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    i do not want to partake in any pvp whatsoever, nothing but griefing and toxicity, forcing people who literally dont want any part in pvp is just going to kill the game for them and then you loose a really big chunk of your player base that you wont get in return, learn from the mistakes like blizzard have made... deciding for the players how they should be playing the game is only going to lead to more backlash, and more people leaving. maybe take a dedicated PVP server since they are already doing both pve and pvp.. pvp players would be more open to a change like this, i get that this is "early access" but the way this is being handled right now seems like constructive criticism isnt welcomed, and devs dont actually care about how any of the pve players feel about this change because "it's not what they want to see players doing" when taming/breeding/building etc is EXACTLY what players want.. dont punish the players for playing your game the way they want to play..
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    Welcome aboard @Chismebeard, @Nami, and @Gortok! Your PVE community is feeling a little left out/betrayed. Can you share your plans for its future?
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    Does East and West mean something different in atlas then the real world???
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    This is bullshit I don't mind server wipes but removing the North America pve server is fucked up so I would officially like to tell atlas thanks for fucking the people that don't do pvp because they don't want a ass wholes to destroy there stuff and for also fucking them because they were lead to believe that they hade a option on pvp or pve and taking there money like a fucking thief GOOD JOB THIEF'S
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    I agree with @AZ APOCALYPTIC on what he said about PVP vs PVE. I too will not be playing on the PVP servers. Working all day I prefer to login and have a more relaxing enjoyable play that is not just going to frustrate me. I get enough of that in the real world.
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    Pvp and pve are totally different play styles, I don't want to build ships that are wooden blocks loaded with cannons, and I wouldn't want forced conflict either. I am not alone by a long way in this view, please bear that in mind with the changes u make. Thx
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    the instant you become a PVP only or PVP centric game is the day I lose ALL interest in this game. NOT EVERYONE LIKES PVP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that i think you give a damn about what your players want
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    So when are we gonna get a sorry for what you did to the community? I didn’t know ARK genesis was on the ATLAS roadmap. Dollie, the CM manager that ignores her community, nice one. I’m very disappointed.
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    Welcome all. As many other PvE players I do share my concern towards the upcoming changes. Throughout history of atlas most big updates and changes have really been originated from PvP issues. I hope in the future we see more changes aimed at improving PvE servers too. Of course a map change will be good for alleviating some of the issues we previously had: time to sail from A to B, deserted grids...But hopefully you have some plans for Skill Tree and player progression too, while taking in account PvE side of the game ofc. For example in PvE we never really really had a need to make mythical ships, they were more of a trophy ship. So i hope we will get more reasons in the future to use them. More ships, more base building options (gib decorations), some better ship and base painting (the small things that matter you know?) Many assumed from your statements that there will be no PvE servers anymore which i think it's wrong because there was a statement about the PvE regions combining into one server. Hopefully lag won't be too bad for both parts of the world. Looking forward to the future of Atlas, it is my ideal type of game and I'd love to come back to it when there's more content. (I already put 1700 hours in PvE and I want more) Thanks, Helkhiana.
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    I am EXTREMELY happy that Atlas is once again being worked on. Question: Is single player still going to be an option? While I get that there are a lot of PvP lovers out there, I really enjoy most of what the single player game has to currently offer.
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    Hi Folks. I was brought on recently to help build a new team working exclusively on Atlas! I know there's been a lull in development lately, and we've actually got several things that are in development that we are going to be rolling out over the next couple months. I want to address a few design topics about this map. We wanted to get people moving around the world more. This map lays some of the groundwork for that, and aligns with some of the systems we're rolling out in the next couple months that we will have details on soon. What's shown here is the plant and weather biome layout, which dictates what type of plants an area contains. We've separated the mineral layer and the edges of those mineral biomes do not line up with the plant biomes. The areas in the middle of the map are densely populated with islands and are closest to the most diverse selections of plants and minerals. The outer areas of the map have less access to rich diversity of resources, and they also use the claim system. This is intentional. The outskirts are safer and less rewarding. In the short term, we expect more conflict in the center of the map around the Golden Age Islands. We're also introducing new systems for Trading that we will dive into soon. This should provide opportunities for both cooperation and conflict. What's a pirate game without the opportunity to pillage trade routes? More on that in the weeks to come.
