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  1. Temp fix until this is fully fixed on atlas's end: Set the .mod files to 'read only' so Atlas can't delete them
  2. Hello! So I'm having a SUPER weird bug whenever I'm launching my test dedicated servers for Atlas. The .mod files under \ShooterGame\Content\Mods continue to be deleted anytime I launch a territory. The mod folders still exist but the .mod files are removed. If I launch without the .mod files the server does not launch with the mods loaded leading to a 'check the server has the most up to date mods' error when attempting to join. Basically the first region I launch will work fine, but then the second region wont load the mods UNLESS I extract the .mod files again before launching the second server. It's like launching the server consumes the .mod files for some reason. This happens after the 'Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 834910' and before the Atlas Version: pops up. I've tried multiple different launch variables to see if any one of them don't delete the files but all failed. 1. Launching with and without -automangedmods in the command line 2. Launching with and without [ModInstaller] in game.ini 3. Launching with and without ?GameModIds= in the command line Hopefully explained this bug well enough. If you have any questions please let me know and I'd be happy to assist
  3. Good Day! As per always thank you for everything you do! I encountered this specific 'bug' that's not really a bug while testing some new mechanics earlier today. Our community has been trying to come up with some creative solutions to PVE / PVP being on the same map. One of these solutions includes using different white lists for pvp and pve. The problem then arises that when you do this and if you transition from a region you are allowed to a region you are not allowed it locks you out of the server permanently because your character is then stuck attempting to login to the disallowed region. Obviously this can only happen if you're running multiple machines with different playerallowednocheck files (or bannedlist files). Is there anyway we could have is so if a player is banned from a particular region they either see a red wall of death and cannot enter OR they just transition to the next allowed zone. (I understand that the latter request is prohibitively complex) Thank you for your time on this specialized issue. I really hope a solution can be worked in 'soon' as this would lead to some awesome PVPVE mechanics for us.
  4. Hope you're having a great day I know this is already on the grapeshot list of things to be discussed but it's becoming more and more of a problem everyday on our server and I'm desperate to get a .ini configuration. I see it being done in up to three different ways: Limit total number of claims per person (Probably not) Limit total number of claims per tribe per cluster (a fix we can work with) Limit total number of claims per tribe per region (this would be awesome) Thank you for everything you do!
  5. Hello! So we ran into an issue where one of our rows of servers began to get stuck on 'network range scale' after the last update. Oddly enough row 1-5 were working just fine but the entirety of row 6 (which is on it's own machine) began having the same issue after updating. I tried to pull from old .atlas saves but going back as far as I could it still wouldn't start up and kept giving me the same error. I ended up .ziping the save files and relaunching all of row 6. After launching I then shut it back down, deleted the new save file, and re-extracted the .zip saves back into place. This actually worked for some reason and we were able to get all of the row back up and working after that.
  6. This, 100% This. I finally created an account JUST to upvote this. I've been looking for ANY news about this since yesterday.
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