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  1. Yeah, they are the mos glitchy mob right after the bear (bcs bear does all kinds of stuff, not just being op, such as space programs when loading on the ship, or earth core drilling when placed in stables). However, the most pain in them is that their rotating = they can hit us even with their ass while their hitbox is all over the place and the only hitbox that matters is head which is under their chin... and their head on top of that slithers left and right, fighting them while having "high ground" doesn't realy feel beneficial when their head is hidden in dirt like an ostrich, would be nice if when they changed direction, their head would just change direction an the rest of the body would just follow the head.
  2. Agree that some zones should be infested while others not so much, it creates an area where ppl can hope for a good resource to be there and also a palce where ppl go to farm loot. The constant spam of SoD everywhere where we live is just straight annoying, of course we gonna outrun them, but o we realy need ton constantly be molested with 1-4k dmg to one of our planks bcs there's like 20 of them rendered? Also that's not like our company doesn't clear them... that's just that nothing bellow orange is worth wasting resources.
  3. SoDs give laughable amouns of gold anyway and surely those ppl doesn't care about those random boulders or spike shots in their bank. Feel free to kill them, even if the SoD gives like 50 gold, they gonna only get 15 of it with 30% tax and that is some realy high SoD bcs they mostly give trash rewards.
  4. We have so many whales and SoDs now that once seen 4 blue whales or 5 sperm whales in one place, arround those 4 blue whales were like 15-20 SoDs. Before update we had mostly clear waters, had to dodge maybe to like 3-5 SoDs at most clumped in 1 place and whales were rarity to look for, now they are everywhere and in massive numbers, almost can't squeeze between them without agroing 1 or 2. And yes, the green ones are worthless to kill, who want's to waste 25-50 medium cannon balls on something that gonna give common 1% better than default common blueprints an the npc levels are pointless, might aswell just get cheaper an without wasting metal at freeport.
  5. They could just make so ships gain 300% damage resistance only in company or ally territory, not neutral or enemy. They also could keep it but make mortars stronger to punish ppl from getting that close to a base.
  6. Yeah, if for thou the fact that bear doing everything is not balance breaking means nothing only tells us there's no point further trying to explain why is that no fun to have a jack-of-all-trades master-of-all afk-RMB-farming-machine, please enlighten us with thy glorious skill while sitting on a lvl 1 bear and clearing masterwork map by standing still and pressing RMB, the APM must be in thousands.
  7. SoDs even tho don't target anchored ships, they will fire at something that damaged them and is behind that ship, 300% dmg reduction surely slowed down punching thro those 12k planks, but with enough dedication they could just lure SoD and get it stuck on the shore, then keep punching it to grab agro and hidding behind galleon for the cannon balls to hit it.
  8. Sorry if want meele, archery and guns to be usefull, right now, just bear this, bear that, bear everything, in terms of combat?, just use bear, no skills are needed, just spec cheap into tier 2 riding, have someone in company to tame the bear and enjoy a lvl 250 alpha yeti hunting machine bcs everything gets knockback locked from the bear and for no durability cost just spam RMB, other than alpha lion that dismounts, there is no non-mythical creature that stands a chance, we don't even have to worry about our life bcs tame takes dmg first and they rapid regen as if we stuffed herbs up the ass of it. Also why do even tools exist in this game if we can just have tames do everything better than even a mythical tool.
  9. Would not complain if they get 90% health reduction.
  10. Yay to even more overpowered tames, let's just scrap guns, artillery, unarmed, archery, meele and any tools, we soon won't even need stone tools bcs in freeport we gonna get a pretamed chicken to gather us resources as we hold it. Gotta love it when a lvl 250 yeti comes out and a single 50 lvl bear can handle it solo or treasure maps being tone by 1 player spamming furriously RMB as the rest of company waits for free loot.
