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  1. Is it just my server or do the islands on Blackwood have no names?
  2. Delete the map in your mods folder, it worked for one of our players.
  3. Large cannon - 140 kg , with open gun port 56 kg small cannon - 100 kg, with open gun port 40 kg
  4. Thank you, but still doesn't explain why cannons would increase in weight just cos a gun port is open...
  5. So our gunports increase the weight our galleon by 6500kg, why?
  6. 3x is great, but still takes you just as long to bloody sail anywhere...
  7. S'ok now, I have managed to get hold of then and they have removed it
  8. We do own the island but it had been there for more than 24hrs before we arrived...
  9. They have a bed on our island and it's blocking us building a bridge, they keep fast travelling to it and resetting the timer
  10. Could someone from this company on EU PvE pls reply to this...
  11. I like the new claim system, it's not perfect, but better than it was. I think some of the problems are that companies with enough points to claim a bigger island didn't cos they were in a hurry to land grab/too lazy to get enough gold, idk. The minimum points required to claim an island should be the cheapest island, not 15/23 or whatever it is. The points gained by each addition company member should increase in a balanced way, ei not have 1 point left after claiming and not need 3 extra crew to get then next sized island. The value of an island jumps from 53 to 57, so 53 requires 11 players, but to get the next size up (57) you need 13 players, 12 gives you 56 point which is not enough to claim the next size up...There are so many islands of 57 and above still unclaimed. By the time me and my friends had enough gold and a ship to get anything there was nothing left under 53 points, requiring a tribe of 11, we are lucking and all our friends came on and joined our company, we are now 12 in the company with only 5 active players. Which makes me wonder how many others are in the same situation... 12 to me is not a small tribe. (I play on PvE)
  12. @ Op suggest you go look at the lawless, spam central. Ppl using billboards for taming pens that have a 40 day demo timer on them. Saw some where someone had built a nice base and someone has spammed as close the then as they possibly could, and it's close. One tribe has spammed all 5 islands on the server, but not an actual building of theirs in sight. Endless shipyards where ppl have built boats and moved on. They should limit the amount of boatyards and structures a tribe can have, that way ppl might actually clean up after themselves...
  13. Nope just a file saved to my pc...
  14. So what is the difference between ally build and everyone build?
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