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  1. Littlelucifer

    Ptr keep getting no network

    Downloaded ptr as shown but keep getting no network found any help be great. Restarted steam etc same issue over and over
  2. @Jatheish we were allowed to do this in ark and thats one of 2 things bothering people with the new patch this isn't whining or crying the blues before some say it. Its called many of us have just over 1k hours in our characters doing discoveries etc can we dl our characters and use them. The other 2 things are you state to get submarine have to beat the krakken , there has to be another way you state you wish the game to be solo-able and small companies. Some people have no chance doing this with larger companies so like a second option. Many people are quitting the game that we did discoveries with as well. Lastly making all pve lawless is worse thing can happen can tell you having over 18k hours in ark we seen alot been through alot and lawless is going to allow, people to go piller happy, walls everywhere and nodes built on so people cannot farm matts only one tribe. I ask that you please rethink some of these ideas. Wiping map fine but also has to be some support as well . To the people saying quit the map quit the game etc whatever this is my opinion wanna complain go somewhere else I seen what happens as we are reliving most of us issues that happened in ark.
  3. Littlelucifer

    They didn't remove claims from pve

    They could have done 1 flag and still fix the problems but they want the fast and easy way, but we could save character data and not lose our charactr @jatesh and the devs should look into that wipe but allow us to dl our character like we did in ark.
  4. Littlelucifer

    Blocking bases with rafts and ships

    Seen this alot my guess people used ghosts to solve the issue but now its a major problem. Tribes are setting down 30 rafts, brigs galleons etc blocking docks blocking land filling up chests with gold and food in lard . People cant do anything cant sail etc fixing timing out is great but now using npcs to block is good and bad.
  5. Trying to reach a member from tribe paragon seems pillers underwater and galleon is ontop and cant get out without ruining ship, B11 would really appreciate your help island is dreary skerry
  6. Littlelucifer

    Need for a thatch animal

    Doesnt matter if it is a animal or not depends what people put on a boat. People weigh down boats as it is with metal and wood etc even now so that cant be the main reason they changed it . it is a suggestion and a another reason for wanting that animal and another reason people had for breeding animals trying to get some who can carry more weight it was a challenge. Not everyone lives in areas with leaves but it is nice seeing animals that can do certain things.
  7. Littlelucifer

    Need for a thatch animal

    One thing this game needs is a animal designed for thatch, they said giraffe but giraffe truly bites, you can use pickaxe for thats, If anything the bull or giraffee be best if they could work on giraffe asap that would help alot. The other thing is a weightless animal for resources. I dont agree with adding weight instead of reducing weight of animals such as elephant etc. these animals are deigned to do certain jobs and should hence have materials they get have a huge weight loss
  8. In ark we had animals spawning into bases and over time ark fixed it so no clue now why snakes go right through walls same as animals poking heads up through floors and killing tames when not on. Palisades would be great help unti this is fixed and figured out. Please also change back to the original hit box for taming. Dying 40 times to get a tame kind of sucks. Yes many spots u can tame but depends where mob falls.. The other great thing was fishing boats in archage, so many people after crap day at work came home and went with buddies and fished. Be cool if we could get fishing boat added or the parts needed. This game has huge potential and alot of fun but not when 15 red ghosts are riding your butt.
  9. Littlelucifer

    Selling Ships

    Many players like myself came from ark, we love building and we love breeding and also where we could be traders. Like every pirate movie and game there were always traders. This would be amazing to be bale to sell ships, this helps people set up shops for planks, matts etc could open huge market also help those who work double shifts and need a ship but no time to make one but like to get maps and treasure. Please look into this claiming or selling the ship deed.
  10. Littlelucifer

    PvE Claim Flag concerns with Latest Update

    Same issues are going to happen here as it did in ark. 3 days is to short but you will have those who log in once a week refresh and feed and leave. meanwhile that land could go to a player who wants to play. People abuse no matter which way you go , you cannot make everyone happy but same time pvp and pve are very differnt and you keep doing the same rules on pve as pvp. This is why so many people left ark and why so many are leaving now. Ontop of that you have issues that need to be addressed and fixed , people bought this game for there own reasons breeding is messed up, taming is messed up the hit box to feed is so tiny now. I enjoy a challenge but not having to spend staying up for 72 hours feeding it every minute. I love this game more then ark and i know it will take time, huge potential lots of fun .
  11. Littlelucifer

    Suggestions for pve

    After playing 16k hours in ark (disabled vet) can tell you love atlas yes bugs make you mad losing ships for no reason but so much this game can do so here are my following ideas. POvp and pve sre 1. Bulls to pull carts back in pirate days they used bulls as horses were expensive and the horses were like a war horse. 2. Make a transporter ship for trading. Yes you can make a galleon or a brig but making a ship just for trading would be unique, 3. Add fishing boat. Can tell you after playing archage fishing was huge it was fun, great group idea sitting on a boat and just fishing relaxing. 4. Palisades snakes etc getting through walls and other mobs palisades atleast give us a chance online or offline. 5. Tap hook up for grill or pot or cooker for water. 6. Crossbow 7.Presevation ides with salt in bag it changes raw meat into salty and same with fish which is needed for taming. Really like this game has major potential but remember pvp and pve are very differnt please lets not wait months like we did in .
  12. Littlelucifer

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Whoever came up with this adding paste and steel sorry but why, its bad enough you have foundations weighing the same weight as walls and doors which is not possible But now this and allow more damage. We went through this in ark pvp and pve is different and you focused so hard on pvp in ark you lost alot of players the 2 are different., Ark taught alot of things and many should have came through with this game and of course it is alpha but as a player stated if it isnt broke leave it. Some island have half the requirements for stone walls at a 30% chance so if anyone wants stone good luck not going to happen. Many people bought the game for taming.breeding,and def building but please pvp and pve are 2 very different just because it may work on pvp doesn't mean we need it on pve. fyi bulls should be pulling carts
  13. Littlelucifer

    taxation on pve is stupid

    Taxation is actually smart, they are making this game as close to being realistic as possible back in pirate days something i will post i dont find is right but I have no problem giving up 10-20 percent . These people who own the lands have to always make sure flags are set , make sure people are not building on resource spawns etc basically a landlord. You dont even notice giving matts . Passed week farmed over 130k in wood and yes my one landlord in the area i run a trading post received 30k wood and didnt even bother me.
  14. Littlelucifer

    Eelephants hotbox for taming

    This needs to go back the way it is, hours trying to get one elephant tamed because hit box is on one side and so tiny, finally we gave up 12 of us tried over and over in and out ontop of it etc. Why change things that are not broke same issue we had in ark and was changed back after 6 months people complaining. Many many have asked this to go back or is the obvject not having certain tames.
  15. Littlelucifer

    Taming is Majorly messed up

    This isnt about taming through wall,s etc , tried with keyboard tried with controller as I am a disabled vet who can only do one thing with 1 hand so controller is best and friends tried. Had 4 elephants down and couldnt even tame. Even rhinos before were bellies but even had issues last night you fed through front but as soon as we fed we died in 2 hits. Can they put the hitboxes back for taming and also fix taming hate to see 2x go and we cant really tame anything. Was working great before patch , got it down didnt cheat taming and now cant even tame and the 50th time after its lost levels its a small opening front of creature and you die.