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    What a relief to see some progress being made and new ideas being worked on. This game has so much potential, even more than ark! ^^ I hope there will be a new PvPvE map system where (almost) pure PvE could be an option, but with PvP on the other hand being way more rewarding. (to make the PvE players try it out aswell) It would be awesome to have a thriving economy, with blueprints, rare items, cosmetics and so on. Fun achievements, rare ship parts and equipment to get as a reward for sinking ships, keeping control of certain outposts in the PvP areas and so on. And all that while still having a safezone to hang out in, aka your main base. Add more complete, usable structures and houses to replace the hundreds of floors, walls and ceilings to reduce lag and bring more immersion to the game as a whole. Reduce the powercreep of blueprints and weapons/armor, make 150% damage blueprints really rare or give them out as rewards for certain tasks. Make gold more valuable (so we dont pay 10s of thousands of gold for one tame or ship anymore, because everyone has so much). These are just some suggestions that I came up with. Im sure all of you have even better ideas and also a way to implement them. Dont be scared to try out new features, listen to the community, see what they are asking for, ignore all the hate and insults from these idiots and prove them wrong. I've been playing since day 1 and I had lots of fun ever since. (yes, we exist) :D We will stick along so hopefully you guys will too! ^^ We all want the game to succeed Hopes are high, Good luck :D
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    one would think a sailing game that uses maps would have figured out where east and west is, but then again.....I guess not. Still waiting to hear the why we've been sold a game that has PVE for it to be now removed. Maybe that we got new community managers we can get some answers to why NA PVE is removed and what sounds like EU PVE could be gone next.
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    How about you wipe the PvP servers as there's no true pvp there, its almost all offline pvp griefing. The pve servers at least have worked long and hard to build up everything they have. If you reset everyone to level 1 on the wipe you just killed what little player base Atlas has remaining. Heck, merge PvP and PvE into PvEvP by making "Laweless Zones" just that LAWLESS!! PvP auto enables when you zone into one. BuT: if you leave player level, discoveries, achievements, and skills alone that could be viable. And dont say you cant do it because we all know you can. Quite a lot of players have spent an ungodly amount of time on their character...and you're plan is to wipe all that work? export player files, import new world, import player files that have "location" modified to wherever your "starter" areas are. Players may have to rebuild bases, reclaim islands, etc...but the bulk of their gaming effort is still intact. A complete trashing of player loyalty again...might as well go play Oasis if we all have to start over.
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    i gonna tell you what gonna happen, 1. anounce new stuff 2. get some cash out of it 3. ignore the Community for month 4. Invest it on next Ark addon and this has nothing to do with salty, time has already shown that they gave up the game after seasson 1, its just a cashcow.
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    I will NOT be forced into PvP! Period! And I just dropped a couple hundred hours into building a new stone base. I think I'll just go enjoy New World. Good timing on your patch.
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    They are good at lying, they did the same thing with Ark. When Ark was in beta they plainly stated that the servers would not be wiped, so they had all of us suckers out there testing their broken game and when they released the game they called all the old servers legacy servers and wiped 70% of them right off the bat and the rest soon followed. Wildcard was a good co pant once upon a time and as soon as they came out with their first DLC which was still while the game was in game preview they became greedy. Just like the rest of their projects this one will never be finished, they will close servers, sell dlc to a game that is t finished and milk it the same way they milked Ark. pathetic business practice.
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    That is not what I bought, the game stated what it is no longer and to me that is a total rip off no matter that it came later and, no matter it is in early access, if it walks like a duck it most likely is a duck or in this case, rip off.
