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  1. Dragonchampion

    Holy crap 2000

    Jat himself said that the dev teams aren't worried about player numbers and just want people to test the game. When the full release rolls around, that's when they will focus on playercount.
  2. Dragonchampion

    Creature Designer

    If I was a dev, I would add the ability for Shieldhorns to project a shield at a 45 degree angle from their faces, at the cost of stamina. WOuld be amazingly useful in PvP and PvE.
  3. Dragonchampion

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    So how long does it take to switch back to a specific square? WHat's the pattern, and how frequently does it switch?
  4. Dragonchampion

    Whale hunters, need your help!!!

    Once per each type, Blue, Sperm, and Monsterous.
  5. Whoa whoa whoa wait. Let me get this straight. The level 120+ bears, lions, tigers, and other such creatures are tameable?!
  6. All this hate, all this rage at the developers, and I think people forget one of the biggest things about the developers; they aren't flawless. They aren't infallible. They have ideas same as us, and they often want to see the game fixed and made better. But, as we all can agree, sometimes it doesn't pan out so they have more work to do. So please, before you go raging at them, hating on them, or whining or complaining, just remember... the devs are people too. And just like you or me, they can make mistakes too. Remember though, one thing is certain. This game, when full released, is going to be something Amazing. Remember that, and no matter how choppy the waves get, weather through the storm for the treasure on the horizon!
  7. Dragonchampion

    Ironside Ships

    Didn't you guys watch the stream? Ironside planks and decks are going to be added in the Late February Patch.
  8. One of the biggest issues right now with SHips of the Damned hunting is how needlessly they are of a resource sink. You hardly get any coins from them, and thus you have trouble making up for all the metal you just used in cannonballs. It'd be quite easy to fix, too! 10x rates would make a level 1 SOTD give between 100-120 or so gold, and a level 20 SOTD would give between 280-400 gold. This would make Ships of the damned lucrative to kill, and would see a LOT of people going out to explicitly hunt them. It'd keep down the population, since higher level players would keep the oceans safe in their hunt for gold, and it'd reduce people bitching about SOTD overspawn! It's a win-win scenario!
  9. I have an update for those who care; I got home from the dentist to someone yelling at me on Discord "I will make sure you never buy or trade again", and that "several of his friends" were banned for "no evidence", even though he admitted in global he sank my Galleon. So that's nice, at least. WIll be taking a break for a while, but will come back soon, hopefully remake our galleon, and eventually reach for the stars, and maybe even make a brig dedicated to forming a beachhead on an Atlas Stone Isle!
  10. Dragonchampion

    Shieldhorn Achieved

    So what's the steps for it?
  11. Was in lawless; K12 is lawless. We hadn't spammed pillars everywhere because we saw that as crude and not asthetic for our base and thus thre was plenty of openings for him. And actually, I discovered today that other players can whistle down your emergency ladder, so there's no way to stop people from using ladders. Just a perfect storm, I suppose.
  12. Sorry about that. Wasn't my intention. Not really intending for the devs to do anything, I just wanted to thank the community for giving me a really fun game while it lasted. You guys are just as much a part of the game as the game itself. And you guys are awesome. I'm going to bed, but thanks, at least, for being here to talk to.
  13. Uh, they hired the Ragnarok Dev for the map, and the S+ dev for the building system though. Even if they didn't spend that much, I say that's a step in the right direction.
  14. We were a good chunk of maybe 10 people with intermittent login times. Everyone was getting bored of just gathering though, and I guess that's why i started to talk in world chat when I gathered. And then I said something he didn't like... and now here I am. And he lives on another island.