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  1. I noticed that my memory being used shoots up to 80% just as preview the snap. Will test running game in low memory mode That didn't help
  2. This is happening to me too. Once I place down a large stone gateway my game instantly crashes. I have a 2080 so performance on my end is not an issue.
  3. does it work with all metal?
  4. They said this was patched. Haven't tried it.
  5. As of now, the only use of the shipyard is to make ships. What if we can anchor or rather harbor 1 ship to the shipyard? This would work like the hitching post in s+ for Ark or the new breeding thing they added with extinction. This way, the ships would be more protected and shipyards would have a greater use (maybe give them a minor durability buff while harbored). My boats keep getting attacked by crocodiles and such that aggro onto my crewmembers. This would be a nice fix.
  6. they said they changed the claim flags in the previous patch they might have built in your area then
  7. Hello, Looking to find the config of how to make ship stats increase more per level up. The correct solution will be rewarded generously Thanks.
  8. From the video it is obvious that the water wasn't deep enough, especially for a galleon. This is your fault, not the developers. Use K-Mode to ensure that there is no shallow water under your construction.
  9. We managed to kill 1 of the ships just as we were sinking. I got no EXP for contributing with the kill. Please look into this.
  10. Hello, after a day of farming (tribe of 10), we finally managed to get our schooner out on sea. It was a very long grind in the lawless region, and we decided we had to sail out and find somewhere safe to log off. We sailed from L9 to L8 and I kid you not, we encountered 10 ship of the damned at the very least. Most of the time these ships would be very close to each other, making maneuvering away from them very difficult. When we did manage to escape, this was because the ships would suddenly steer in the opposite direction (they are very unpredictable). But after an hour of sailing (from L9 to L8), we got caught in between two ships of the damned. They clapped us. We had 6 cannons with 50+ cannons made, a crew of 7 online, and resources to repair. I was in charge of repairing, and I had points in the tree. Still, even though I was repairing, I could not repair the structures fast enough because the DPS being dealt to us was too great. We lost HOURS of work in 2 minutes, not even to other players, but to broken NPC. So my suggestions: 1) Make ship building easier. 2) Reduce # of Ships of the Damned in a zone (and let them sail on independent courses that ensure they don't group up) 3) Reduce their speed and power in lawless regions (like a debuff that affects their health/damage and speed, making fighting them an option) 4) Make repairing easier
  11. After spawning at L4, my game kicked me out and I got the lost connection error. Haven't been able to join since. The current pop on that server is 4/150 so it is definitely bugged. Please restart it! Can't play!!!! NA PVP KRAKEN
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