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    Personally I'd prefer PvP and PvE be on the same map but separated. This is where I would like factions to come into play also so if you are not a fighting person for PvP anyone like yourself can come to your aid and help you. As for the building part I wish they would make it more interesting and when you build ships you don't just make planks but you have to make the nails also and other items. If anyone played Life Is Fudal people will know what I'm talking about, having to acquire various items to make something. In Life Is Fudal you, to make a warehouse you would have to chop down a tree into a log, cut these logs into planks or into billets.. If you wanted Wooden boards you saw them out, makes it more interesting and fun to give you more of a sense of achievement in making something, in my opinion anyway. I want to know what they have to say first on what changes are coming, which will be taken with a huge pinch of salt as I know what they are like. They say they will bring monthly updates, no you won't, i've heard that before and learned my lesson. I'm still waiting for these "monthly streams" we were supposed to be seeing. I will believe something when it actually happens. If there is big changes and new content I will come back but not if it's the same things as before, moving a few islands around and changing the regions will not bring me back at this time.
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    Are you a member of flat earth society?
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    Hello. Soon we are waiting for a new world and new adventures. But if they are accompanied by old bugs - you, dear developers, will lose your game. Can you give a guarantee that there will be no old critical bugs on the new map? Such as - constant poured when changing squares ?; Leaking boss arenas ?; Power stones that are not individual for each altar. Etc. Maybe you do not need a new map of the world? Maybe you should play your own product and suffer like all the games to see the problems of your child?
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    I personally really enjoy meeting people while playing on PVE. Grouping together to complete tasks is a lot of fun to me rather than fighting each other. For me this is much more fun then just playing single player.
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    Thank god for that. Yourself and Dollie were probably the two most incompetent community managers / developers I have ever witnessed in any computer game. Yes, very much looking forward to some changes / development and not just empty promises; who remembers the 'road map', I member' Best of luck to the new team.
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    First of all, thank you for introducing yourselves to all of us hopefully in the future we will have The opportunity to give our input and get a response from this new team. The main reason I’m writing this is to ask you in all seriousness why are you reinventing the wheel? The way the map was set up worked perfect it encouraged players to explore the entire map it laid out the environment in a familiar layout for each individual to understand easily. If you want to add a PVP aspect to a PVE sir oh that really needs to be done is to make the lawless regions able to have PVP and counters rather than reworking everything and making it more confusing than it needs to be. From what I’ve seen from the information provided so far I foresee one of two things happening one players are going to stay in one area more often except for the occasional run to the center of the map for events, two Players will abandon the game due to the lack of input and reciprocation from the previous team and reworking the entire system that was already working well other than issues that were reported.
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    Why would you join a MMO pirate game to PVE. that just makes no sense. Go singleplayer then.
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    Hey there @Chismebeard, @Nami, and @Gortok. I am glad that the hidden gem that Atlas is has not been forgotten on the seabed. Im sure you can understand that the community is a bit salty as it had been left there as well You have my respect for willingly jumping into such rough waters. I would suggest you to communicate as much info as you can as soon as possible to give players a clear and honest idea of what to expect and also include singleplayer and pve-players which make up a large part of your playersbase and potential new players. Everyone understands that money, time and abilities are limited resources so it would be a good thing if you could share if you are able to extent the Early Access Phase or if you have to finish up the game for the 1.0 release in a few months. New Map Well it is much smaller so i can already give you feedback on problems that will arise if you havent made some significant fix for it. Putting the lawless sectors into the center of the heat/map is problematic since those sectors are mainly used buy new and solo players or small groups. On PVP a even smaller number of players will now be able to clear the game of any other players. On PVE even fewer players will now be able to litter the whole map so you cannot find a place to build. The reason why the official servers could not sustain a large community is not that there are not enough players that want to play. It is more that even with the big map the game could not support more players on a server -> not technically but from the gameplay side. People left because there was no room for them to play, and playing includes much more than just sitting around somewhere. I am all for one big map with a hot spot in the center and a progression from easy to harder the near you get to it. But keep in mind the reasons why most people left the game dont make the same mistakes again and again. I hope you leave the old map atleast optional for Singleplayer/Dedicated and Serverhosts. Deleting it would be ultimativly negativ even if it would