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  1. I got some masterwork planks,made just 2 of them to test if i can replace them with old common ones.Mind you this is for galleon,i tried also on brig but that doesnt seem to work either. The game does not allow me to replace them,there is nothing blocking them,its clear as sky. Do i need to destroy planks first and risk sinking ship or what?
  2. Spent couple days building castle on platform only to vanish infront of my eyes.Half of the castle...........spent probably more than a fucking day farming just for materials. This happened before and its still happening on docks where half of the dock just vanish countless times and gave up on that. What i didnt expect is that platforms are affected too. Be careful,dont build big while this cancer is active. I know this is already reported back in april and there are threads about this but i am so pissed that i decided to make new thread.
  3. Lukas1987

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Alright i found temporary solution for this. Before i did this,literally half of my dock would disappear and it pissed me off real bad. I tried to connect side walls with ceilings. I did some closer to support,some away from support and both ways work correctly for now. Logged of for the night and came back to see everything in place. For some may be ugly but in my case this is enclosed and nobody is supposed to see this and it isnt eyesore. Thats it im giving up.
  4. Thanks for noticing me on this. Im going to remove some stuff from my limit reached galleon. It still looks empty tho
  5. Lukas1987

    A Poisonous Trap

    And a spider pit for those with arachophobia. They will think twice next time attacking
  6. Lukas1987

    PC Patch Notes - Community: V25.2

    Cool stuff but I'm impressed with the amount of free time at your disposal
  7. Lukas1987

    Whales, borders, and why they need fixing.

    As the guy above me said try to go parallel or at sharpest angle possible. Another way is to slow down to a crawl before crossing the border.
  8. Lukas1987

    Balista bug on ship

    My mates had same problem today,one could fire,other could not. Place npc and unseat them seems to be working.
  9. Lukas1987

    Insane amount of SoDs after recent patch.

    After traveling from colder to warmer regions today,its pretty much same situation. There are couple of minutes of no sods in sight and then cluster of them.I swear to god one rendered infront of my ship at full speed transitioning in next region. Sotd be like,excuse me sir im just gonna cross this grid and see sup in other region.
  10. Happens to me aswell lately. Before i could see them in okayish distance but now they spawn 3-4 brig lenghts infront or sides. Kinda meh
  11. Lukas1987

    Insane amount of SoDs after recent patch.

    It's gonna be interesting hunting whales when i get home today with so many sotd around.Never lost a ship since the begining of the game but for this one im certainly sure and prepared to lose it.
  12. Lukas1987

    Insane amount of SoDs after recent patch.

    Not much of a difference in warmer regions
  13. I've been traveling from B9 to A14 last two days to hunt some whales. At first i was whoa,thats so many sods lately.After couple of grids,actually at A14 i decided to count number of sods. I approached A14 and pointed my ship towards closest island and just straight forward. 34 sods in just 10 mins because wind kinda sucked. From level 1 to lvl 28. There are so many of them that they even ramming each other lol. This is becoming annoyance,please take a look and fix this