can't wait... (Uninstalls Altas...) btw I'm being sarcastic
  10. moozoo


    Next up npc's on war drums, Yeah! Actually until they actually add WPE on Unofficial Dedicated servers the only ones affected are single and non-dedicated players. Also WPE are a substitute for other players. I'd imagine taking down another ship on pvp is more of a equal challenge than it is when taking down SOD.
  11. You have to compare finding a lv 30 to tame vs the time to breed them. Finding a level 30 to tame can take lots and lots of time and isn't a given. Also once you have a good breeding pair you can breed them exponentially to the limit of how many babies you can handle at once. Doing four is just as easy as one for me. I run my own server at double rates... But this actually has the downside that imprinting is every 4 hrs. At least with 8 hours you can get 8 hours sleep vs having to get up after 4hrs and then go back to sleep. My breeding pair are 49 and 51. Which means a level 49+ bear every time with 1000+ hp. You can't tame a wild bear that high. So now I just breed and only tame if I see a 30. Also I have 4? ostriches and never use them. Go north some where cold but not super cold. And use bears and bears with carts. Breed them. Bear with Cart and metal hatchet > Elephant for wood. Elephants take forever to re-gen stamina. Maybe two elephants and jumping back and forth might compare. Bear with Cart and Metal Pick > Rhino for metal . Pick gets more from a metal node. Rhino wins for stone and flint. Bear collecting rushes ~= Giraffe for thatch. Giraffe are pretty good for transport. Bear collecting fibre > any other way I do use a horse for fast travel.
  12. moozoo

    Please give us placeable roads.

    Fine ! then we will need floating roads for our floating bases. Really for more ocean time they just need to up the rewards for water activities and add pirate ships (not encampment based) and a lot more merchant ships that can be sunk for treasure.
  13. Please add Holy Trinity (Tank,Healer,DPS) PVE fights to atlas (PvP and Pve). This game mechanic is move interactive and interesting than Trap and kill with a carbide or drag to your ship and kill and should be an option. For example take this picture of a hydra cyclops fight Without a tank (bear?, max health player in plate?) to hold them back they are just going to wreak the dps. Anyone who has actually fought these guys know how it going to end and end fast. So what I'm suggesting is that 1) the Savior Feat also heal tames (including npc crew) or maybe Natures Touch be AoE (I believe it only does the mount your on) 2) Allow NPC Crew to man Mobile Cannons and Ballista which can't be that hard to implement. 3) Create suitable leveled/hp monsters to fight in this manner. Maybe yeti is the closes in the game at the moment. Everything else is either to strong or to weak.
  14. How about have the claim area (sphere) size shrink with height such that a max height one can just manage to place a Cliff platform near it. Could someone explain the exact problem with pictures? Personally, and I don't play on Pvp now, if you take the effort to build a way up high hard to get to base then you probably should be rewarded with a degree of protection. The blunt force solution is a 6x damage to structures multiplier above a certain height like caves in Ark.
  15. moozoo

    Please give us placeable roads.

    Just make it that they don't affect building near by, they do block resource spawns close to the road AND anyone can demolish them instantly. Give a speed boost for movement on them say 10%