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  1. Thanks for the head up. When creating this chart of information I planed to mention that it would not include the update they made to breeding in V101.1 but that was inferred by the statement already made. When the Dev Kit is updated I will amend the chart to reflect such. Your Data says Giraffes, Lions and Monkeys can breed in Polar? Moreover, You seem to be missing some creatures.
  2. Biome Mate/Baby Temp Egg Incubation Temp Creature Equatorial E.Tropics W.Tropics E. Temperate W.Temperate E. Tundra W.Tundra High Desert Low Desert Polar Min Max Min Max Bear No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes 7c 25c -- -- Chicken Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No 19c 37c 36c 47c Cow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No 20c 38c -- -- Crow Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 15c 33c 32c 43c Elephant Yes No Yes No No No No Yes Yes No 27c 45c -- -- Giraffe No Yes Yes No No No No Yes No No 26c 44c -- -- Horse Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No 19c 37c -- -- Lion Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No 19c 37c -- -- Monkey Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No 24c 42c -- -- Ostrich No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes No 25c 43c 42c 51c Parrot Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No 28c 46c 45c 56c Penguin No No No No No No No No No Yes -14c 4c 3c 12c Pig Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No 18c 36c -- -- Rabbit No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes 7c 25c -- -- Razortooth No No No Mountain Peak Mountain Peak No Mountain Peak No No No 8c 26c 25c 32c Rhino No No No No No No No Yes Yes No 25c 43c -- -- Seagull Windy Windy Windy Windy Windy No Windy Windy Windy Windy 16c 34c 33c 44c Sheep No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No 18c 36c -- -- Shieldhorn No No No Mountain Peak Mountain Peak No Mountain Peak No No No 6c 24c 33c 44c Tiger Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No 24c 42c -- -- Vulture No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes No 25c 43c 42c 51c Wolf Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 16c 34c -- -- I was updating the wiki by pulling this information directly from the most recent version(V100) of the dev kit. If there exist an error in the chart let me know and I will fix it. They do not update the dev kit regularly so this information might be a little off. If the table displays anything other than Yes in a column then it can only be mated in that exact volume(i.e. Mountain peak would mean Eastern Temperate Mountain Peak, for the Razortooth). Edit* As I got this information from the most current dev kit version(V100), They have since "- Updated creature breeding biome tags so that creatures can always be bred in biomes they're found in(V101.1)". When the dev kit is further updated I will amend the chart to reflect the new zones.
  3. It appears to not be working correctly atm. You dig up the same amount of stuff even if you spec up to the 60% increase in dig yield. Submitted a Bug Report.
  4. Updated it to say Yes for all animals.
  5. An in game day is 48 minutes... so 50 in game days should be about 2400 minutes or 40 hours. The Fountain left o7 on day 801 it is day 808.. should have at least 34 hours still left on it.
  6. Just wanted to check the numbers I provided and it seems they made it take less discoveries to increase your max level. A crew mate at 9 discoveries max level is 51, yet another crew mate at 30 discoveries max lvl is 52, while I am at 57 discoveries my max lvl is 53.
  7. That was the limit in Ark as of Nov 2016(before abberation) so I would assume it carried over. Moreover, the deafult ini says "TheMaxStructuresInRange":"10500.000000".
  8. We were out farming materials on our Island when the server crashed. 3 of us were all near each other, within render distance, and upon us all logging back in we noticed that our Bear was missing. The elephant and tiger seemed to be fine. What is more, the rider of the bear seemed stuck, as if the bear was there but just invisible. You could shot it and hit it but that was the only indication it was there. We got Her unstuck and all left render distance, came back and nothing. We tried 'go here', all follow, attack this but nothing did anything. Where it was(where she was stuck in the bear) still rubber bands you if you try and run thru it.
