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  1. Appreciate the edit, no trolling intended. I guess the guys took a long weekend. Thanks for the clarification. Have a good day all!
  2. The "upkeep" is part of the "rest" of the changes isnt it? I feel like this guy was just online yesterday.... and he has no home now. If im wrong and the 3 day is in place and I read it wrong, thats another story, but im fairly sure this guys active.
  3. Only thing protecting them was being offline on the claim, they have had the claim for months, well over the 3 day protection. Thats my point, the activity timer isnt in place yet.
  4. We have also, simply because we have more people on more hours and had a neighbor or 2 we didnt get along with so they would def be doing it to us if they woke up first. Before we were at an standoff and forced to deal, now we were able to slip in this window of change and likely chase someone out of the game...under the guise of doing it before they did it to us.
  5. ***Edit I misunderstood the upkeep timer, I still think my overall point is valid, but not in this case. Thanks for clarification. ***** Why the insistence on releasing half finished mechanics? Why not release mechanic changes at once? Half finished aging mechanic making the 1 way to deal with it entirely broken to deal with in which you count on the lag to slow down ai to sneak by as you gauntlet run to the finish line ( not engaging game play). Now a half modified claim system that means alot of people are waking up in a few hours or getting off work to find out they no longer have bases.... but dont worry the "rest" of the changes to fix that are coming "soon". Meaning they wont be able to get their land back when you release the changes. These "windows" of carelessness are where the problems happen. Especially in a pve environment, you are creating holes that allow the trolls and grief driven pvers chance to cause havoc. The full picture of changes sound great, releasing it in pieces is going to, and has already, only made things worse. Love the game, I love the work you all do, I just dont understand half finished mechanics. Could be a very good reason and im happy to be educated. Outside looking in though, seems like a bad habbit. Happy Wednesday!
  6. Says the one that laughs at an explanation to their issue and drones on making other pointless request? Go play minecraft. I care about you!
  7. Figured out the issue, SOMEHOW, they claimed one of our water claims, and it magicly claimed our small ship yard, thats within 3 of our claims. p.s. paint arrows are hard.
  8. I mean our claim flag is right behind this building, I doubt they were able to build that close to us/in our claim
  9. We are now unable to build in our unfinished base, the territory is directly behind the base, so theres no question its in our territory, We can access doors and everything else, we are just unable to place things. Example attached. Apparently last night noticed a bunch of guys standing on the roof of our unfinished base, they wandered over and the group took off. When they opened the small gate to go back inside, tons of undead spawned in the base (or were already spawned.. not sure). Once they were dispersed, we noticed this issue. Is there a chance the other peoples chest is buried under our base and acting as a foundation preventing us from building? I quickly scanned through forum and didn't see anything that looked related.
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