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  1. Just wanted to share this little tidbit of information I was informed of, to quickly drop all of, say, berries from a giraffe or elephant, simply search "berry" in the filter so only berries display, and then hit the "Drop All" button. It respects the filter!
  2. Extremely happy to see the removal of overweight and overcrew damage when ships are anchored. As someone who lost a Galleon before the wipe, it really means a lot that the griefing exploit was finally dealt with.
  3. I would love if you guys could help me out and give tips and pointers. We're about to try our first-ever power stone run against an island we know has a Hydra. What should we bring? We have a few legendary and mythical crossbows and carbines, and are all around level 55 or so. Should we even bother with melee? What should we do? We number around 4 people, in case anyone needs to know.
  4. So, a lot of people know of the reddit post that was posted a while back, giving ideas to make sailing more interesting: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/bvbdn8/make_sailing_more_intresting_suggestion/ Well, it seems Jat has replied, and revealed that not only are they discussing the idea in-house, but they are also interested in it! We might see some changes for sailing come down the pipeline soon(tm)! I can't wait to see what they come up with!
  5. You say that, but I cannot implore you enough to try making some ramps up to mountains in areas you pillar. It'd really help those of us who travel 10-15 squares away to do rare maps.
  6. Unfortunately, I agree with you there, but you at least build ramps to mountains in the territory you block so people can do maps, right?
  7. So, me and my friends went to do a Masterwork map this weekend, for x2. Unfortunately, a company had pillars placed all around the cliffside, and we couldn't get up to the cliff, where the map was! So this would normally be a GG moment, because the company had pillared, but not even done the courtesy of building a rampwhere they pillared. However, then I remembered something from a patch note a while ago. They reduced the distance that pillars and foundations blocked others! So, carefully walking around, I did it... I found a good spot slightly up the cliff for a single pillar! And from that pillar, I was able to build a ramp and we saved our Masterwork Map, walking away with 8 mythical blueprints and 7000 gold! I was so happy! So, I wanted to give a VERY special thanks to Jat, Dollie, and the dev team for that slight fix. It might not work for the pillaring, but it at least gives people a CHANCE to work around it. Also, can't include screenshot because upload limit, unfortunately.
  8. Hahaha, thanks! Don't forget that the Treasure Hunter Feat from doing a 15 quality map also gives double tool durability.
  9. If anyone hasn't seen the upcoming Mega-Update patchnote changes, there is a new feat, "Double Harvesting" which will double all materials gathered by you. That causes a person with a good, high-level tool blueprint to blow tames out of the water, and with the addition of cargo carts, tame harvesting is going to be an option, not a requirement.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's been removed. When prompted, Jat said on Discord that it's a bug.
  11. Ingame! Just check the Atlas tab when you open your inventory and it shows the point cost for every island that's unclaimed.
  12. A while back, someone did an analysis of Speed, Handling, and Weight sails and shared the findings in a detailed video. Have Handling Sails been fixed since then? Do they increase turn speed and such, or are they still worthless?
  13. Before the patch, they were great ways of gathering fiber and wood, but it seems it's been nerfed, or is bugged right now. Is the single-digit harvesting for Bamboo and Silk Trees intended or a glitch?
  14. Is it really that good for XP? What's the return vs doing, say, 15 white-level maps? Said maps could easily get me from 41 to 44 or so in around 15-30 minutes depending on how many you have per island.
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