not get the new features like traderoutes. The giant size of the map is a unique selling point of Atlas you should try to hold onto it as much as possible. All in all it sounds really promising but we need more info. I hope we can give you more feedback once we get a clearer picture. I guess the following are some of most important questions for players that consider playing or buying the game. 1. Scale of the work you plan to put into the game. How long do you plan to build the release version? Do you plan to add significant content after the release and continue to grow the game? 2. How do you plan to stop griefing. Even games like Red Dead Online had to put passive mode as players where fleeing the game and there you didnt even loose anything except for the fun. 3. How do you plan to provide a place to live for players be it new players, casuals, or groups. Whether it be a rental house, base or a ship but something you can actually use not just rebuild every day to lose it overnight. 4. How do we spent more time on water when on the smaller map there is so much less water? Will it be optional fun activities that make you want to go out sailing or will it be necessary grind that forces you out. 5. How will there be playerinteraction besides KoS? Do you plan to have hubs like neutral cities or npc guarded areas where players can live and work together with strangers? 6. How do you plan to kick off the economy, will there be an NPC economy as foundation and players can jump in? With a smaller map it seems even more like getting the stuff yourself is always easier than finding a trade partner and organize it. 7. Most requested feature -> new ships. Can you do it? 8. Are you planning to bring alot more cooperative content to give players more reason to work together? Maybe even stuff seen on almost any other mmo like drop-in drop-out events and quests? Are you planning to add scaling difficulty so a mission will scale to the size of an group to give everyone a good experience while playing? 9. Servers cost money so it figures you want to reduce the amount of servers. What playernumber do you plan for the new map and will you open new official server when they reach that number? I am positive the news you had planned will answer this all but if not please try to include it, thank you. Good Luck Lin
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    So are we going to be forced to pvp? I like just farming and sailing and stocking up to build stuff lol. Dont wanna be forced to pvp.
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    Alrighty, news is out there now. Probably no surprise to most that Dollie and myself have been working on ARK for sometime now. We're glad to finally be able to introduce some of ATLAS new crew members, including their Community folk. It was a pleasure sailing the seas with y'all and we're looking forward to the changes that are coming from the team.
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    But then why remove NA PVE....?
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    Did we really go from 25x25 down to 11x11 AND mix up West/East all confusing like? I can't believe this.... do you guys have more to share? Like... pronto style...?
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    I really hope this is not as stupid as it looks and sounds on paper
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    I see everyone implying that NA PVE is being removed permanently, and replaced with another PvP server, based off a completely vague news release that lacks details, or any semblance of the roadmap previously communicated. The bottom line is that this news release does not include enough information to know or understand the future plans for the server being taken down. Was it taken down because it was the least populated, and it is now the test server for the new map and game structure? Will there be 100% PVP, 100% PVE, or PvEvP servers brought up on official in July? We simply don’t know, and writing comments implying facts based off this news release is not very useful. I think I can speak for the entire community when I say the developers should write a brief follow up news release with more information. We are left with more questions than answers, and the level of communication is piss poor at best. If you are going to make zero announcements for months while working on Ark, and return to wipe a server with 24 hour notice, it sure would be nice if you had a more concrete news release with higher levels of details. Player like me dump thousands of hours of gameplay into Atlas. Is it too much to ask for a news release that takes more than 15 minutes of your time? Show us that you care. Please.
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    I'm actually glad for this happening. After the previous wipe, me and my guys from ARK came here to play on EU PVE, we basically played for about 2 months. In that time we claimed a big island, tamed and bred above average animals for us to use, we built up a fancy base, we collected all the gems, and then killed the Kraken, then collected the 2nd set of gems again, then killed the snowman, and then the Kraken on hard, and did all the quests except for the rejuvenation. So we basically completed the game. We stopped playing. After a few weeks we logged in to see all our animals died of starvation, we gave the island to our allies and never looked back. Now that we got these news, we are waiting for the new map to arrive, and we will come back to try it out, and for this I'm glad. I quite liked the game, the setting, the sailing, but there is not much content yet, this is why we probably finished so quickly... So I'm glad this is happening, and that I will sail the seas once again and hopefully find something new! As a feedback though, a mixed PVE world with some PVP grids would be fun! I wouldnt like PVP because I dont want to log in to see my base destroyed and animals killed while I was offline, but some place to do PVP ship battles, now that would be fun (especially if there was some incentive too). Also: Give us more info!
