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  1. Murreth

    Help taming Giraffes

    Hey all, I've been able to tame most of the animals in Atlas but man is the Giraffe a pain in the posterior. As I'm sure you all know its damage radius is about 5x the distance from the Earth to the Sun so any time I get near its head to try to feed it I get hit. I wouldn't even mind if I got hit and was able to feed it but because its head moves so much and the knockback its attack has I only succeed in feeding it about 1 out of every 5 or 6 tries. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for taming the Giraffe, a better place to stand or try to feed it where I either won't get hit, or at the very least a place where I can aim so that when I do get hit at least I'm getting a feed in before I do. Thanks for your time.
  2. Murreth

    Yetis vs. Bears

    Cool, thanks all!
  3. Murreth

    Yetis vs. Bears

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has any experience using Bears to attack Yetis, just curious if they hold their own against them or if it's just a waste of a bear. Thanks for your time.
  4. Murreth

    Creature Designer

    Add animal armor.
  5. Murreth

    Creature Designer

    #1 I'd change the way we tame. I don't know about you crazy devs but when I get a new pet I don't kick the living shit out of it and then feed it over and over and over again. It doesn't make sense. #2 Give us an animal that's good at farming thatch, like it's that animal's #1 priority. Maybe the wiki is lying but it seems to me there's no animal that primarys thatch, which is odd since it's one of the 3 most basic resources. Each resource in the world should have a tame that specializes in harvesting it. #3 Make the Rhino get metal when it mines rocks that you get stone/flint/metal from when using a pick. #4 Give us a command that allows the elephant to move to a location we point out, drop all of its inventory into a container and then return to where it was. So we can farm stuff, send the elephant back to base to drop off our load while we continue to farm. (Also, give us something like the hopper from Minecraft and allow us to craft while pulling from containers we're standing next to, so if i'm standing next to a box with wood, thatch and fiber in it I should be able to craft building components without having to move them to my inventory first.) #5 According to the wiki the rabbit is supposed to warn you about dangerous creatures, but it either doesn't work or the creatures are like monster level ones. It should warn you about any nearby predator. #6 The cargo saddle should actually allow us to put cargo in it, with a much higher weight limit. That's the whole point of the invention of the wheel, to move things that are much heavier than we ordinarily would be able to. #7 Wolves are underpowered compared to bears. The only reason I'd ever use a wolf right now is for the warming buff, also they need more base stamina. #8 Make one of the birds able to deliver message notes to allies, sort of like carrier pigeons or the ravens in Game of Thrones. (for that matter, add a note item and a mailbox item so we can leave messages in the actual game for people) #9 FIX. BREEDING. Breeding right now takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I have no problem with it being challenging, I do have a problem with breeding taking as long as a full time shift at a job. #10 Allow us to craft a higher tier feeding trough that allows preserving salt to be put into it to increase the shelf life of the food. #11 Make chicken eggs give you meat vitamins instead of veggie. #12 Parrots can talk, right? So allow us to "teach" it a saying to say randomly using text to speech. This is a pretty low priority idea but it'd be funny. That's all I got off the top of my head.
  6. Murreth

    Remove beds on lawless islands

    It's funny because I sailed my raft with my bed on it right up against the shore and then built a house around it, no sooner had I don't that then the devs announced you could use beds on lawless now, so you're all welcome.
  7. Murreth

    Stone cost controversy poll.