  11. The bear sank under the floor and drowned.
  12. Bear is a boring mode, surely our company will stand against our statment here, but hate bears and wish they were gone, they are easy mode yetis, easy mode any animal, easy mode any quality treasure map, gather berries better than a horse, gather fiber like a champ, gather thatch like a champ (in case of having access to thatch bushes), they got gigantic aoe, there's no point in using tools or weapons when having a bear that can keep knocking enemies back with sustained dps. Those pricks also have tons of health and in wild they are pack animals and despite having so much health and speed and damage... they have no head hitbox! Chicken gives eggs, is fine as is. Cow gives milk, is fine as is. Bull is supposed to be a thatch animal, but is useless, also bleeding attacks are useless. Crow is cool, however inteligence sucks, the initial crafting bonus is a dice roll no matter how high inteligence is and it only slightly matters in upgrading, no point gimping self with inteligence and crow doesn't give enough to matter. Elephant is a easy wood mode, tbh that's fine, even tho hate tames, choping is boring and there's no hatchet bps. Pig is almost useless, however is an easy home defense when amassed except against alphas or radiculous bear aoes. Giraffe is a worse horse. Horse is fine as is, sturdy, loyal companion, one of fastest animals, flexible, not a damage dealing animal so no bullshit alpha yeti killing capabilities like a bear. Just remove the fear when standing near the wild ones, infuirating, especialy when there's a whiny alpha horse, they are also almost impossible to tame without them jumping into a trap. Lion is a douche, alpha lions should not exist as if it grabs us, there's no way to escape or corpse run for items, thankfuly never got into such situation but just wait for it, male lion have screwed head hitbox, they also fly further than frickin horses. Monkey is a poop turret, never used tho. Ostrich is like a horse but squishier and with more dmg (for whatever reason) Parrot... is like crow except with fortitude, however not going to keep parrot 24/7 to keep self warm so just gonna put few own points into it and screw parrots, useless. Penguin is cute for some, good selling product, nothing else, they are a walking campfire without cooking ability and need fish to eat not berries, definitely useless other than blubber farming or selling for cute factor. Rabbit is useless. Rhino is a walking pickaxe, however they are not that usefull as they do nothing to boulders, they only get bonus to pure metal nodes so might aswell just mine those with a pick insteed of hauling heavy and buggy animals arround the world. Seagull is useless, if will want to go diving, gonna grab a diving suit. Sheep is useless, just kill some sheep or find an alpha sheep for fleece. Tiger is a lion on steroids. Vulture and his six million vulture buddies wanna say hi before nerfs, but in all seriousness, they are useless, just gather than corpse with tools. Wolf was a cancer, then the guns were nerfed and made them extreme cancer bcs they could take 2-3 bullets in the face while charging at us in numbers of 5 in pack, and then they were nerfed very hard, however, since we hold so much hate and frustration and unfun from pre-nerf times that they may stay like this forever. As a predator we prefer lions bcs they atleast don't knock us arround like a beachball and don't have machine gun attack speed, now atleast they have so weak dmg that those things doesn't matter, just flying arround after being bit is still annoying as hell, they can now be destroyed with any weapon with a headshot. We thought that they would be a good fighting tame, but they have no aoe like bear and have pathetic damage compared to a bear and they have no weight capacity so wearing armor already consumes half of their wegiht capacity lol. Head hitboxes, yes, know this is about just taming, but those animals have no hitbox: bears, chickens, cows, bulls, crows, elephants, pig (they have but like, inside their throat or something when they bite, almost impossible to hit), giraffe, horse, lion (only male and only slightly, their head hitbox is screwy and sometimes counts as body shot, maybe that's bcs their texture is bigger but their hitboxes were not adjusted to the size from female model), monkey, ostrich, parrot, penguin, rabbit, rhino, seagull, sheep, vulture, (and now non-tamable creatures), bass, tuna, shark, manta ray, turtle, propably also angler fish and jelly fish, propably all those stupid dinos, and other animals that forgot about, why almost all animals have no head, wtf grapeshot?
  13. Oh no, the true legend, the pvp player, everyone hide, the alpha male has come!
  14. And?, want to lure all SoDs into one grid to troll?, bcs it serves no other purpose to have them chase ppl across grids other than making a great wall of china.
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