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    I Hope wipe new clan cannot live with this nuts big tribes.
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    Well whoever gave you dev guys your new update ideas I just hope for your sake they are a rothschild, cos you're gonna need a bail out. Moving more towards pvp now is a cop out cos u can skimp out on more content. But in the long run the servers will be deader than a one legged pig at a tramps barbeque. Seriously you wait this long to do anything and the best idea you have is to alienate half your remaining player base? And when there are a few new mmos coming out this year and people with less money to spend? Well at least your not in banking and shares eh? I've played since release, both platforms, supported you since day one, and I have this to say..."Goodbye and good luck" and "Bon Voyage"
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    Tbh they should keep their word. People came back to it and played it for the first time because of the promises they made. But the xbox players imo got shafted the most as Atlas on xbox was far more expensive than on pc and for a lesser version of the game. Which I don't think is fair. I'm gutted about this new move because I had high hopes for Atlas as I have bought and played all their other games and still do. Even though they seem to just get left for ages, this company do have some brilliant ideas, but I don't know if they just get bored or something.
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    PUrge # 4 I think, I lost count,,, I told you guys way back when u purge for xbox that you better not do it again
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    @ATLAS News please put the NA server back up for a couple days so we can take some screenshots at least. You have my money and 1200+hrs of my family’s time invested. I would like to be able to post at least something positive about the way you have handled this. Thank you, Gomez
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    Nah, we are not pissed at all. We have just left. I got my $15 bucks worth and now know to never buy anything from them or their affiliated crap like ARK ever. They abandoned the game for months on end and have now given up on PVE and have decided that PVP is where they will get their money. That the lead developer slunk out in the middle of the night without having the soyboi balls to own up to his failure to go work on Vampire the Masquerade was telling. It is just more smoke and mirrors to try and con another group of XBobs, since the PC players are wise to their shit now.
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    This is very disheartening. After so much farming, island claiming, building, and working toward endgame. Just to watch the server you play on to be sunsetted for no real reason. Why should we have to start over for another server to be added makes no sense. No reward in it for what we have already done. People have spent thousands of hours in the game doing what they have enjoyed. Now everything they have worked for will be lost. That is very sad.
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    You lost people. Because of all the bugs and not finishing or release it. You had No Advertisement out there . we have a great NA PVE community we enjoy the game when it works . its not fair we work hard and had fun for u to destroy it you will be losing customersif you fix the bugs and lag leave na pve alone go change pvp best of both worlds u will get ppl back
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    IS this new Dev team gonna stick around or are they gonna bounce the moment Ark Needs a new DLC? And are they gonna be much faster at dealing with Cheaters, especially those that rely on the aimbot?
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    No no no no!! I refuse to play PvP. And if we lose all our animals that we worked so hard to breed, I might as well uninstall the game.
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    Why can't you Grapeshot folks just make a combined map that's PvP in certain zones and PvE everywhere else? Supreme Atlas does it this way, and possibly others. That way, everyone can be on the same map, but no one has to get swept into PvP unless they actually want to.
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    So screw us na pve player? This is some bs...
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    I was never salty until I found out the devs left this game for dead to work on ARK genesis. Since then I’ve been shitting on the development of this game. The game is in a good state, don’t get me wrong. There aren’t that many game breaking bugs. But they have missed the jump to the boat. I’m not gonna return until I see new ships (I believe stage 2 on the roadmap). Whahah, the roadmap.
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    I hope size of map will be cut at least twice (so longest half atlas way would lasts for an hour) Oh don't do it easy for low levels. Me and my bro keep really warm memories of our first atlas steppes when we were freezing to death in Tundra (we spent all nights in our shelter with campfire) and facing alphas around our firs village!
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    Holy Santa Clause shit!
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    This game is done. They will just turn the servers off at some point, or nitrado will simply reduced the capacity even more. No reason to wipe anyways, sooner or later the last people doing maintenance will simply forget once, and their stuff will be erased.
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