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  1. Especially the 9 powerstone island and the hydra & dragon arena (+snake boss). So we can make to 2x2 grid with the whole power stone quest.
  2. moozoo

    Bow does zerzo damage to damned

    Whats really annoying is that cart mounted swivel guns, cannons and exploding barrels and so forth also don't work and npc crew can not equip guns to fight them. Its very artificial. I'm half expecting them to say their immune to all forms of damage except punching them.
  3. On the north Eastern tundra island, change the Tin Nodes to Iron Nodes. On the desert island add cobalt nodes or change Tin nodes to cobalt ( I can't remember if it has tin) On the Island with cyclopes (not the powerstone island) add wheat and chilli spawns. Fix the water geometry problem around the island attached to the arena. The place where the oriental free-port is. I'm guessing this might wipe structures in the area? Add the mod vendor that buys and sells resources. i.e. buy at one price sell similar/same item double price. So we can change resources we can find into ones we can't for a cost. Also decrease the whale aggro to the same as SOFD and/or make them more visible than the occasional water spout. On blackwood there is only the one wind right? So if there is no wind I can't leave port and sail anywhere because of whales. I don't want to have to spam ballistas over all my ships. Add pirate encampments that also work with dedicated blackwood servers Don't do any of the above if it causes a wipe (because I'm progressing through powerstones grrr) I don't know the point of collecting Mythos is if we can't find the rest of the materials. I'm pretty happy with Blackwood otherwise. I don't care about the missing fish. Less sharks to kill me when I jump overboard to get flotsam
  4. moozoo

    "Use Crows Nest"

    @Sovereign Snow Yep that's fine. I'll also like to see medium gun ports fit to the rear of a brig. i.e. two below desk rear facing medium canons.
  5. moozoo

    Sea Port Stuctures

    Yes #1 In the same sizes as the shipyards. Small, Medium and Large but with one walkway(?) that is as long as the matching Shipyard but with a single jetty that is twice as wide. Same material cost would be good. I think it should also be lower in the water so that it can fit under the ship attachments. eg cargo storage. Its just too hard making jetties they extend out as far as a large shipyard because how deep the water gets. i.e lots and lots and lots of pillars. My current designs are L shaped with the long part of the L parallel to the beach. But its not very space efficient when you have many ships.
  6. Please add "Use Crows Nest". Where the npc crew will man the closest sails crows nest and raise an alarm if they see anything. i.e like arks parasuar. Perhaps allow them to equip a spyglass for extra range. A useful message like flotsam sighted, whale sighted would be good.
  7. > Powerstone island, up at the top of the waterfall above the Mermaid lake. Is there more than one water fall? I can get to the top of a waterfall by approaching from the other side of the island. There is a flat plateau just above the top of the water fall with black rocks. Going down the water fall leads to mermaid music half way down with a lake at the bottom. I can't see any cave.
  8. moozoo

    Island Bug - You can not swimming near the island

    Note that boats do still float and there is a ship master. I docked my ship at the jetty. So to get off the island make a boat and jump/grapple to it. Tames can be transferred to it. That said. Just run to the West side island (where the Hydra spawns) and the water is normal. I landed there earlier and came ashore and didn't notice anything wrong.
  9. moozoo

    Front/Rear cannon meta

    Actually having read more about it. The reason ships broadsided each other was that the cannons of the day where really inaccurate. You had to be right along side them in order to hit them.
  10. With the new road map will Blackwood still be supported? Anyone know where I find the Blackwood Fountain of Youth? Hydra island? Island near by? Let me guess the super hard island where alpha soldiers of the dammed spawn and when you try and leave you run straight into the mermaid mine field (tip put a bed right near your steering wheel).
  11. moozoo

    Front/Rear cannon meta

    I'm not convinced. Are you a wooden ship builder? I'm not. Anyone here? On https://www.historynet.com/early-naval-innovation-american-44-gun-frigates.htm They are talking about 44 and 64 gun frigates. Yes These aren't Schooners but still. Extra thick wood beams? I mean very large wooden ships are possible. How did they handle the forces caused by such massive ships. Metal reinforcement? And from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chase_gun "From 1799 Royal Navy frigates were universally supplied with two bow and two stern chasers " A ship designed for 4 front and back facing heavy cannons doesn't seem that implausible to me. Maybe the sails could be moved more towards the center of the ship with the cannons located on the main desk facing forward and aft. All that weight probably doesn't make them very fast. Do atlas ships site lower in the water with the extra weight? do they go much slower when weighted down? Perhaps those mechanics need to be improved.
  12. moozoo

    Large cannons in a sloop

    Real ships did have Chase Guns From : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chase_gun "From 1799 Royal Navy frigates were universally supplied with two bow and two stern chasers, " I hate artificial limitations. If its physically possible to place a large cannon facing forward and back then if should be allowed. If someone wants to build an ugly platform on the back of their ship to mount four large cannons (say) then so be it.
  13. The new Windows 1903 has problems with older versions of battleye. The suggestion is to uninstall battleye, upgrade and then run your game to reinstall. But this won't work if the games battleye has not been updated. Has this been fixed? Saw this issue might affect Atlas here https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/all/insider-build-1903-issues-with-battleye-steam-and/9fb8d487-0356-4c33-b881-7a2e062efd5e And don't want to be locked out of Atlas and loose all my stuff to decay.
  14. I have a high end PC and two low end pc's. All of them can play Ark. The high end pc gets into Atlas most times will occasional timeout. Usually it gets in on the second attempt (after its cached some stuff?) The low end PC's can not get in at all. Not once. Even in low memory mode (they have 8 GB) My guess its a client server sync issue. The low end machines can not load in the map etc fast enough to sync with the server. It's not a ping issue as they can't connect to a local low ping unofficial server either. The low end PC's used by my sons, one of which is really keen to play. With ark the low end PC's work best with directx 10 mode (-sm4) but are also playable with the normal startup.