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  1. Ive lost a few tames. Mostly getting clipped into an alpha and not being able to run when on my lower level bears. The patch making pets take 50% reduced damage made it to where I can fight alphas no problem though. Ive only lost 2 pets to a boat so I cant really complain This makes me want to figure out a better way to breed them and not lose them when I want to sleep for a whole 3 hours haha pretty crazy. I still think the devs should look into breeding. Im sure its not very high up on the priority list of things that should be fixed/tweaked.
  2. I have no problems trying things out while I have down time. Losing a baby at gen 1 isn't a huge deal so I can play around a bit trying different things to find something that works. But honestly I couldn't imagine trying to stay logged in the entire maturation or even leaving them with someone else in the company. A small change could mean the difference between being able to breed and not.
  3. So yesterday I finally got around to breeding. I did it a lot in ark and thought that maybe I would try it here. Bears being the obvious choice as we had 2 perfect tame 30's itching to get it on. I spent the 4 hour gestation making sure I had everything ready to go once the little balls of fur were shat out in our tames pen. I spent almost 6 hours with them making sure they weren't too cold/hot with campfires and penguins. They hit around 20% and I figured I could get at least 3 hours of sleep before work. I go to sleep with 4 fires still blazing next to them and hope for the best. I wake up and log on to find that both of them froze to death and my penguins glitched through the foundation. It sucks wasting so much time for something to not even have a chance. Oh well, I will try again. Devs, if I could make a suggestion to breeding, make it to where once they hit juvenile that they get a fortitude buff so when the temps swing a little too high/low they don't die. I would love to no life this game but cant because I have to adult
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