    It doesn't affect me personally all that much because I play PvE, but if my brethren in PvP are upset about it I stand with them.
  8. This sort of thing happened in H1Z1's Just Survive too, two sides of the player base arguing with each other. PvPer vs. PvEer. I'm one of the latter but to imply I don't give a shit about my fellow players on the PvP side of things is idiotic and offensive. I don't want everything done the way I want for both sides, there should be separate game sets for each side.
  9. Dear devs, @Jatheish, et al First I'd like to say that until recently I've enjoyed Atlas immensely and I appreciate the hard work that was put into this game, so thank you for that. The vast majority of us who are here love this game, we all want it to succeed and become what we all know it can be. This is somewhat Deja Vu for me because I went through exactly the same thing with H1Z1's survival game, Just Survive. As you may or may not know Just Survive was shut down in October of last year, and the number one reason that happened was a lack of communication between the developers and the player base. Now, that isn't to say you guys are as bad as Daybreak was. I don't think anyone could be as bad as Daybreak was at communication, you're already better than them because this forum exists, whereas Daybreak's main form of feedback from their players was the Just Survive subreddit, which was run by people who had their idea of what they thought the game should be and censored anyone who had an idea they didn't agree with. Unfortunately for Daybreak the subreddit mod's ideas were in the vast minority of what players wanted and the game suffered because of that. Another of Daybreak's faults was that they did things without telling anyone in the community and then released them and when people hated the changes they stubbornly stuck with them, driving people away every day, until they finally relented and reverted, by which time it was too late. You guys have a tendency to do some of that. You at least respond to the feedback, or dare I say backlash. The thing is, there doesn't have to be any backlash. All you need to do is communicate with your player base about major changes before they happen, state your case as to what you're seeing that caused you to think the change was necessary and why you're making the change, get feedback and adjust accordingly. I'm not saying you need to do that for every single change, but something like making taming maddeningly annoying or the changes to the stone walls are major changes for people and shouldn't just be thrown upon us without discussion and a chance for us to offer you alternatives that satisfy your goals and make us happy, or at least accepting of the changes. For example, with the taming if you thought it was too easy make it take more feedings to tame an animal, or make the bolas not last as long, or increase the radius of the animal's attack or something that doesn't make it so we have to split the atom to not get the "press E to release bola" option. That doesn't make taming harder as much as it makes it more annoying. It's a game, it's supposed to be fun and it taming isn't any more. @Dollie seems to me to have all the makings of a great envoy between the community and the development team, utilize her talents, talk to us, create surveys, hold more live streams even if it's a thrown together affair with one developer, communication is the key to making Atlas the game we all want it to be. Lack of communication is what killed Just Survive. I don't want to see that happen to Atlas. The vast majority of us are here to back you up, to help you make this game great and to offer up suggestions and alternative. We are a great resource and you should use us to your advantage. I think I speak for all of us who love this game and want to see it reach its potential in saying we stand ready to serve. Thanks for your time, Murray
  10. Murreth

    Whole Company Banned

    Can someone join Black Butterfly and start posting offensive signs?
  11. Murreth


    How DARE they put fun things in a video game?!? Lemme at em! Lemme at em damn it! DON'T HOLD ME BACK YOU BASTARDS LEMME AT EM!
  12. Greetings all, so I don't know how many of you have played Rust, but my suggestion to fix the problem of the claiming system is to blatantly steal Facepunch's idea for upkeep, but not for buildings like Rust for territory you have. For those of you not familiar with how upkeep works in Rust here's a video explaining it. Basically the idea is pretty simple, there would be some sort of container, in Rust it's called the tool cupboard, and it would tell you how much of each resource you need to put in it every day to keep your territory being your territory. If you don't put anything in the box your claims begin to count down and if the timer reaches zero they become unclaimed property once again. The amount of resources you need to put in would depend on how much territory you own, so if you have only one claim circle it'd be cheap, if you have 5 it'd be more expensive, 20 it'd be way more expensive and so on. This would make it so players and companies have to be active to keep their territory, discourage players and companies from claiming territory they don't need and clean out inactive players and companies naturally without any interaction needed from anyone else. The box would have a limited number of slots so that you could put in enough to keep your territory safe for several days in case someone needs to go away or doesn't play that much or what have you, but not so much that you could just put 30 days worth of resources in and forget about it. Also, in Rust the tool cupboard gives raiders a target to go for, and defenders something that they have to hold no matter what. Think of the epic, pulse pounding battles that would ensue if your entire territory was on the line. I welcome everyone's constructive and reasoned feedback.
  13. Murreth

    Who else is losing motivation?

    I was going along great, but then they changed taming right after I'd spent all this time getting ready to tame a bear. Man that pissed me off, like what was the problem? Did I miss a massive amount of people complaining taming was too easy? That and hearing that your ship can still be griefed in PvE and the friends I was playing with getting bored of the game really took the wind out of my sails if you'll pardon the pun. Then this stupid debuff for being old, and you have to go to a lag filled SINGLE grid for the ENTIRE MAP on an island filled with tons of creatures at alpha levels that I couldn't hope to fight off even if I was level 100 with the best gear in the game? So stupid.