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  1. I think this will make horses more customizable.
  2. After this newest mega-update game gets a fatal error. Verifying files does nothing to help (but has worked for a few). I did post on steam but no one know nothing there. If anyone know a fix please send help! My company is only 7 members and no one can login.
  3. They are also pillaring whole islands and blocking off resources on a few islands I've been to! Please share.
  4. Can we have something like ARK where there is a whip to make animals move without whistle or riding?
  5. So the pet will have -0.0 weight after using transfer all (I think while riding). So far the only fix I have found it putting weight on the tame (bug will go unnoticed if it has a saddle, I found with bug with pigs). Pic is just showing the bug. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1631718369
  6. Well i also saw it on someone's bear and bears spawned on the island
  7. So i had a pet (a new hatch chicken) he got to 10% grown but then this icon popped over his head then he wouldn't regain hp. He died and I would like to know how this works. Thank you!
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