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  1. a-----g-fgfgf-g-e---a-----a-e-g-y---e---y---u---g-y-g-y-g------- Another lazytown favorite.
  2. Sorry I haven't kept up with the thread, I've been busy with irl stuff. Glad to see some people are getting use out of this though I'll probably update the site with better instructions and some examples this weekend. https://hastebin.com/ Is really useful for linking long text btw.
  3. Never heard of ABC format, I'll see if it's something I can easily implement. You can put any letter/number you want into the song bar and it will hit that key, so you can just stick a 1 2 or 3 in the song to change octaves. You should be able to make drum macros, unless it requires spacebar.
  4. I also just added a crappy little piano at the top of the page.
  5. I added a play/pause button to preview songs, should make it a bit easier to make songs. I also fixed the hotkey, so you can actually specify your toggle key. I haven't written out any other songs and I didn't save the ones in the video, but if I do I'll post them here.
  6. Here's the full pirates of the carribean song: "sd-d-dfg-g-ghf-f-dssd---sd-d-dfg-g-ghf-f-dsd----sd-d-dgh-h-hji-i-jhjd--dfg-g-h-jd--dgf-f-gdf----sd-d-dfg-g-ghf-f-dssd---sd-d-dfg-g-ghf-f-dsd----sd-d-dgh-h-hji-i-jhjd--dfg-g-h-jd--fgf-f-dsd-d-f-g-g-h-j---gdj-----i---gda-----i---d-e-----j-j-j-ij----h-h-h-hj----j-j-j-ij----h-g-f-d---dfg---hjh-g-f-g-h-j-h---ghj---hgf-g-f-d---fsd---dfg---fgh-g-h-j-h-g-d---dfg-h-j-i-d-h-g--hg-d--fs-j-----i-----j-j-j-jh----h-----g-----f-g-f-fd--dfgj--dfgi--dfgj-j-i-jh-----h-----g----f-g-f-d---- " The octaves move too slow to be reliable. You need like 2 seconds between octave changes before the notes take hold. If I can come up with a clever way to do multiple notes I might do it, this was just a quick hack though.
  7. Have you created an accordian but don't have the ability to play it? Check out my Autohotkey song macro tool: http://delayatlas.com/songmaker All you have to do is install Autohotkey, create your song, copy the text to a text editor and save the text with the .ahk extension like "mysong.ahk". Double click the file and press F12 or whatever toggle key you chose, and your character will start playing the song! The toggle key will pause/unpause the script. For example, this is the Lazytown You Are a Pirate song: r--r--gdsa--rrrrdrgiii--rrrrdrgdsa--a--g-hg-r---
  8. http://delayatlas.com/
  9. http://delayatlas.com
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