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  1. It's really only the nose needs to be in shallow water. I've seen the front end of the ship touching shallow water and the back halve sticking out still able to anchor. Looking at the chain length didn't mean anything since it was 3 or 4 times as long reaching to the bottom so the length didn't matter from the start. Find a place to anchor before you place your ships.
  2. Something random just happened when I came online to get into atlas it says it was uninstalled.
  3. I wanted to know if they are able to appear from one server into the next. If you travel from one server to the next can you spawn on top of a pack?
  4. Do we know if the ships travel between servers?
  5. I foresee a sever wipe, at least one good one at some point. Everyone would start over. Maybe with an overhaul update.
  6. Did you make two camp fires? I'd think two would work better if your are freezing to death outside, in the ice and cold.
  7. Did you drive right into him whats with this photo?
  8. Poind3xt3r

    Important tips

    Good ready, 2 Tips helped me. Will be good for a new guy. Some important info.
  9. I'd trade. When I get something going
  10. PC Patch Notes - Client: v8.55 & Server: v8.56 So Happy you guys are crushing it! Keep the updates coming!
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