  9. ifixxed

    Seed List

    From the game files(Atlas, excluding PrimalEarth Ark folder) here are the ONLY seeds you can get atm. PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Beans_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Beet_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Cactus_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Carrot_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_ChickPeas_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Chilli_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_EdibleGreens_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Maize_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Onion_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Pepper_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Potato_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Rice_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Turnip_Seed PrimalItemConsumable_Vegetable_Wheat_Seed
  10. The wiki is where I pulled the name format from, so it is easy to put in the breedable tab this chart can be seen Here. Tier Creature Can Breed Taming method Item Ride/Carry Saddle Resources Flee 1 Chicken Yes Passive Berries Carry in arms --- Eggs Yes 1 Monkey Yes Passive Berries Shoulder Carry --- Startles 1 Parrot Yes Bola Hardtack Shoulder Carry --- No 1 Rabbit Yes Passive Carrot Carry not implemented yet --- Yes 1 Sheep Yes Passive Chamomile Ride No saddle needed Rushes, Wood Yes 2 Bear Yes Bola Honey Ride Tier 2, Cargo, Carriage Fiber, Plants, Prime Meat, Meat, Fish No 2 Bull Yes Bola Rushes Ride Tier 2 Thatch,Berries, Plants, Prime meat, some wood No 2 Cow Yes Passive Rushes --- --- Milk, Prime meat Yes 2 Crow Yes Bola Earthworms Shoulder Carry --- 2 Horse Yes Bola Sugar Cane Ride Tier 2, Cargo, Carriage Berries, Vegetables Startles 2 Ostrich Yes Bola Chili Ride Tier 2 Wood, Thatch No 2 Pig Yes Bola Maize Ride No saddle needed Berries, Vegetables No 2 Seagull Yes Bola Raw Prime Fish Meat Shoulder Carry --- No 2 Vulture Yes Bola Rotten Meat Shoulder Carry No 2 Wolf Yes Bola Bone Ride Tier 2 Meat, Hide, Keratinoid No 2 Penguin Yes Bola Raw Prime Fish Meat Carry in arms --- 3 Elephant Yes Bola Wheat.png Wheat Ride (3 passengers) Tier 3 Wood, Thatch, Berries, Plants No 3 Giraffe Yes Bola Beet Ride (2 passengers) Tier 3 Wood, Thatch, Berries No 3 Lion Yes Bola Prime Animal Meat Ride Tier 3 Meat, Hide, Keratinoid No 3 Rhino Yes Bola Turnip Ride Tier 3 Stone, Metal No 3 Tiger Yes Bola Prime Animal Meat Ride Tier 3 Meat, Hide, Keratinoid No I added the Can Breed tab to the wiki page, again found Here.
  11. Hey guys, wanted to post a list I created from testing all the currently tamable creatures in Atlas, in regards to their ability to breed or not. Tier Creature Can Breed 1 Chicken Yes 1 Monkey Yes 1 Parrot Yes 1 Rabbit Yes 1 Sheep Yes 2 Bear Yes 2 Bull Yes 2 Cow Yes 2 Crow Yes 2 Horse Yes 2 Ostrich Yes 2 Pig Yes 2 Seagull Yes 2 Vulture Yes 2 Wolf Yes 2 Penguin Yes 3 Elephant Yes 3 Giraffe Yes 3 Lion Yes 3 Rhino Yes 3 Tiger Yes Some more info: If you see an Island Icon above the animal you are trying to Mate, it means the current Temp is too hot for them to continue to breed. Like wise an Iceberg Icon means it is too cold for them to mate. Moreover, If you see either of these icons on a baby(at any stage) it means the current temp is to hot, or cold for them to be raised in, resulting in the baby taking damage until the temp is corrected or they die. Most creatures can mate in most tropic/temperate zones, but if the creature cannot it will display a message in orange letting you know "Undesirable biome for mating!" There is no reason to take 'Breeding tier 3' atm, since no tier 3 Creature can be raised(unless you want 'Advanced Nature's Touch', which requires 'Breeding Tier 3'). I will update temps and biomes when I conduct further tests. Last thing to mention... I breed about 100 cows and all I ever got was Male bulls. The same was true for the 45 horses I breed. I did not see a single female. What is more, I did not see a single mutation. I did see a hand full of twins and one set of triplets, again all male. I really hope they Enable mutations as that is a huge driving factor into wanting to breed and furthering the trading that could be had for sought after stats/colors. Let me know if you saw a mutation or got a female baby! EDITED to reflect 1.5
  12. It means that they are too hot atm(Hold H and note the Temp Degrees). An Iceberg icon means they are too cold. If a baby has either they will lose health and there is no way to heal them that I know of yet. Best bet is to breed in cooler zone and use Penguins as they only warm up Tames and You.
  13. Looks like Wheat Grass(aka Wheat) can be found in L5 and L12 (both Free ports) in the East Temperate zone.
  14. We are located in a Western Tropics zone and nothing on our small island has respond and it has been hours. We have left render distance for a good amount of time(assuming that even effects it) but have yet to see more than 3 trees re spawn at a time. Nothing is blocking the area, be it a foundation, shipyard or buoys... just have claim flags in the area.
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