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  1. ikarirain

    Lighthouse Disappeared

    I had the same issue happen once before, also in lawless. Glad to know now why it happened. I wasn't going to put down another one until I knew exactly what happened, and I'm glad I made that decision. If I decide to make another, I'll build it so high that no one can reach it to demolish it, lol.
  2. ikarirain


    Eh, I've seen worse, and survived worse, and heck, even killed worse. I love wolf packs. Carbine snipe to the face, reload, kill the next, reload, repeat. Oil jars and fire arrows are fun too. However, the most enjoyment I've gotten from a wolf pack was levelling 11 of them with a mortar.
  3. ikarirain

    Sinking ship exploit fixed?

    No, he means that every ship comes with an emergency ladder upon construction. You don't get to decide, lol. It's there on the back of the ship whether you like it or not.
  4. Based on what I've seen through the crafting system so far, there 'IS' potential for some pretty amazing gear, but we're not going to see these amazing pieces right away. As far as dividing the skills between crafting and using, I'm perfectly fine with it. Sure, a lot of people are going to want to craft their own gear, and then not be able to wear higher-end gear in order to conserve points for other things. On the other hand, there will be people who want to wear the amazing gear, and don't mind giving up the ability to craft it. This will divide people into Artisans and Consumers, and will put a greater value on significantly exceptional gear. There are two things you should remember regarding higher quality gear, and these are very important: - The gear never gets destroyed, it simply breaks, and you can always repair it, making it endlessly valuable so long as you continue repairing it. - The gear does NOT require multiple resource types to repair, regardless of the quality type. It may take 3 different types of mats to craft a blue Journeyman piece, but it only takes 1 to repair it. This makes the repair costs for consumers incredibly cheap, and further increases the value of the gear.
  5. ikarirain

    Mooring System

    @Sovereign SnowFeel free. The more exposure it gets, the better the possibility it'd be added. If a mooring system like this were added, it'd greatly expand the building options for Trade Post owners like myself. What's the link to your thread, btw?
  6. ikarirain

    Mooring System

    Lets face it, Galleons and Brigantines are huge, and we like building our fancy piers and docks and parking our ships next to them. Unfortunately, with many islands, the land drops off super deep super fast. So, I got to thinking, why not add a mooring system using the same key that activates anchoring, inspired by another lesser known function, the map key. Did you know, when you double-tap M, it brings up only the compass, and when you press and hold M, it brings up only the map? This function tells me that it's possible to use a single key for multiple functions based on how it is used. This said... The mooring system would involve two craftable parts: A ship-mounted mooring rope (similar to how dinghy and diving apparatus is mounted) and a building-mounted set of mooring posts. You place these mounting posts on your pier, similar to how a wall will snap, and then build the mooring rope on the side of a ship. When your ships mooring rope is near a mooring post, you'll see an icon on the right, similar to how the anchor icon pops up. When it's lit, press and hold X (the anchor key), and the ship will begin a 10-15 second mooring animation while the mooring rope is tossed several times over the mooring posts, slowly tightening until the mooring process is complete, and freezing the ship into place as if it had anchored next to the pier. This process would allow ships to moor to a pier when the water is too deep for anchoring, and can help easily organize the space in a company's large pier by using the docking space efficiently.